Watching the sunset inside my own room as I twirl the pen in my hand.

The blank paper stay lifelessly on top of the table.

Patiently waiting for the inks to pay a visit.

Waiting for me to start making up my mind and decide what I want to do.

And that is why I am thinking hard.

Thinking of what to do to pass my time.

Thinking of something to show my feelings right now.

The feeling that are being overwhelmed.

The feeling like I'm being filled with butterflies.

A weird feeling indeed.


A thought came to my mind as I stare out the window.

Watching birds flying in flocks.

Seemingly like white angels trying to spread happiness to the whole wide world.

Why won't they come to me?

And give me a piece of that small heaven they are carrying.

Something that would give me inspiration.

Something that would let me know, what I should do right now.

To show the feelings that are being kept inside of me.

The feeling that are even unknown to myself.

The feelings that are being kept a secret by my heart.


I suddenly stop thinking and started watching the butterflies playing with my head.

No doubt, this is when the idea embraced me

Exactly the moment my brain started taking in the images of the beautiful butterflies.

Something that is simple and straight-forward.

Something that would just flow fluently from my brain, connected with my heart.

Though this is the first time in my life that I am thinking of writing a letter.

A letter to someone that I do not know.

A letter that contain something that is a secret.

Even to me.


My courageous pen still stay at my hand.

Though it is a bit awkward to see it stay so rigidly,

In contrast with how actively it had always seems to be dancing before.

Now, it looks so serious at the palm of my hand,

still waiting for my brain to make up its mind, of what I should write.

Without any notice, suddenly my face blush.

Heat started to flows to the top of my head making me dizzy.

Surely this is only a trick of my heart?

Since all that came to my mind is you.