When he woke up, the world seemed to stop around him. His body seemed to crackle like a puppet as he sat up in the old ragged bed. "What…" his voice grasped still sleepy. Last night went like a blur to the sapphire eyed teacher. Shit. I have work today.

Feet hit the old wooden floor in a flash. Zero noticed he was still dressed in yesterday's clothes and decided trekking back to his own apartment wouldn't be worth it. He grabbed his usual coat from nearby and ran out the door.

His body felt like he just hit a brick wall. Blue eyes blinked connecting to a pair of violet ones. There standing in the doorway was Dee. The younger teen just stood there calmly while the teacher stared back stupidly confused.

"What the hell?" Zero cursed pulling on his coat before going around the teen acting like a statue. Dee stayed still watching the teacher try to fix his hair and head towards the front door before stopping him. "Huh?" said teacher gasped being pulled into a bear hug. "What the hell?"

Dee, obviously, said nothing making the older of the two squirm to get away. "Let go," ordered Zero getting annoyed real quick. The taller teen ignored him easily before a female voice spoke," Dee? You up yet?"

Like a spell broke, Dee let go of Zero and rushed over to his blind sister. Blue eyes watched them for a bit. "Sorry, I have to go. I have a job to get to… hopefully," the teacher said leaving quickly. He knew he was late. Damn, I'm a dead man walking. Not to mention his stupid meetings later with those damn heroes.

A deep voice chose that moment to ring his head. It caused his legs to freeze in step down the apartment stairs.

"No matter how many seals they place on you, I will make sure you don't break."

Break? Blue eyes blinked as he shook his head to rid the voice. I'll deal with it later. He continued to trek down the stairs and on his way to the school.

By the time he made it to the building, the gates were closed and almost half of first period was over. Shit. Zero apologized with all he was worth to the principal. The other man merely shook his head figuring his employee was up all night helping the heroes.

Heh. If only. Zero walked into his class and already knew the day would end up bad. He was right. First period was noisy nonstop. Second period kept acting stupid just to piss him off while third and fourth tried to interview him nonstop about the heroes and how their investigation was going.

When fifth finally rolled around, Zero wanted nothing more than to go home and kill himself. He plopped tiredly into his chair with a sigh and looked at the days classwork. Maybe I can check this later at home. Home. Funny how that works.

Dark blue eyes looked to the windows of his classroom. His stomache rumbled reminding him he had no lunch with him today. Fuck my life.

What sucked even more was Toshi wasn't around today. He really wished he knew what the other's problem was. It wasn't Zero's fault he had to survive the other day and deal with all this shit. Of course, if any of that didn't happen….

Silver flitted through his head making him think back to last night. He had seen him. Not just any him, no, the queen of hearts. The queen of hearts was alive and breathing meaning his job was still on since he was still breathing himself.

"I do not forgive, Zero."

I know…. Master.