Chapter 18:

I broke down almost every night since then. I no longer cared what the other survivors thought.

"Don't get yourself so down Theia.." Hunter says, smiling.

"I thought he truly cared about me Hunter… he never did… I guess I was being stupid. How can anyone love me? Let alone when Marlene is around.. Someone better for that matter."

"Just give him time.. maybe he's not worth it… you can find somebody way better than him.. you're beautiful… I only went for Marlene because you wanted me too… I never would have chosen her for myself.."

"Thanks Hunter, you're a good friend. I don't know what I would do without you." I smile.

"Hey guys!" Marlene say, hugging Roman.

"Er… Hey Marlene."

"How is everybody? I feel so great!" She says, kissing Roman deep full of passion.

"Baby, not now." He whispers.

"Oh Hunter, in case you don't get this message, it wasn't working out. I always did the talking.. Don't get me wrong, you're cute and all.. But Roman is so smart, strong, and thoughtful."

I roll my eyes, "He's conceded." I mutter.

"Marlene go in my tent… I'll be there in a minute. And Hunter? Scram."

Leaving just Roman and me.

"What is wrong with you Theia?"

"Me? You're asking what's wrong with me? Fuck you Roman. Like I cared about you, but you didn't care about me. You used me you jerk!"

"Theia I never meant what I said… Forgive me?"

"Didn't mean what you said? Are you fucking kidding me? You're with Marlene right now… You claimed to love her! You idiot… I never should have loved you. I hate you Roman…"

I walk into the forest depth leaving him by the bon fire Hunter and I made.

"Hunter?" I call out.

"Over here!" He calls.

I run to him. "I hope you heard what I did."

"I did… Loud and clear Theia." He smiles.

"I wish I never fell for him… can we go back? It's cold.."

"Sure, c'mon." He smiles taking my hand and going back.

"OOOHHHH ROMAN ! HARDER" Marlene screams coming from the tent.

"Eww! Really? Now they decide to have sex? God I hope they get eaten."

"Haa, c'mon Theia, you and Roman didn't have sex?" Hunter laughs.

"No," I say looking down. "I'm still a virgin."

"No way! Someone as beautiful as you can't be a virgin.."

"Well I am."