Ode to Apollo 13

Once before anything I knew

there was the night sky

with the stars, her children,

dancing everywhere in that boundless dome.

I used to look at the skies

and think far from the emptiness

that exist in outer space.

Dark matter the scientist call,

the invisble thing,

the mass that binds all

the planets and galaxies

and those worlds I wish to see

But all is just a cosmic dream

from marveling at beauty of Venus

while I wander on the dunes of Mars,

to fly along with the comets

and set the void on fire.

I dream of seeing not a setting sun

but a star being born

then to go fast forward

and see it go super nova.

All of these are found

beyond that boundless dome.

The point of no return,

into the event horizon I wish to go.

Maybe someday I will see that place

that can only see from above

for those skies are only fantasies

yet to be real.

Nowadays I can barely see the moon,

for those dreams are gone.

They no longer exist

blocked by the lights from bright cities.