by dsf

The sun yawned as it started slowly making its way to sleep. I spend more than a few hours a day in a bench by the sidewalk on a cliff looking at everything; from children playing in the lush green park to the left, to the huge intersection of roads where cars zoom past each other smack center and mothers and teenagers galloping about the plaza in groups carrying bags of groceries or bags of clothes. There's not a day an incident does not happen.

As I glance to the left, I see an old lady. Cane in hand as she limps slowly, glancing at the children playing. A young man passes by her, stops and says something to her. Probably a grandson, I mused. By the way he seems to talk to fast; I can already guess what he wants: money. The old lady frowns, hands her 'grandson' her cane and leans against the small tree beside her to go through her purse, taking out a twenty bill and handing it to him. He takes it, grasps her hand and takes another out her purse, kisses her cheek, tosses her the cane and runs toward a group of chattering boys his age. Pathetic, I think to myself.

This time, I look to my right, a girl, perhaps in her early twenties, dressed in revealing clothes stood by a café, her figure obscured by the wall behind her. She grabbed her purse, took her lipstick out and re-did her already red lips. A middle aged man, inside luxury sedan drove by the side of the café, getting full view of the skimpily clad girl. He stops, grabs a few hundred bills from his pockets and dangles it by the passenger window. A sad look crossed the girl for a split second, before she smirked seductively, joining the man in his car. They drove off. I shook my head.

I kept my gaze to my right, now on a group of women chattering in front of the grocery store. A man eyes one of the women hungrily, his eyes darting left and right as he slowly made his way towards her. A beggar, from the way his clothes looked near black and his face covered in soot. He darted forward from his walk his target acquiring a look of shock as he grabs her open purse, slamming into her and running away into the alley between the grocery store and Winners.

I rubbed my forehead, turning to look at the intersection in between everything. At least, I thought to myself, there wouldn't be any kind of crime here. Or not. I tried opening my mouth to scream at the passerby… only to shut it once more as I remembered I'm not of this world anymore.

A shriek was heard.

I frowned looking at the tangled mass of body of the old lady from earlier, blood running from her temples, her cane flung to the sidewalk as an SUV zoomed past her in a frenzy, cars started honking and people gathering. A hit and run. What has the world turned into? Do humans not know of peace anymore?

Not even I was spared of harsh reality. A stab to the neck and I'm gone. I did not even know who it was that did that to me. Now, I'm just a small wandering soul in a world filled with unsolved mysteries. The sun sank down entirely, engulfing the world in darkness as never-ending screams were heard all throughout the world.