The Wish

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If nothing is true, what more can I do?

I am still painting flowers for you.

-Painting Flowers All Time Low

Chapter 11

"So, I've been seeing Alex around more often here." Delaney said as she passed by my mini-office. As everyone-the bakers and assistants-heard her words, they all turned to us. Obviously, they like Alex way too much.

"Yea, I thought you two broke up." Theo, resident queer baker inquired a little too enthusiastically.

"I thought he had amnesia." An assistant baker spoke up. Apparently, everyone was in on every news about my life.

"Yes and yes. He's trying to rekindle his friendship with Leighton." The voice came from the backdoor of the kitchen and I saw it was Lawrence holding a vase with a flower arrangement. "I see we're on the daily gossip train here. Why is everyone so early?"

Delaney got the flowers and set it beside the cash register, and continued working.

"There was an order for a couple of hundreds of cupcakes, and a three tier rainbow cake. I swear this will be the last time I would want to see rainbows and glitters." I spoke in disgust as I pointed on the people setting up for the cakes.

"Hmm, you like unicorns though." He said while playing with one of the fondant unicorns that were supposed to be on top of the cupcakes.

"What brings you here, Lawrence?" I looked up at him with pseudo-disgust on my face.

He smiled sheepishly and showed me a diamond ring that he took out of his jean pocket. It was a white gold band and a cushion-cut diamond. It was a little small but that's just what Riley likes, quaint.

"Oh my god! Why are you here showing me that?" I eyed him suspiciously, knowing that he'll ask me to do something.

"I need you to bake a special cupcake with the ring in it… Something Riley would like. Maybe with sugar flowers, and one of those unicorns." He said suggestively with his hand gesturing to the table of fondant unicorns.

I chuckled and hugged him tightly. "Of course I would do it! I'm so proud of you! Oh god, you're getting married to Ri." I gushed.

"Yea, and I'm planning to bring dinner in the flower shop and I need you to deliver and take care of this." His arm got in between their bodies and placed his hand with the ring between us.

"Uh, what's happening here?" The voice came from the kitchen door and no doubt it would be Alex, his body leaning on the doorframe.

Lawrence let go of me and strode to where Alex is, leaving me behind to laugh at what will happen next. "I'm proposing." He said vaguely but suggestively.

Alex's eyebrows furrowed and his eyes narrowed at Lawrence. "Don't you have a girlfriend?"

Lawrence then guffawed at Alex's reaction. "If what you mean is the girlfriend that I'm going to propose to because of my undying love for her for the past years we've been together-on and off, or not." He then went to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders with a smirk on him face.

I laughed along and took his arm off me. "What he meant was he's going to propose to Ri and he's here to make me do an errand for him."

Alex nodded lamely and went inside the kitchen only to end up sitting on my chair in the office. Observing the corkboard in it.

"And you, what is your business here?" I asked Alex with one eyebrow up.

Alex turned around and smiled at me, and Lawrence who was looking at him suspiciously. "I was going to take Leighton out but then I guess I'll just hang out here."

"You're such a push over." Lawrence laughed.

"I didn't say that I'm not going to help around." Alex's voice lingered and his smile turned to a devious smirk. That's definitely not a good sign.

I grabbed Lawrence's hand and looked up at his expectant face. "Don't leave me alone with him."

He slipped his hand from mine and stepped away, "Nope, can't do. I'm going to prepare for tonight's events." He danced while going out of the door.

I turned to look at Alex with a hand on my hip and one eyebrow cocked up. "Well?"

"What?" He asked exasperatedly. His eyes were wide.

"If you're going to stay here, you better be helping."

His lips pouted, and his lime green eyes glittered. He sighed knowing he won't win to my all-business stare at him and went over to help Delaney by the cashier. As he stood he looked at my office wall with one last glance.

I smiled to myself as he remembered how much I dislike him 'helping' in the kitchen. He's pretty good at cooking but he's just really bad at anything that concerns baking. He's good at the front of the bakery, charming people to buy whatever else they didn't want and not one of the consumers would feel bad about it.

I got my hands working on Lawrence's cupcake, a little too happy for him and Riley. Happy that Alex and I are just fine. But I felt like something in my chest was still missing like it's lacking something so important to me, to Alex?

As I was pouring batter in their assigned molds, a loud clash erupted from the other side of the bakery kitchen only for my eyes to land on Alex. His eyes wide in surprise, lips agape, and he stood frozen with shiny pink sugar was all over his body with a small pink hill on top of his head.

Laughter exploded from my lips because of how comical he looked caught his attention. He slowly turned towards me with a caught-on-the-act look on his face.

"What were you trying to do, Alex?" I asked between my guffaws.

He pouted and handed me a cupcake with an amazing amount of sugar on top of the icing. The icing was badly piped but I know he got the cupcake from the stash we had. He probably charmed his way to get the cupcake and have himself pipe the icing. He's got some chocolate on his shirt and his arms. He then shoved the cupcake to my face and uttered, "Happy 2nd anniversary."

I completely forgot. How could I be so careless? I didn't even remember even though Alex has been here the whole day. "Oh my god, I'm sorry, Alex! I was too occupied with the orders, I didn't even remember. That's not even a good excu-"

Alex pressed his lips on mine. He deepened the kiss and I kissed back. As we began to be out of breath, we broke apart. As he rested his forehead on mine, he placed the cupcake on the worktable. He was grinning as he said. "It's alright. I just hope you wear this all the time from now on." His hand shoved in his pant pocket and pulled out a golden chain with a small diamond pendant.

I stepped back from him, "Alex, no. Just give me the cupcake and return that. That must have cost a fortune an-"

"You don't like it?" His eyes widened with disappointment evident in them.

"I love it, Alex-"

"Then it doesn't matter how expensive it is now, does it?" He kissed my forehead and placed it around my neck.

I heaved a sigh and gave a smile on how persistent he was. "Thank you. Happy anniversary, Alex. I'll always wear it, I promise."

My head quickly snapped at the direction of my office and saw a small twinkle as something sparkled under the office lights. My eyes widened and left the workstation. How come all this time thinking that I've lost that thing ended hanging on a pin on the corkboard? My fingers shaking as it reached for it, scared to actually touch it. It was just there. The small quaint diamond necklace that I thought I've lost was just always there. I was too careless to not actually see it before but it was right in front of me. The tips of my fingers ran on the chain and slowly reached the diamond hanging at the end.

"I found it on the floor a month ago or so. You didn't want to be disturbed those days so I just left it there, knowing you'd find it. I know you loved that necklace, but when you didn't look at it even once I just thought you just didn't want to wear it because of what happened but I guess, you never really did see it until now." It was Theo. He was standing just outside the office area with a sad, melodramatic look in his face. He left after he realized what he just uttered in front of me.

I went out and muttered, "Thanks, Theo."

He gave me a small smile and returned to his rainbow cake.

Delaney went in the kitchen with a worried look on her face. No, scratch that. She was panicking.

"Uhm, Leighton, Alex is arguing with a customer who wants to see you." She muttered shakily.

My legs quickly strode out to see Alex quarrelling with a brunette. "I told you, she's quite busy inside. Just tell me what you came here for and I'll deliver it to her." He said angrily.

As I moved closer, the brown haired man was actually David.

"Leighton!" David's eyes lit up when he saw me, clearly he was a little too pissed at Alex a while ago.

I made my way to the counter beside the fuming Alex. "What can I do for you, David?"

"I need to talk to you privately." He said, emphasizing the last word.

"I'm sorry but I'm really busy. But here is okay, don't worry about Alex here." I quickly grabbed Alex's forearm and squeezed it. He stiffened a bit by the action but relaxed rapidly.

"Uhm, if you insist." David smiled sheepishly. "I was going to take you out for dinner but I guess if you're too busy, how about tomorrow night?"

"Sure!" I agreed chirpily.

David smiled and left the bakery.

Alex's body was rigid, and his face was livid when I checked on him. He was glaring at the outside of the bakery where David was retreating to.

"Alex," I called out at him, which caught his attention. "You can't keep treating David this way." He speedily reverted his attention to me with wide eyes. "He's my friend too, so please just be civil with him."

Alex scowled and looked at my other hand, changing topics. "What's that?"

"What's what?" I asked dumbly, knowing exactly what he was talking about.

"That in your hand?" His head cocked to my hand where the necklace was tightly gripped.

"Your arm, silly." I joked gesturing his arm by letting go of it.

"Not that, this." He took my other hand in his and pried it open. His scowl turned to a gentle frown. He took the necklace from my hand. His eyes filled with hurt like how they were when he thought I didn't want it. Does he still think I don't like it?

"Alex," I was about to explain.

"No, I'm not exactly sure what this necklace is to you but this is where it belongs, am I right?" He placed it around my neck and muttered, "I hope."

"Alex," I tried again.

He looked down on his feet and said, "I'll just wait for you upstairs." He walked up to the kitchen and went through the doors the led to the stairs to my house.

Did he really not remember? If he did, did he believe that I didn't want this at all? I need to get answers. My legs quickly took me upstairs.

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