"So, next question!" I smiled at Chris.

We were at the state park lying flat on our backs. This place is truly beautiful. It has a sort of magical feel to it. It helps clear my head from tiring thoughts and just enjoy nature.

"Okay, uh, who was your first kiss?" He raised an eyebrow.

I pursed my lips. "I'll tell if you tell me yours."

Then, his eyes became shifty. I knew right then that he was hiding something. "It's.. uh.. it's.."

I chuckled. "Come on! Spit it out already! I won't be on a jealous girlfriend rampage or anything… Do I know her?"

His eyes refused to meet mine.

I squealed. "Oh my goodness! I do! So, who is it then? Don't tell me it's Tanya? No? Uh, Hazel—the cute redhead girl from Chem? No? Come on! It's not like I'll tease you or the girl. I barely know the people here even if it's halfway through the year already. Unless…. She's close to me or something. Oh my! It's Jessica. It has to be!"

I promise he turned as red as a tomato. "It's a secret, Heather. Besides, it's been like three years or so. I don't think she even remembers. Promise me you won't tell anyone?"

I grinned evilly, but decided to not make him a redder tomato. "I promise."

We lay in silent for a moment, and then he sat abruptly.

"Wait! I just realized something. You didn't tell me who your first kiss was. You promised that you'll tell me yours."

I raised my eyebrows. "Well, I promised that I would if you told me yours. Technically, you did not. So…."

He complained. "But I did. I told you it was Jess!"

"No, you didn't. I guessed. It's different." I retorted smartly.

His last resort was to pout. "Be fair, Heather."

I rolled my eyes. "Fine. Its…. *sigh* Don't be mad, okay? It's Aidan."

He blinked a few times. "Oh….."

"Don't be like that. Besides, it was like three years ago—before he even moved here."

He smiled slightly. "Of course. It was obvious. I should've known though."

He remained silent and then stared off into space.

I touched his elbow lightly."Please don't tell me that the kiss is bothering you. Your first kiss didn't bother me. Be fair."

He rubbed his forehead in frustration. "The thing is—shouldn't it bother you?"

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"Shouldn't you be jealous or something, especially since you know that your best girl friend and I kissed? I mean even just a little? I know I am. Don't you feel just a hint of resentment, since you're my girlfriend and all?"

I tried to feel something of the sort, but I can't. Somehow, I knew why. "I'm sorry. I know it should bother me and all, but it just doesn't. I am so sorry. Please don't be mad. Stop worrying about it."

He sighed. "It's not even about the kiss. It's just that I should've known that you felt something for him."

I played with a strand of my hair. It's sort of one of my mannerisms. "What are you saying?"

He touched my cheek gently. "Tell me honestly, you like Adrian, don't you?"

I bit my lip—another one of my mannerisms. "Define like. As a friend? Of course! He's my best friend, right? Duh! I must like him since he's my bestest friend and all.."


I narrowed my eyes in defeat.( Yeah, I get mad when someone contradicts me or forces ne to admit something such as this) "Fine. I like him. Maybe, just a little."

He chuckled. "Oh please! You really like him—a LOT. I even think you're in love with him. I should have guessed earlier though. It was so obvious I can't believe I didn't notice it sooner."

"You're not mad or anything?"

He sighed for the nth time this day. "I know I should be, but I'm not. I guess deep inside I knew, I just didn't believe it. For a moment, I think I fell in love with you. But since I know you're in love with someone else.. I don't know. Can you even be in love with someone who doesn't feel the same way?"

I frowned. "Chris.. I..uh..I."

I didn't even realize that I was crying until he wiped a tear from my cheek. "Don't cry, princess. It's not your fault you fell for him. I guess it's only fair since you met him first. Maybe, if we met first, things would change."

I stared into his misty green eyes. "Yeah, maybe."

He stood up and lent his hand. "Come on then, princess. We'd better get you home. It's kinda late."

I nodded and took his hand.

When we were outside my house already, I smiled at him and handed him his ring. "Here, I guess I won't need it anymore."

He shook his head and gave it back. "No, keep it. It's still a symbol of what I felt for you."

I closed my eyes. "I can't. I'll feel guilty. This belongs to a pretty girl who'll love you as much as you love her. I have a feeling you'll find her soon though."

He toyed with it in his hands, and finally put it to his pocket. "I once thought that she was the girl standing before me. I loved you, Heather. I still do. Remember, I'm always here for you."

My heart ached at his words. I feel so bad for everything. I should've never given him false hope. It was so cruel of me. "Thanks Chris. I'm so blessed to have someone like you. Forever friends?"

He chuckled. "Of course. Forever friends." With that, I saw the guy who loved me truly turn his back and walk away from me. If I wasn't in love with Aidan, Chris would've been my biggest 'What if?'—my biggest regret.

I fingered the locket on my neck. There's one more thing I needed to give back.


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