Chapter 19:

"I really can't believe it Theia!" Hunter smiles.

"Believe what?" I say, looking at him with my head cocked to the side slightly.

"This weather! It's so beautiful."

"That it is…"

"Hey, Hunter… mind if I talk to Theia? Alone." Marlene asks.

"Uhh, yeah sure go ahead. I'll leave you guys alone." Hunter says and gets up.

"What's up Marlene?"

"Listen, I know you don't like seeing me with Roman. But it's kinda just what happened. I never meant to hurt Hunter either. But I never truly loved Hunter the way I love Roman now. I know we may never be friends again Theia… But can you please forgive me?"

"Marlene… I'm not mad at you… I'm mad at Roman. He hurt me. He basically said that he only loves you. When well, I guess I could tell. I mean I love Roman. But I guess he wasn't made for me. I can forgive you. But I can't forgive you for hurting Hunter."

"You know, Hunter never talked before you… not even when you were with Roman, and he was with me. I think he feels comfortable around you. No matter why you guys are such good friends." Marlene smiles, and walks away.

I sigh, "You can come back Hunter…"

"Geez, she talks loud. Might as well have just said it in front of me."

"Yeah, listen I'm tired and it's still daylight out… I think I'm gunna go take a nap."

I woke maybe, two hours later? I don't know. But I crawl out of the tent only to face Roman, shouting at Hunter.

"You think you know everything about us Hunter! You don't! Maybe if you weren't gay as fuck you would have time to learn survival!"

"Roman, stop yelling at him," I say, walking to them. Possibly the worst mistake I have made since Roman took me under his wing. But still.

"Whatever." Roman then leaves, and well I guess I'm stuck with Hunter.

It's usually not like this at the survival camp. But it was today, the sun wasn't shining, it was unusually cold, it smelled like a wet forest, and was about to rain.

"So what happened?" I ask, looking at Hunter as his hair falls over his face.

"It's nothing important Theia."

"Yes it is. You can't even look at me. What happened?"

"I lost all our food. The stores are almost empty… the streets are filled with more Zombies then ever! And, we aren't even at our original camp site."

"Hunter, these things happen."

"Theia, we have to leave the city… Zombies won't be able to follow us."

"We have to leave?"