I can't say life is easy, for I know deep inside it is not. I know for sure my life hasn't been the best, and I know by far, plenty have had worse. I can't help but to feel lonely in the world, even with all these great friends I've come across. My name is Jayd, and this is my story of how I've come into this world. I can assure you, when all is said and done you will know my entire life. I am, in a way, you're average teenager. I've been through hell and back. I suppose. But when I met him, everything in my life changed. I was happy. I never felt alone again. Inside, he changed me. He made me a better person. Set me to my standards. He made me different too. He showed me the world and in return I did nothing. I'm not sure how he stayed with me all this time. But he did. And I'm glad he did. I have a secret to share. In reality, I'm not your average teenager. My real name is Sora, the lady in the white and black. Who cares for you when you are near, but never leaves your side in the end.

I am not your average teenager. For I, am a fallen angel of the one you wish to call God. Though my story is not what you think. I did not commit evil doings, nor did I curse at your "god". I simply fell in love, and did not wish to stay away from my love. He is all I needed in life and all I wanted as well. I will never leave his side if that is what he wishes. Though is he truly wishes for me to, I will leave with my heart on my sleeve and my pride in my walk. He is my love, and I have fallen for him.

Chapter One:

"I wish to be set free!" I demanded, "I know what I want and I refuse to take no for an answer. Please Sir, let me go. Take my wings if you must. I plead you to let me free." Begging, oh no pride do I have left.

"I do not agree with the decision you are making Sora." He frowned, looking down on me I could see the secret disgust he was trying so hard to hide.

"Sir," I tried again, "I wish to be with the one I love. I will never disobey you, I assure you. Just set me free and I swear I will be happier than I am here. I am lonely here you see. And you know that as well." I am trying so hard. "I need to be down there Sir! Please!" I started to cry. "I cannot live a life of such unhappiness Sir."

He took a deep breath, sighing. "I do not wish to let you go Sora, but if it is what you wish, I will make it happen. You may keep your wings, they will be real. You must hide them. If anyone is to find out, you will be pulled back here and they will be ripped from your back. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand my Lord. Thank you!" I couldn't have been any happier.

"Is there anything else you will need for your trip?" He asked. He always had a soft spot for me, always treated me as one of his own flesh and blood.

"Yes," I began, "I wish to choose my new name and my appearance, where I live with no parents. I wish to have no record on me, the school will not care that I have no records."

He thought for a moment, taking of this in. "Yes, I suppose that can happen." He paused, running his fingers through his think bronze hair. "I will miss you my dear. I will keep an awfully close eye on you. Please, try to keep in touch."

I smiled, "I will." I bowed my head. "I cannot thank you enough for this. Thank you Nikoli. Thank you."

He waved his hand and smiled at me, "Now go child, before I change my mind."

I got up and ran towards the edge of the cloud. Smiling as I fell. Feeling the wind against my face, blowing through my hair. Seeing the world now, I opened my wings. "I'm coming my love. I'm coming to be with you." I whispered into the wind as I rushed downward.