Foreword: I was hungry.





I am hungry

Can I eat you?


Oh dear, that came out wrong.

But you just look so delicious and you have

no idea

How much I'd like to bite into you

Right now.


When something is truly delicious

Nobody can resist it

(Maybe a saint could, but I'm

Not a saint, and I wouldn't want to be.

Too boring.)

Anyone will like it

No matter what form it is in

No matter what you add to it

That's you.

And this is love. True love.


I could chop you into smaller pieces

So the seasoning seeps in




into every cell

Or I could keep you in one piece

(Though not with your jacket,

it's brown and dusty and way too tough to chew)

Until I finally take the first bite.


I am so hungry

It feels like I'm dying

I swear I'm dying

So please,

Can I eat you?


Baked, boiled, mashed, fried, diced, roasted, or even mi~cro~waved~ if I'm short of time

Isn't glorious that you

Are a potato

And I

Have you right here on my plate?