I stop to think as I stare out into spaces again.

Should I write you a love letter?

A girly, flowery, pretty love letter?

Something that I could pour my heart into?

Giving you a secret door to myself.

That had never been open before by anyone else.

Should I do that?

For you to understand my feeling?

The feeling that I have been hiding.

The doki, doki sound my heart are making when you are around.


Ah! Suddenly feel like I am such an idiot.

This is the effect when I started thinking of you.

My thought started becoming shorter and all I can think is how sweet you are.

Whenever you are with me.

And also how I can't stand it when you are with another girls.

Though you always say that they are all just your friends.

Friends that I know hold feelings for you.

Did you know that too?


Ah! Why am I still thinking about this?

Why is it that the thoughts of you are filling up my brain?

Even at the time, when I got a letter to write.

Ah! Could it be the reason is because,

I am thinking of you always?

Even when you aren't there beside me.

The thought of you kept on filling up the my head.

As easily as the oxygen being taken in.

Maybe I am even addicted to you?


So, should I write you a love letter?

A girly, flowery, scented love letter?

Even though both of us know that is not the type of girl I am.

But, is the type of girl I am, the type of girl that you like?

Sometimes I even wonder,

Have you ever see me as girl?

More rightly, have you ever see the girl deep inside of me?

The fluffy type of girl that had always been there

But, is always too scared to come out.

Too scared to step up for fear of breaking her own heart.


I want to write you a love letter.

A girly, flowery, frilly love letter.

That would convey my feeling.

The love I hold towards you.

Maybe I should do that.

If that's what it takes to you notice me more.