Aboard On A Boat

I'll not tell my name but this… is my story. (I rule it)

I waited for the crowd to get in. My little sister has been in front of me. She two mindedly stepped into the short bridge leading to the boat. I looked down. I noticed a boy (still looking down) and I thought he was fifteen or so. He let my sister go first.

The boat is no ordinary boat; it's a restaurant afloat on a green and clean river. The river's name I won't tell but my story I shall. It rhymes!

My relatives or shall I say family went in and got their plates. It's an 'Eat All You Can' restaurant. I picked some food and settled on my table. I then noticed his table was next to us!

I was eating for more than thirty minutes. After I was finished eating, I waited for the boat to work. Then later the boat started to move. I was facing out, now enjoying the view. I saw the boy's face. I think he was in his twenties. He's not really a good looking man when you see his face. But when he does side-view he is quite a view. (I meant handsome)

As the boat traveled across the river, I noticed that sometimes he watches me. I used the corner of my eye. I am a good actress so I was pretending I am watching the river.

I watch him sometimes too when I thought nobody was watching.

After the long trip of going back and forth on the river, I thought we would never see again. I guess he is just another crush of mine. I can move on… Right?

When we got out, my sister complained that it was one boring trip. I agree with her, but if it wasn't for him, I'd die of boredom. I silently thanked him in my mind. I know he can't hear my thanks, I was just hoping he could.