Once upon a time in a magical kingdom there lived a girl with lovely golden locks that hung down around her ankles like a sheet of gold. She had beautiful blue eyes and perfect pink lips. She lived in a fairytale castle with a clock, a candle and a teapot as her servants and only friends.

For a long time she was happy with her magical family, they played every day and looked after her every need. They would have races on floating magic carpets, and play hide and seek around the castles many rooms and secret passages. For dinner every night they would all gather round in the grand hall and dine like kings on wonderful and rare foods; layed out like a feast along the grand tables, covered in golden tablecloths, watched over by a massive candle lit chandelier. After this the girl would then curl up in her large armchair and fall asleep in front of the great fire, so her servants would have to put her to bed every night struggling up the stairs with her small, delicate body.

This little girl knew nothing of the outside world which you and I know of, she had no concept of good and evil for evil did not exist, not in this little girl's fairytale castle. This was how things had been as long as the girl could remember, where every need and every desire was met without question, for she was pure and lovely as a new born lamb and requested nothing that was not reasonable. Many years past and she never grew a day older, nor did anything around her and it was a constant summer, it was as though everything was suspended in time.
However one day a dark crow appeared at the gate, being curious as to this new creature she had never seen before, she ignored her companions warnings and for some reason she could not explain was drawn to this black figure in her white world. As she got closer the crow began to speak,
"Hello, little dove. My, this birdcage you have created for yourself is very pretty", the girl was confused. She was no bird and she was in no cage, however she was a polite child and told him thank you anyway. The strange bird carried on;

"Little dove, did you know there is a demon in your castle?", the girl became more confused, a demon? what was one of those? What a strange bird she thought to herself, coming to speak to her of strange things she did not understand. As though the bird could read her thoughts it began to laugh in a sick 'caw', making her jump and causing shivers to go down her spine. However she was still curious and with the bravery that only a innocent and naive child could possess she asked the crow what a 'demon' was.
This time there was no laughter but before her eyes the crow suddenly became a woman, draped in black with a large hood covering her eyes and face, as though she were a bird herself.
"Go take a look little dove, in your cellar, there covered by a blood red cloth, you will find your demon.' Then the girl stood in shock as there was a flutter of feathers and all there was left of the woman was a black spot flying off in the distance and a sooty feather on the ground. The girl was still very confused however she decided she would not tell anyone about what had happened, she had never kept a secret before. She looked at the feather she had picked up in her hand. Yes, this would be her first secret, the girl pushed the black feather into the side pocket of her dress and set out back to her castle and friends.

For days she carried on as usual, playing and laughing with her magical family and falling asleep in front of the fire every night, always with her secret kept close in her pocket.
One night she stayed up until it was dark outside and all the other castle inhabitants were asleep. Her blue eyes were tired, however her curiosity was killing her, and carefully she moved through her castle down to the cellar. It was dark and she shivered as a cold draft hit her, then grabbed onto the feather in her pocket as though for strength. She lit a candle and it began to flicker in the weak breeze. The air smelt dank and there was spiderwebs covering the room. Slowly she began to search, looking at cupboards, though old junk and worn out furniture, who knew she had such a store of old stuff down here. Finally she spotted an object covered in a blood red sheet however unlike the rest of the room it was not layered in dust, it stood as untouched as the day it was moved towards it, admiring its size and grandeur, why had she not known about such a beautiful object before? Small as she was she grabbed a corner of the cloth and pulled.
Only when it was removed did the silly little girl realise what she had done. It was a mirror, and when she looked into that mirror she saw a girl. Black as the night, eyes the colour of blood, horns twisted and long. Emitting from it was an aura of evil, so powerful it felt suffocating in the small room. The girl felt the corners of her mouth lifting and the grotesque but beautiful girl in the mirror smiled, a smile of pure hatred and malice. And suddenly the girl remembered it all. Her castle began to fall like strips of wallpaper damp and old, and all its inhabitants to dissolve, into the nothing they were created from, falling around her like tears. And as her illusion shattered she began to scream. Pulling out her golden locks as the dreadful cry of pain and despair filled the air.
And as suddenly as it began it stopped, as the little girl with long, pitch black locks that fell around her ankles, like sorrow itself. Blood red eyes paired with blood red lips and long twisted horns, began to laugh.