"Come on Aidan, don't be such a baby!" I called out to my best friend, Adrian. I call him Aidan for short if that wasn't too obvious.

"I'm not a baby Thea!" Aidan rolled his eyes.

By the way my name is Heather. He calls me Thea cause he thinks Heather is too long. Why? That I don't know. I mean Thea is a two-syllable word, same as Heather.

"Jump in, then! You can swim, there's nothing to be afraid of." I smiled, beckoning him to dive to a 7-foot deep swimming pool.

"Fine I will." he hesitated and took a long breath just before he jumped.

Why you ask that I'm asking my best friend to jump to the pool? Well, because there's been this accident wherein he almost drowned when we were little. He hasn't swum ever since. I wasn't being mean or anything. I just wanted to help him overcome his phobia. Anyway, he promise that he'll swim again after my 14th birthday. Guess what? Just turned 14 yesterday.

"Isn't it great? Now, you're not a baby anymore Aidan." I smirked.

"I never was. Now don't you go too far away, I might drown or something." He looked at the water nervously. My response was, of course, to laugh like there was no tomorrow.

After a few backstrokes, I heard my mom yell. "Heather! Adrian! Get your butts in here before you freeze to death!"

Adrian laughed and swam to the railings. "Will do !"


"So, what are we gonna do this summer?" I asked Aidan.

We were both sitting at the couch flipping through channels. Yeah, we spend our summer together. He's always coming to my house more often than not. It's been like this ever since we met at kindergarten 9 years ago, when I was 5, and my mom and his mom became best friends.

"I don't know. Movie marathon, maybe?" He yawned.

"Sure, sure. By the way, are you gonna sleep over or something?" I asked. Yeah, he also sleeps here more often than at his own house.

"Hmmm, maybe—if I get too lazy." He finally settled on a show to watch: CSI NY.

"Well, you're always lazy. Did ya bring clothes?"

"I ALWAYS bring clothes here. Besides I'm pretty sure I left extra in your closet yesterday." He smiled. I'd never thought how much I love that smile. I shouldn't have taken it for granted.

"Okay then. Wanna watch a movie in my room later before we sleep?" I offered. We usually do that when we can't fall asleep.

I didn't hear his answer though because the phone suddenly started ringing.

"I'll get it!" My mom shouted from the kitchen.

After awhile, my mom said, "Adrian, your dad said that you needed to go home this instant. He has some matters to speak to you about."

"Uh-oh, are you in trouble?" I asked. Who could get in trouble during summer?

"I don't know. I didn't do anything though." He suddenly looked confused.

"Well, you better go on then. Good bye Aidan!" I hugged him.

"Bye Thea! See you tomorrow!" he hugged back.

Yep, we're closer than a brother or sister will ever be. I kinda have a bad feeling though. Why would be calling?

Couldn't he have waited until Aidan decided to go home or something?

Argh…. what am I doing? Of course, nothing's wrong! Soon though, I'd find out that my hunch was right.


I was having a bad dream. I dreamt that Aidan was leaving me. Even though I tried to hold him back, something kept pulling him.

Thankfully, I woke up. I felt myself sweating underneath the comforter.

It's just a dream. I reminded myself.

"Thea, are you awake?" Aidan said softly.

I gasped "Aidan, you're here!" I didn't really know why I was surprised since he was always here.

"Yeah. Are you okay? Were you having a bad dream?" he asked as he lay down beside me.

"Yeah. I had a dream that you were going somewhere and no matter how hard I pulled you, you still slipped." I scooted closer beside him.

"Oh." he said. There was sadness in his eyes. I always knew when something was bothering him.

"Is there anything wrong?" I asked.

"Let's take a walk." he suddenly stood up, then held out his hand.

"In my PJs?" I gasped, hoping to make him smile.

"Yes Thea, don't be such a diva." he grinned.

I took his hand, and then we went to the mini garden in my backyard. "Those flowers are pretty, aren't they?" he said pointing at the violet flowers.

"Yeah, I love them." I giggled.

"You know they always remind me of you." Aidan stared off to a distance.

"What? Why?" I asked. How could a couple of flowers possibly remind him of me?

"I remember you every time I see a violet flower because of your eyes. It's the exact shade as yours. Especially after it rains, because the flower sparkles, just like your eyes." he looked at me and then smiled.

Why was he being so random? Something must really be bothering him, big time.

"What is it Aidan? You could tell me." I looked straight at his eyes, making sure that I meant it.

He took a deep breath and said, "Your dream happened."

"Ma….my… dream?" I looked at him with horror. Was he kidding? He wouldn't do that though, knowing how much my dream scared me.

He continued without waiting for my reaction. "We're moving somewhere far away. My dad got an offer two weeks ago and he decided to accept it. He said that we needed to pack, that's why he called yesterday. We're leaving today, Thea."

I suddenly bursted to tears. Take note, I never cry in public—NEVER! I hold everything up and then cry inside my bedroom where no one can hear me. This time was different though.

"So soon? You can't Aidan. You just can't!" I cried some more. He took a step closer and hugged me.

"I know Thea, but I don't have a choice. It's really hard for me to leave you. I can't bear to leave you, but I have to. You must understand that, right?" he looked at me. He was about to cry too. I can see it.

"But I'll miss you Aidan! I won't have a best friend any more! No one to hang with or to talk to. School would be soooooo awful without you." I ranted. I held him tighter. I can't believe that this is happening. Never once in my life have I imagined my best friend leaving me.

"I'll miss you too. You can't imagine how much I'll miss you." he held me tighter too.

"I….. I love you Aidan!" I said as another drop of tear escaped my eye.

"I love you too Thea."


It's been 3 long years since I lost my best friend. I can still feel the pain in my chest. I felt empty. It felt like darkness was eating me inside. There was this hole inside me. Nothing could fix the broken pieces inside of me. I can still remember his pale blue eyes smiling at me and his hand running through his dark brown hair every time he gets nervous. How he smirks when he knows he's right or when he teases me. I missed how he holds my hand and make me smile every time I'm scared or feeling down. I love him. I really wished that he didn't have to move.

Sometimes I thought about what it would've been if they didn't move. How closer we would've been. What could have happened instead? I just missed him so badly.

That's why today was a great day to me. Everything in this place reminded me of him. Since daddy got promoted, we had to move to California. Hopefully with a new school and a new house, I would make new friends and forget about him.

"Good bye Heather! I'll miss you so badly! Text every day, okay? PM me on FB! Call as often as possible. I still can't believe you're leaving!" Scarlett babbled. She was usually quiet and collected, but I guess she really will miss me.

"Of course, Scar! I'll miss you too. Please visit when you can!" I smiled at my closest friend.

She's been the closest friend I've had since Aidan left. I love her to death. She transferred the year after he left and we had almost all the same classes. Also, we both hated those Barbie-like blonde bimbos in our school.

"We have to leave now hun!" my mom said.

Scarlett and I hugged one last more before I picked up my suitcase and then waved. I was actually tearing up when I last wav ed to her. We were soon on an airplane ride to California.

I looked out the airplane window and then sighed. Hopefully, I'll forget about you Aidan. Somehow, I was feeling good today. Maybe a change of environment would be better for me. I might really be able to forget him…. Or so I thought.


I've been here in California for almost a week now and my school starts tomorrow. I've been shopping and going around with my mom. I never really liked shopping. In fact, I hate it! My mom always gives me weird looks when I say that I don't wanna go shopping. I'll be like, "Mom, I'm not like other girls. To me, shopping is boring." Somehow, though, she'd always coax me into going with her.

"Heather, hun, look! I went shopping again. I'm really sure that you're gonna like these. You can wear them to school tomorrow." My mom said as she went inside my room dropping paper bags beside my bed.

I took a peek to everything that she bought. Oh, did I mention that my mom was a freaking shopaholic. I saw two closed shoes, a flip-flop, a pair of sandals, high heels, five t-shirts, two cute blouses, two shorts, three pairs of pants, three skirts, a cashmere sweater, and a cute backpack.

"Oh mom. These clothes cost more than my car." I rolled my eyes. It's so typical of her to buy over expensive clothes.

"Heather dear, you're exaggerating. Now get ready for bed. You'll need your beauty sleep for tomorrow." She chirped happily as she left my room.

Senior year. That phrase is SO horrifying. I know what you're thinking. Senior year? Who would transfer on their senior year? Well, apparently, I would. It's probably going to be really awkward tomorrow. I sighed and then closed my eyes waiting for either the best day or worst day of my life.


It's okay. It's just high school. Just look straight, look for your schedule and your classrooms, and eventually, hopefully, you'd be fine!

This is what I was repeating to myself while I was walking through the halls. Everybody kept staring at me. Maybe, because I'm new. Some of the girls I passed were already giving me evil glares. Why? What have I done? Thankfully, I got my schedule. So, I went looking for room 407. My first subject was Math. What such luck! Not.

I sat to the farthest left corner of the classroom, not really wanting much attention.

Have I told you that I'm not a social person? Well, now you know!

"Hey! You're new, right? I'm Jessica by the way." a girl with red hair smiled at me. Yu[, so much for no attention.

"Yeah, I'm Heather. So, what' up with this school? I mean what's the news?" I smiled. I'm not a social person, but I'm nice nonetheless.

"Not much, except, of course, to the two greatest Soccer players. They're also the hottest guys here and they're best friends! They're seniors, like us. They can be really arrogant but a complete gentleman too." she smiled dreamily. They must really be hot or somethin. Lucky for me, I'm not that interested in guys.

"Oh, interesting." I said. Yeah, it's short and awkward. What's more to say?

"So, you wanna have lunch with us later?" Jessica perked up.

"Yeah, sure! That would be great." I smiled back at her. She was really nice. I have a feeling that we would be really close.


Aidan's Point of View

"So Adrian, I hear there's a new chick. Hear that she's pretty hot—even hotter than your girlfriend over there. "Chris smirked and nodded to Tanya.

"For the thousandth time Chris, Tanya's just a friend." I rolled my eyes. Sometimes I forget why I'm even friends with Josh.

"Whatever man. Deebs on the new chick though."

"Sure, sure. I don't care." I looked at him, feeling bored. It was the first day of school and all I really wanted was for soccer season to come already. I need to practice to get someone out of my mind.

"Hey Adrian, why aren't you even interested in girls?" he suddenly asked.

Why? Why indeed? Maybe, because I fell in love for a girl years ago, but I can't see her now. I left her. Maybe, she doesn't even recognize me. Does she even remember me? Crap, I'm going mad again. This is why we should have practices again.

"No, I'm not gay. I'm just not interested." I looked at him sternly.

"Not interested? That's crap. If I were you, I'd date Tanya. She seems to want to be more than friends with you."

"Whatever Chris." My best friend is seriously pissing me off. His idea got me thinking though. Maybe dating wouldn't be such a bad idea. I might actually get over her, the girl I left. Tanya seems interested too… Hmmm, not a bad idea. Nope, not at all….


Heather's Point of View Again

I was looking for my next class—Chemistry when I bumped into someone.

"Hey, watch where you're going." a tall guy with dirty blonde hair frowned at me.

"I'm sorry. I was in a hurry to find my next class." I said.

"Nah, it's alright. So you're new right?" he suddenly grinned.

For the thousandth time today I said, "Yep. My name is Heather by the way."

"Oh, hi Heather. I'm Chris. What's your next class?"

"Chemistry." The people here sure are friendly.

"Really? Mine too. Let's walk there together." he smiled, carrying my books. Looks of daggers were sent my way. I stand corrected—not all people in this school are friendly.

I liked Chris though. We actually became friends throughout Chemistry.

This school is better than I thought.

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