The Wish

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Sometimes life can throw us bullshit on really-and I mean REALLY-unexpected ways. But all we have to do is to cope up with it. We should never-EVER-linger on it too much because we'll never get strong.

But sometimes, life is just too uncooperative. Those moments that you are the most willing person to just move on but a chance pops up. Then there will always be a choice: to risk everything and jump in again or to learn from the past and fully let go.

The hardest part is always choosing. Because sometimes, life just doesn't want you to move on and it's trying to choose for you.

I've got a tight grip on reality,

but I can't let go of what's in front of me here.

I know you're leaving in the morning

when you wake up.

Leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream

-The Only Exception Paramore

Chapter 1

This is the matter when I didn't know what to do but the rush of everything just came up to my system of thinking. Could this really be possible? Just a call from his mother, that's what made me see him. Before, I would not think but after what he's done to me, I don't think I can ever be the same.

Today was his birthday. All I wanted it to be was perfect. All I needed it to be was to be like us. The bond that we had. Today, I'm going to tell him. That I love Alexander Glass. Yes, I fell for him and it's about time too. Three years along the road and this is what I want for him, for us.

"Leigh? Are you in here?" He said just right after the door banged open. His footsteps reverberated as it came closer to the scents of food coming from the kitchen. "What are you doing here?" His voice, nearer than expected.

My heart raced as my body twisted to the direction of his voice and I came face to face to his chest. My eyes searched for his but apparently it wasn't as inviting as I thought. I scrambled to get the plate of food for him. A plate of eggs benedict came to his sight that was set on the counter, dividing the kitchen and dining area. "Happy birthday?"

His eyes soften, asking for forgiveness. He didn't need to be though but he said it out loud anyways. "I'm sorry, I forgot."

"It's fine. It's too early anyways."

He smiled as he took the first bite of his favorite breakfast. "Freshly baked?" he asked with a full mouth, referring to the bread.

"It's always been freshly baked." I giggled taking a bite from my plate. "And I have another surprise for you!" A giggle came out of my system and went for the refrigerator where a chocolate fudge cake sat. I got a candle and quickly lit it on the cake. "Happy birthday, Alex."

He smiled sadly at the direction of the cake but I didn't question it anyway.

"Make a wish." I urged him.

He blew the candle and gave it a small frown.

"What did you wish for?"

His eyes then found mine and he said, "To be free. To be free from the girl I never learned to love."

His eyes were telling the truth. He wasn't lying at all. I never thought that this would ever happen. But instead I gave him a sad smile. "Well, then. May your wish come true." I nodded him a goodbye and went straight to the door. Was this the right thing to do? It probably was because he never ran after me.

I went straight to his room that his mother gave the number of and as I stepped out of the elevator she was there. Jane Glass was standing in the hallway catching my gaze and ran towards me. She engulfed me in her arms

"What happened?" I managed to ask.

She let go but her hands were still on my cheeks feeling if I was really there while giving a small soft smile but eventually turned to a frown, "Alex. He was on his way to your house I think but a truck accidentally bumped his car and the road was slippery. It's not good."

My house. My mouth went dry and didn't question her. There's only one way to my house and obviously the scene of the accident must have happened along the way or maybe he told his mother about it.

"I've been calling you since this morning but it seemed like you didn't have your phone with you." She said worried that I didn't answer my phone right away.

"I've been busy in the bakery today. I didn't have time to take a glimpse at my phone. If only I knew then I would've been here since you first called. How is he anyways?"

"He's fine now. He woke up a few hours after he got all stitched up." Jane smiled in relief. "He even got his friends visiting him. Oh, what am I doing? Let's go inside." She led my body to the door and immediately tensed up. I haven't seen him since the last time that we spoke.

As I walked through the doors, I felt his gaze upon my body. I shouldn't have come. Who was I anyways? Just some ex-girlfriend who shouldn't even bother him anymore.

"Alex, aren't you going to say hi to Leigh?" Jane patronized him.

"Leigh? I don't even know her." He stated as a matter of fact.

Jane's eyes widened in disbelief. "I'll just go get a doctor." She ran out of the room.

"You really don't know who I am?" I asked his quietly.

"I'm sorry, but do I really know you?" He said innocently.

I took a deep breath not knowing how to react to this. But as I was about to open my mouth, the doctor and Jane went in the room.

The doctor was scanning an x-ray of probably Alex's head and stared at Alex. "Mr. Glass, I heard you had some friends who came here a while ago." Alex nodded. "Did you know all of them?" He nodded again. "But you don't remember this young lady over here?"

"Why do I need to, doctor?" He asked.

"I think he has post traumatic amnesia. I'm not sure how long it will take for him to remember but spending time with him and letting him remember will be the best idea." That's not really the best plan for me. I've had a month not seeing him. A month to move on and here I am again. All progress gone in a flash.

Jane smiled at me. She always liked me and she has always been an obstacle after the break up. "I'll leave you two while I go talk to the doctor outside." She with the doctor slipped out of the door until it was only Alex and I was in the room. He was still the same Alexander Glass though. He looked the same with his tanned skin, light green eyes, and golden hair.

"Hi I'm Leighton McAdam." What else should I say. Tell him I was his ex-girlfriend or tell him something a little bit modest. There could be a reason why he didn't remember me only. "I'm a friend of yours, since college." It was still the truth. We met and became friends during college. It's not lying. It was the truth, not said as a whole.

"Well, I guess you already know my name. Are you-" His voice was cut by the ringing of my phone and I quickly gave him an apologetic expression and made my way out.

"Can you please go back to the bakery?" My cashier, Delaney quickly said. "A disaster happened! I don't know what to do!"

"Okay, uhm. Just relax; I'll be there in a few, okay? I'm going now." I then hung up and ran to Jane was just in the hall.

"Dear, why'd you leave Alex?" She asked.

"Something came up in the bakery and I need to go back. Please don't tell Alex anything! I'll tell him!" and I ran back to my car. With a faint "I won't." from her.

Author's notes:

It's been awhile now and I know I haven't updated my other stories but I've been busy and it's our break now and I've been working on this story to tell you the truth. I want to put this up and I'll continue to update if there's a positive reaction toward this. I already have a few chapters done already and I'll probably update every week if this comes out with reviews :) So please, please review! PS. I was inspired by a tumblr post to make this story, so if this sound familiar... yeah, so I acknowledge the person who did it!

Edit (042412): I've forgotten to put the bar lines. I'm sorry. And for anyone who's confused, sections that are italicized are memories of the past.

-R. Biscuit