By:Andrew Troy Keller

Sometimes--deep within the outer most reaches of space,there was no way of telling which things were safe for all humankind--and which would've placed it in grave danger.
Case in point:the starship known as the USS Galactica--on a routine patrol mission for the United Space Federation.
That is--it was a routine mission,until navigator Kent Starbuck had noticed an image on his mini-viewscreen,which had suggested that something was in front of the ship.
"What's wrong,Kent?",asked the commanding officer,Captain Richard Troy.
"I don't know,Rich.",answered a confused Kent."There's something out there.Something that is like--well--like a graveyard."
Then,after a short pause,Richard had looked at security chief Megan Xavier and ordered,"Megan,activate the main viewscreen!"
"Yes,sir.",said Megan,before she had activated the main viewscreen and allowed an image to appear--an image of a dozen starships hovering in front of the Galactica--all of them nothing more than a bunch of dead hulks in space.
Or so it was,until Kent had discovered something new on his mini-screen--a signiture of a pure power source coming from one of the dead ships.
"Rich,I think you better see this.",said a still-confused Kent,while motioning Rich to come to him.
After he had walked towards Kent,a concerned Rich had looked at the min-screen and asked,"What's up,Kent?"
"I do believe that what we're looking at is--well--a power source.",answered Kent,while trying to get more information from the computer."And believe it or not,it's coming from one of those broken tinker-toys out there."
And then,after being silent for one long minute,Rich ordered,"Get a shuttlecraft ready!I need a volunteer to go into that graveyard and find out where that power source is!"
Then suddenly,Megan had stepped away from her console,walked towards Rich and said,"Lt. Megan Xavier:reporting for volunteer duty."
"Are you sure,Megan?",asked a concerned Richard.
"Yes,sir.I'm sure.",answered a steadfast and ready Megan.
After that,there was no arguement--everything has been prepaired for Megan to enter the present-day graveyard of ships.
As soon as the shuttlecraft had left the ship's hanger bay,a voice had came over the shuttle's comm-link--it was Richard and he had wished Megan luck on her mission.
After the shuttlecraft had docked itself on to the ship with the power source,Megan had put on a spacesuit,left the shuttle and went aboard the dead ship.
She had looked around the drifting hulk and so far,found no source of power,or anything else unusual anywhere.
Or that's how it was--at first,for a giant pair of doors had suddenly closed behind Megan--causing her to have a sudden realization that she was somehow trapped within a room of darkness.
Then suddenly,a bunch of lights had been turned on around her--and a bunch of metal tentacles had slithered their way towards her.
They had grabbed her,tore off her spacesuit,shredded her clothes off of her body and started to enter Megan though every hole in her naked body.
And then,just as she has been positioned for some sort of purpose,Megan had looked--in shock and horror--at a bunch of skeletons that were on the floor--the skeletons of those who were what Megan was about to become--a new type of power battery.
Then--almost instantly,Megan was beginning to feel her life-energy slipping away--causing her to realize that she was about to one of the skeletons on the floor--that she was going to die.
Poor Megan had tried to scream,but was unable to--due to the tentacle within her mouth.
And then--suddenly,a metal arm had reached out and touched Megan--shocking her back into the real world.
Once that had happened and after she had screamed bloody murder,poor Megan had realized that she was really a security chief aboard the USS Galactica--commanded by Captain Richard Troy.
In short,for poor Megan,it was just only a dream.