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Sail and Jackie

Written By: Krystal Jo-Lynnelle and Jasmine Marie

Hidden Shadows…

-Book One

"May the love hidden deep inside your heart find the love waiting in your dreams. May the laughter that you find in your tomorrow wipe away the pain you find in your yesterdays."


Korteen: when dinner came she called everyone to eat, and everyone came except for Keltic and Sisera, who were occupied elsewhere she figured. And the three children were sleeping, so she didn't wake them. Sisera had fed them before putting them to bed. "Thanks for helping me, Jackie." She said as she served the food to Cilus, Sail, and Jackie who were eating at the table. She would eat later after everyone else was done.

Jackie: "You're welcome."

Sail: "Did you make this?" he took a bite of the food before him.

Jackie: nodded, "I like to cook. It's fun."

Sail: smiled at her, "It's very good."

Jackie: smiled back, "Thank you."

Sail: "So, tell me about yourself, Jackie."

Jackie: "There's not much to tell. I was with Arsenrios since I was very young and served him until recently. That's about it."

Sail: "Yea. I heard about that. I'm…sorry." He wasn't exactly sure what to say.

Jackie: "It's okay. It wasn't that bad."

Sail: "I heard that they set Arsenrios free…though. Or he got away. Either way, he has no charges against him." He ate more of his food and took a drink of water.

Jackie: nodded, "Like always." She continued to eat.

Sail: "You mean it's happened before?" he watched her, raising an eyebrow.

Jackie: "Yes. Many times."

Sail: "And he'd come back to you?"

Jackie: nodded, "Except when he came back he was always angry." She shivered slightly at the thought. "Nothing would make him otherwise."

Sail: set down his fork and reached across the table to Jackie's hand, and held it comfortingly. "It's okay now."

Jackie: she watched him. The only time she had ever been touched was when she was being abused. "Thank you."

Sail: he looked down at their hands, rubbing his thumb over the top of her hand. He wondered how it felt to her, or if the feeling was just…blasé. He looked over at Cilus, "Where do you live?" he asked, not moving his hand away from Jackie's. He lifted up the fork with his other hand, his free hand, and started eating again, still looking at Cilus.

Cilus: "Eert originally."

Sail: nodded, "I've heard of such a place." He released Jackie's hand finally, putting his hand on his lap.

Cilus: "Good stories, I hope."

Sail: smiled, "Some."

Cilus: "That's good."

Sail: he finished eating, "Well…I guess I should go."

Jackie: "Will you be back?" she wondered.

Sail: "Possibly. I am not sure." He shrugged. "Why?"

Jackie: "Umm…" she looked down for a moment, trying to hide her blush, "I was just wondering. I like it when you're around."

Sail: "Oh." He gave her a slight smile, "Then I will return in two days."

Jackie: smiled, "Okay." She lifted her head up again, "Take care of yourself."

Sail: looked at Cilus, "Is two days long enough for you to prepare the regeneration of my species?"

Cilus: "Yes that will be plenty of time."

Sail: nodding, he got to his feet and saluted to them before going back outside and getting in his ship and leaving.

Jackie: smiled. She really was starting to like him.


Jackie: she got on the best clothes of hers that she could find.

Cilus: he was making the proper preparations for what he needed to get done today.

Sail: he walked into the house, not needing to knock since he was being expected. "Cilus?" he called from the entrance way of the house, looking up the stairs for a sign of him.

Cilus: he walked down the stairs, "Hello Sail."

Sail: smiled, "Hey." He held up a CD. "Memories. Can you use these for the regeneration of the person?" he hoped so. "Or do you actually need someone here to think of them, like Sally and I did in person for our parents?"

Cilus: he nodded, "I can use them." He took the disk, "Thanks."

Sail: "Great." He smiled, "Where's Jackie? Does she still live here?"

Cilus: "She's up in her room I believe."

Sail: "Alright." He looked at Cilus, "So, when do you wish to start this process?"

Cilus: "Well, there's no time like the present."

Jackie: she walked down the stairs, "Hello Sail." She smiled at him.

Sail: "Very well. What do you need me to do?" he watched Cilus until he heard Jackie's approach. Turning to face her he acknowledged her with a smiled, "Jackie." He noticed her clothes, "You look very nice." He complimented her. A spark jumped from one of the rings on his bottom lip to the other, and back again.

Jackie: smiled, "Thank you."

Cilus: "Just tell me the coordinates of the planet, and the name."

Sail: "Planet Neetok, if you know where that is. Originally it was a thunder planet, but Spectles inhabitation changed it a bit."

Cilus: "I will get to work on it, if you'll excuse me."

Sail: nodded. He watched Cilus leave before smiling and turning to face Jackie again, "Alone again." He laughed softly.

Jackie: she laughed softly with him, "Yes. We always seem to be like that."

Sail: he felt the spark on his lip again, "Um," he smiled sheepishly. "Is there an electric outlet somewhere in this house?" he asked, a bit embarrassed.

Jackie: "Yea, right over there." She pointed to the outlet on the wall, stepping down off of the steps closer to it.

Sail: "Thanks." He bent down by the outlet and sparks jumped from his lips to the wall.

Jackie: she watched with wide eyes.

Sail: "You might want to take a step back, Jackie." He warned her kindly.

Jackie: she listened to Sail, but instead of taking just one step back, she took three.

Sail: he braced his hands against the wall and stuck out his tongue, pressing it against the outlet. He disappeared.

Jackie: her jaw dropped and she stepped back again.

Sail: "Awesome." His voice tickled down to Jackie from upstairs. Sail walked into the hallway behind Jackie. "Well, I've found where another electrical outlet is." He said with a smile. "Thank you." His lip no longer sparked between the rings.

Jackie: smiled, "You're welcome.

Sail: "Overload of electricity. It happens." He shrugged, "Nothing to worry about though. It's normal. I didn't mean to scare you."

Jackie: "It's okay. I'm always like that."

Sail: "So what do you do in a day?"

Jackie: "Read mostly, and help Korteen." She shrugged. Her life wasn't all that interesting. "You?"

Sail: raised his eyebrows, "Me? As of right now, my life is repopulating my species."

Jackie: "That sounds busy."

Sail: he grinned, "Busy but fun." He assured her.

Jackie: smiled softly.

Sail: "I wonder how Cilus is coming along."

Jackie: "Probably good."

Sail: "Let's go see." He said, and grabbed Jackie's hand to tug her up to Cilus' room. He expected it to be filled with hundreds of Spectles, or at least some.

Jackie: she went willingly with him. She had to admit that even though it felt weird to hold someone's hand, she did like it.

Cilus: he was walking out of his room when Sail and Jackie headed towards it. He closed the door behind him and turned to face them, "Oh. Hello. I was just coming to tell you that I am finished, and all have been moved to the new planet."

Sail: he stopped in front of Cilus, "Oh, okay then. Thank you. Well, I guess I'm not needed here anymore then."

Jackie: "Won't you stay just a little while longer?" she asked him.

Sail: looked at Jackie, "Well, I suppose I could. If Keltic and Sisera don't mind. Though, neither of them are here now; both on vacation or something. I know Korteen is here with their kids who were brought back yesterday. Keltic and Sisera should be back soon. I guess…I could wait here. Ask them when they return."

Jackie: smiled, "Cool." She hugged him. "Thanks." Realizing what she did she released the hug and stepped back, "Sorry."

Sail: "Nah. It's okay." He let go of her hand after squeezing it gently, "Gotta figure out where I'll sleep though."

Jackie: "There's an empty room next to mine."

Sail: "Well, in that case." He bowed dramatically to her, "I am at your service."

Jackie: giggled softly, "This way." She showed him to the room.

Sail: he followed her, looking around the house as he walked through it, "Very nice. You know, I've never traveled earth before. I think while I am here that is one thing I will do. Travel. Any idea what places I should see?"

Jackie: "I hear Italy and Paris are beautiful. I also heard so is Egypt, but it is very hot there."

Sail: "Have you been to those places before?"

Jackie: shook her head, "No, from the time Keltic got me till now, I've been staying here."

Sail: "I get bored when I don't move around. Spectles like to travel in general. As a species, we are known as space travelers." He shrugged, "It'd be nice to have company in these places like Italy and Paris."

Jackie: "It would be nice." She agreed.

Sail: "That's a hint for you, Jackie. Do you want to come with me or not?"

Jackie: "Oh." She smiled, "Sure. I'd love to."

Sail: "Awesome. We can leave tomorrow if that's alright with you."

Jackie: nodded and smiled, "Yea, that's fine."

Sail: "I figure, everyone else is on vacation, so why not." He shrugged. "It should be fun. If Keltic has internet I can actually look up stuff to check out while we visit certain places, so it can't be too boring."

Jackie: smiled, "That sounds like a lot of fun." She sighed happily at the thought of travelling.

Sail: "I'm hungry." He patted his stomach.

Jackie: "I'll get you something."

Sail: "This is an awesome house. We should explore it. No one's here to stop us, and I'm sure a place like this has hidden rooms and secret compartments, which is so cool." He walked around Jackie, looking at the house.

Jackie: "That does sound like fun."

Sail: "Okay. Let's eat first. Then we should explore." He went down to the kitchen where Korteen had already served lunch, and took a seat at the table before he started to eat.

Jackie: she sat down beside him and started to eat as well. She smiled. It still felt weird to eat on a regular basis.

Korteen: "Want to go shopping today, Jackie?" she asked while she stood by the kitchen sink, washing up dishes.

Jackie: "I'm sorry but I already have plans."

Korteen: she stopped washing the dishes and looked over at Jackie, "Okay?" she sounded a bit shocked, "With whom?"

Jackie: smiled, "With Sail."

Korteen: "Oh!" she sounded like she approved. "Well, have fun."

Sail: "We should start our exploration from the upstairs down to the basement. Basements are scary most of the time. I like the dark, so it should be fun." He told Jackie as he continued to eat. "Afterwards, I wonder if there are other creepy places we can explore around here."

Jackie: "I don't know. We will have to see." She still had a smile on her face.

Sail: he smiled back before continuing to eat.

Jackie: she finished her food and took her empty dish to the sink.

Sail: followed her, "Ready? This house is one of those olden castles. It should be interesting to explore just on that fact alone." He spoke as he set his dish in the sink.

Jackie: "Yes." She agreed happily.

Sail: "Sweet." He took her hand and pulled her up the stairs to start exploring at the top. Finally they were in the basement. "Creepy." He smiled, touching the wall.

It was at that moment that a door slid open and he fell into the room behind it. The door closed behind him.

Jackie: "Sail!" she pounded on the wall.

Sail: "It's okay Jackie! I'm fine!" he yelled to her before he snapped his fingers and after licking his lips he touched his finger tips to his bottom lip. Lightning sparks skipped back and forth between the rings on his lip, lighting the darkness. He pushed himself to his feet and started to look around him for a way out.

The walls were cement all around him, but on one wall, there was a button.

Sail: "What does Keltic have in here?" he pressed the button, curious.

The wall in front of him moved out of the way to show a bright sunny day. But even though it was sunshine there were no happy little flowers and bunnies. Instead there was rock and ground, and the very few flowers that did bloom were dark. The sky started to get cloudy. Indeed, this place would be a dream for a depressed person. There were ruins of buildings in the place, along with ash from other places and things that had been burned. The air was smoke but not too bad to where it would be harmful. At the same time the front wall opened when he pressed the button, the back wall that he had fallen through also opened.

Jackie: she fell into the room because she had been leaning on the wall when it opened. Getting up, she looked around in awe, "What is this place?" she whispered. There was a pack of wolves that passed and growled viciously at them. Jackie took a step back until her back was against the wall she had come through, and whimpered quietly. She was scared to death.

Sail: he looked at Jackie, feeling bad for her. "It's okay." He tried to comfort her, holding out his hand to her. The sparks continued to jump about on his lip. "Now this is scary." He gave Jackie a small smile at the idea. "Wanna check it out? I'll fry anything that threatens you. Don't worry."

Jackie: nodded slowly. "Okay. I trust you." She said, realizing in herself the truth of those words as she walked forward slowly, squeezing his hand lightly. Looking around, she pointed with her other hand to a building that was the only one still standing. "What's that?"

Sail: "I don't know." He replied, following her gaze and point. "But let's check it out." He walked forward still holding her hand in his, to the building that stood alone. He kept an eye out for wolves and other threats. "Never expected this to be in Keltic's house." He stated.

Jackie: "Me either." She whispered. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw a wolf jump for her. She let out a cry and clung to Sail.

Sail: tapped one of his finger nails against another of his nails and a lightning strike emerged, frying the dog to ash. "Where were we? Oh, yes." He opened up the door to the building and walked into it with Jackie. His arm was now around her waist and he held her tightly against his body at his side as they walked, exploring. "Having fun?" he glanced at her, teasing. He had a slight smile on his face.

Jackie: smiled slightly back, "Yes. Tons." She had to admit that even though she was scared, it was better with him here. She felt safe.

Sail: "Now I wonder why the rest of these buildings were destroyed, and yet this one is left standing. No, what I wonder is what this place is, period." He said, his head turned upwards to the ceiling.

Jackie: "Look down there." She pointed to a man that seemed to be examining the walls. She scanned her eyes over the man and he seemed to be harmless. However, she knew things weren't always what they seemed.

Sail: tilted his head down to the direction that Jackie pointed. His eyes widened. "Yo, ho! Who goes there?" he and Jackie stayed at the top where they stood away from the man for now, until Sail knew what to make of him. "Do you know what this place is?"

Man: he smirked at them, and then he vanished.

Sail: "Well…that was…rude."

Man: he appeared behind Sail and hit both Jackie and Sail on the back of their heads, knocking them out.

Sail: woke up a bit later, his hand going directly to his head. Man, did that hurt. "Jackie?" he reached for her but felt nothing. He opened his eyes. "Jackie?" he repeated, looking around, taking in his new surroundings for the first time.

He was in a room by himself. There was a begging sound from the hall.

Sail: he got up and went to the wall, pounding on it and yelling, "JACKIE!"

Jackie: the crying stopped, "Sail?"


Jackie: "I'm…fine. Are you okay?"

Sail: "Yes. How thick are these walls?" he looked around him, feeling the cement.

Jackie: "I don't know." She cried as she answered Sail, but then spoke softer as if speaking to someone else, "Please let me go."

Man: the man's voice could be heard answering Jackie. "Why would I do a stupid thing like that? You're in my world now, and you will obey me and stay with me."

Jackie: was slammed against the wall, "I'm sorry." She whispered.

Man: "Sorry is not good enough, Jackie."

Jackie: she cried. She would much rather take a beating from someone she knew than from this man. "It won't happen again." She whispered.

Man: "It better not." His footsteps trailed off.

Jackie: still cried.

Sail: waited until he knew she was alone before he teleported into Jackie's room. No one knew he was in there but her. "Jackie?" he whispered and lit a small space with his lightning sparks enough to find her. He ran over and hugged her tightly, comfortingly.

Jackie: "Sail." She hugged him. "I have to get you out of here." She said after a few moments of hugging. She felt her head and felt the blood on it. She closed her eyes. "Come on." She stood.

Sail: he pulled her back down, "No." he whispered sternly. "I promised I'd protect you and I will. That means I will not leave you. So please don't try to get rid of me." He moved her hair, "It's healing slowly. Kientian power works okay." He said as he checked her head wound. "Jackie," he turned her to face him again. "If I get out of here, you'll be right next to me." He promised her.

Jackie: "I'm not allowed to leave."

Sail: "Then I won't leave either." He kept an ear out for footsteps so he could teleport back to his room before the man returned. "Do you know who he is?" he whispered to Jackie.

Jackie: "No. The only thing I know is he is the same man from the hallway."

Sail: nodded, "Has he hurt you besides the head wound?" he worried. "You should have never come, Jackie. Then you'd still be safe."

Jackie: "I'm fine." She said, rolling down her sleeves to hide the marks. "I'm glad I came."

Sail: scoffed, "Right." He gripped her arm and pushed her sleeve back up, "What is this?" he whispered harshly, glaring at her arm and the wounds marked there on. "What could the man possibly want with hurting you?"

Jackie: "I don't know. I think he just likes to see my bleed." She whispered.

Sail: he pulled her sleeves down, "We can both teleport out."

At that second the door opened.

Sail: smiled, "Ah, or we can walk out. Come on." He pulled her up by her hand, and they walked through the open door together.

Man: he grabbed Jackie and pushed Sail back into the room before locking the door. He then pressed a power stabilizer on the wall that stabilized all powers.

Sail: "JACKIE!" he yelled. He practically tore his hair out. He banged on the walls, kicked at them. If he couldn't get her back, it meant he broke his promise to her and he wouldn't ever forget that. A tight knot welled up in his stomach, sort of painful. A feeling of guilt. He had to protect Jackie like he protected his little sister Sally. They both needed it and it was his responsibility. He had to figure something out. Something he could do without his powers. He scraped his nails along the wall, pressing his fingers into it. He pulled and pushed on the door handle. He growled. Someone would die for this and it certainly wasn't going to be him or Jackie.

Jackie: from the hallway there was a loud bang and then crying. "Please don't hurt me." She begged.

Man: scoffed, "Why would I listen to a pitiful person like you?" there was another loud bang.

Jackie: "I didn't mean to. I'm sorry." She whispered.

Man: "Sorry doesn't cut it, you know that. Just sit there. I have to go check on someone."

There were footsteps coming down the hall. They stopped where Sail was and opened the door.

Sail: jumped at the man, pressing forcefully on his throat. Sparks licked through his body. "Tell us how to escape and I will spare your life." He didn't care what this place was anymore. He just wanted out.

It wasn't the man at all. It was Jackie.

Jackie: "Sail." She whispered.

Sail: "Jackie." He whispered back, blinking to reality. He leaned back a bit. "I'm sorry. I didn't think that was you. Are you alright?" he released his hold on her though he still stayed close.

Jackie: nodded, "Yes. Come on let's get out of here. Please."

Sail: "Yea, sure." He took her hand and walked up the stairs, looking for the exit and hoping the man wasn't around to catch them.

Jackie: she found the exit and pointed to it.

Sail: "Really? That easy?" he went towards it with Jackie.

Jackie: she stepped on something that moved and squealed quietly.

Sail: he stopped walking and wrapped his arm around her shoulders to steady her, "Shh." He whispered and then quickly glanced around for any sign of the man in case he heard the squeal. When he saw nothing, he looked down, trying to see what Jackie stepped on.

The floor dropped out from under them.

Sail: grabbed the floor part that hadn't collapsed. He held tightly onto Jackie with his other hand. "Don't let go." He told her. "I'll try to pull us up." He hoped he could, though he was straining to hold on with both their weights to support.

Jackie: "You can't pull both of us. Like I said, I can't leave. So when I let go just go ahead and get out of here."

Sail: rolled his eyes. He wasn't in the room anymore so there was no power stabilizer. He teleported them out of the house.

Jackie: she looked around.

Sail: "Now we need to find a way back to Keltic's house from here."

Jackie: "Maybe we should explore more."

Sail: "Are you serious? We were in trouble last time. I don't want anything else bad to happen. We need to get out of here A.S.A.P."

Jackie: nodded, pushing negative thoughts behind her, "We'll find it."

Sail: turned Jackie to him and kissed her. He leaned back, "So you won't forget me, if I die."

Jackie: leaned forward and kissed him again, "I won't let you die." She whispered slowly, putting her arms around his neck, "Let's get out of here." She said, moving her hands from around his neck and taking his hand with hers. She watched as a girl skipped in front of them. She looked young, only about eight years old.

Sail: turned to the little girl. He narrowed his eyes, "Go away." He wasn't about to trust anyone here anymore. He pulled Jackie away with him in the opposite direction from the little girl.

Little Girl: she started to cry, "What did I do?"

Sail: "Just keep walking away." He whispered to Jackie, "It's a trap."

Jackie: "But what if she's stuck here too?" She whispered back to Sail.

Sail: he sighed and looked back at the girl, "What's your name and purpose here?" he asked her, though still a safe distance away from the girl with Jackie beside him.

Tiffany: "My name is Tiffany. I wandered in here a while back but haven't found the exit. I didn't mean to make you angry sir."

Sail: "Follow but far away. Maybe we can help each other get out of here if that is the truth." He said suspiciously. He started walking with Jackie again.

Tiffany: "Thank you." She followed behind them ten feet.

Jackie: "We should see if we can find that rock wall we can in with." She told Sail, looking back at the girl for a moment.

Sail: nodded, "Right." He turned them in the direction of the rock wall.

Tiffany: followed them, shivering. She was rather cold.

Jackie: continued to walk with Sail.

They reached the wall in no time.

Sail: "Want me to scale it?" he asked, looking up at the wall.

Jackie: "It's too tall." She rubbed her hand over it lightly and stopped when she hit an inlet. She moved the icy out of the way. "It looks like some type of key hole. But what could fit in it?"

Tiffany: looked around. She saw red eyes and suddenly shot power from her hands and watched as the animal fell. She shook from fright as she played with the pointed crystal around her neck.

Sail: he looked back at Tiffany when he saw her kill the animal, "Thanks." He blinked. He noticed the necklace around her neck, "Hey, Tiffany. That necklace, where'd you get it?" the key hole in the rock wall looked about the same shape as the necklace. "It might work as a key." He whispered, so Jackie could hear but not Tiffany. He still did not trust her fully, even if she did just kill one of the creatures here in protection for them, and even if she did look scared to death, shivering like that. He watched her.

Tiffany: "From my tutor. He gave it to me when he sent me here." She said softly. He was more of a father than a tutor, but tutor was the better term. "I do not know what it's for though." She said slowly. She looked at the door and took a few shaky steps forward. She rubbed her hand on the crystal and it glowed. She immediately stepped back, still shaking.

Sail: "Why were you sent here?" he asked. He realized she shook from fright on the outside, which was how he felt on the inside, though he'd never show it. He had to show strength for Jackie. He squeezed Jackie's hand in his, holding it.

Tiffany: "I was sent here to kill someone."

Sail: "Who?" he wondered if it was the man they met earlier.

Tiffany: "A man by the name of Trokan. Now his brother remains only in this world."

Sail: "Must have been the man who captured us those few hours that seemed like an eternity." He said to Jackie. He looked back at Tiffany. "The necklace glowed when you brought it next to the wall. It seemed like it was working as a key. Do it again. The faster you move the faster we can get out of here." He said hopefully. He wasn't excited by this place anymore. He didn't want to explore it. He just wanted to leave it.

Tiffany: walked closer to the wall and pushed the necklace into the key hole and the whole door glowed and it opened. Sunlight blinded them. Tiffany walked forward.

Jackie: followed but looked around, "This isn't Keltic's house."

Sail: "Of course not. It's a portal Tiffany made so it probably leads back to her house. But, anywhere is better than from where we came." He stepped through the portal with Jackie.

The place they walked into was a dark room and only had one bed.

Tiffany: smiled slightly, "Home."

Sail: "What happened to the sunlight?" he looked around, tense, holding Jackie's hand, "And where exactly is home?"

Tiffany: smiled slightly, "Home is…I'm not sure."

Sail: "Well, it was nice meeting you, Tiffany. I supposed Jackie and I best be going now. Good bye." He smiled slightly back at her and nodded, eager to depart.

Tiffany: nodded slowly, "If you must go. Thank you for saving me." She smiled slightly and then looked down, "I hope you two live very fulfilling lives."

Sail: "You too, Tiffany." He teleported him and Jackie back to the safe part of Keltic's house.

But they ended up bouncing back to Tiffany's place.

Sail: he growled. He glared at Tiffany and walked away from Jackie as he lifted Tiffany up by her throat, pressing her into a wall, "What is this, little girl!" he demanded. "A TRAP!"

Tiffany: "No, sir." She whispered, trying to breathe. "I am a prisoner here. There is no trap. Please." She whispered. "Let me go." She closed her eyes, "We can figure something out and get you home."

Sail: he dropped her and stepped back, "So you bring Jackie and I from one prison to another?" he glared at her.

Tiffany: "I didn't mean to. I swear."

Sail: he licked his lips, creating more sparks, "Is there a thunderstorm coming anytime soon?" he looked around for an outlet in the wall of the room they were in.

Jackie: looked around the room, looking for one too.

There were no outlets.

Tiffany: "No." she answered quietly.

Sail: "Crud." He sat on the edge of the bed, thinking.

Tiffany: sat on the floor as she thought. She looked to the door.

Sail: he got up and tried to open the door. Finding it locked, he kicked it open.

Tiffany: her hand went to her mouth.

Outside was that bright sunlight they had seen on the way in.

Tiffany: she peeked out and then shied back into her dark room. She couldn't handle the light or the head.

Sail: "Come on Jackie." He motioned to her to come. "This looks promising." He stepped out of the room. If Tiffany wanted to come, she could. But he wouldn't force her. In fact, he still did not even trust her.

Jackie: she went to Sail's side with Tiffany behind her.

Sail: he glanced around, looking which way to go and making sure it was safe before Jackie followed. He didn't want to put her in danger again.

Jackie: looked around at the happy scene.

Sail: "Seems like a normal house." He commented in whispered to himself. Though he knew from experience, especially experience from the last few days, that what you perceived wasn't what was really there all the time. Danger could be around at any moment.

Tiffany: she pushed Sail back into the room and not even a second later, two giant hatchets swung right where they were. She took both his and Jackie's hands and made them drop to the floor as darts started coming. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Sail: "And who exactly IS your tutor, Tiffany?" he whispered harshly to her.

Tiffany: "Someone who wants me to stay in my room."

Sail: "I know, but WHY?" he stood up slowly.

Tiffany: "Like I said, I'm a prisoner."

Sail: "Thanks for the insight." He took hold of Jackie and Tiffany's arms, one in each of his hands, and filled them both with his power. If anything tried to touch any of them, it'd be fried to a crisp before it did any harm. He continued to walk forwards towards an unforeseen exit, tugging them both along with him. "Tiffany, maybe you would have been better off staying in the other world." He commented, looking ahead for anymore traps.

Tiffany: nodded, "But my ma…tutor will not be happy that I have taken this long."

Sail: "Too bad. So sad." He crossed the remaining empty space between the door and them. IT was a nice house, besides the darks and hatchets that tried to kill you.

Tiffany: "Wait." She had them stop right before a section of the floor collapsed ahead of them. Waiting for it to close again, she reached the door and walked with them outside of the house.

Sail: smiled, "Alright. Now we can go home?" he wondered if he could teleport now.

Tiffany: "You should be able to."

Sail: "Bye Tiffany. Come on Jackie." He took Jackie's hand, glad to be able to leave now.

Jackie: "Should we just leave her here?"

Sail: looked at Tiffany and then back at Jackie. "I don't trust her."

Jackie: sighed, "Alright."

Sail: he stared at Jackie a moment before he too sighed. He glanced at Tiffany once more. "My sister Sally can tell if a person is a friend or a foe just by being around them. As long as she is not emotionally compromised, which messes with her emotions. If we find a way to…get Tiffany to meet my sister, then we will know for sure whether or not she is trustworthy." He told Jackie. "You did say you wanted to travel with me, and this way you'll get to see my new home planet, the Thunder Planet, besides meeting my family."

Jackie: nodded, "Okay."

Sail: he looked at Tiffany, "Where is this place? This planet?" he needed to know where Tiffany lived so that he could return her here, if his sister gave her the thumbs down.

Tiffany: "I don't know but I know how to get to Italy from here."

Jackie: "That's close to France."

Sail: nodded. She was on earth. "Good. That makes traveling simpler. Now the question is, should we bring Sally to you, or you to Sally?" he assessed this, studying Tiffany.

Tiffany: "It is your choice."

Sail: "Tiffany, how bad off do you have it here?" he looked behind her, back to Tiffany's house. "Are you treated well?"

Tiffany: "It depends what you consider well. If you consider being beaten as well, then yes."

Sail: furrowed his brows. Whether he trusted her or not, if he left her here to be beaten now that he knew, without doing anything about it, he would be just as much at fault. "Then why did you want to come back here?" he wondered. Seriously, she seemed to be better off at the other world, no matter how scary it was there.

Tiffany: "Any place is better than there."

Sail: "Come with me and meet my sister." He relented. "Can you teleport?"

Tiffany: nodded, "I can."

Sail: "Here." He placed his hand on her shoulder, holding Jackie's hand with his other hand, and teleported them directly to his ship.

Tiffany: looked around, "Wow. A real ship."

Sail: "Yes. Sit there." He pointed to a seat. "Don't touch anything." He stepped back from her, lifted Jackie's hand to his mouth, and kissed it lightly, before he went to the control panel and put in the coordinates for his planet. Well, his new planet. The Thunder Planet. The ship lifted and took off into space.

Tiffany: sat down, unmoving.

Jackie: she blushed as she took her seat.

Sail: he set it on auto pilot and leaned back away from the controls. He breathed a sigh of relief. They were alive and free, and they were heading home. There wasn't a greater feeling in the world.

Jackie: watched the stars go by.

Sail: he turned to Jackie, "Are you hungry? Feeling weak?" he knew Kientians needed chocolate like all the time.

Jackie: "Yea. It's getting hard to move."

Sail: got up and opened up his mini fridge. He pulled out a bottle of chocolate milk and handed it to Jackie. He paused, then looked to Tiffany. "Are you hungry?"

Jackie: she took the milk from Sail and drank it eagerly.

Tiffany: "Yes sir." She answered him.

Sail: "What do you eat, child?" he turned back to the mini fridge, wondering what to give her. He didn't know her species.

Tiffany: "Anything is fine." She told him.

Sail: he grabbed another chocolate milk from the fridge and a sealed bowl of salad. He tossed both of the items to her and then shut the refrigerator door.

Tiffany: "Thank you." She ate the salad quickly for she had not eaten in a long time. She also drank all the chocolate milk she was given.

Sail: he watched her. "Are you still hungry?" he asked.

Tiffany: "A little, but that's okay."

Sail: he stood away from the fridge and motioned to it. "Be my guest then." He went and sat by Jackie again, putting his arm around her, "If you want, Jackie," he whispered to her, "There's a shower in the back of the ship. Some of Sally's clothes are there too, but I don't know if they'll fit you or not. But it's a suggestion, if you wanted to freshen up."

Jackie: smiled, "A shower sounds nice. Thank you." She whispered back to him before she stood.

Tiffany: she walked over to the fridge and opened it, getting some more food out of it since Sail had given her free range of the refrigerator contents.

Sail: went back to the controls and manually flew it. "So, Tiffany, tell me about yourself." If he knew more about her, maybe it would be easier for him to like her or even trust her before they saw Sally.

Tiffany: "What do you want to know?" she asked Sail as she sat down again with some more food to eat.

Sail: "Just...about your life. Why you are treated the way you say you are by your superior at the house."

Tiffany: she was quiet as she thought about what she was going to say. Surely he did not really want to know about her life; but she started to speak anyways. "I lived with my parents until I was four. When I was about to start school, my parents hired me a tutor. After a month or so, he kidnapped me, and that is when he put me in there; and he beat me every day. That is when he told me to call him master instead of tutor, and I was then a slave of his. Sometimes he asked me to complete certain tasks but because I was so young, I was unable to do them successfully. Due to this, he punished me many times and every time almost killing me. One time, though, it was my parents that suffered in my place, and now…I am all alone. I never meant for anything to happen to them and I loved them so much. It is hard waking up every morning not knowing if by the end of the day you will be alive or dead, like my parents, but for the last few years, that is what it was. But then I tried to escape and that's when I came to the place where I met you…and you know the rest." She said softly.

Sail: "He killed your parents? Do you have any siblings?"

Tiffany: nodded to confirm his first question. She answered the second aloud. "I am an only child."

Sail: "So where is this tutor of yours?"

Tiffany: "I don't know, he was there all the time when I was there and before he threw me in that place."

Sail: "Well, he wasn't there when you returned from the alternate dimension with Jackie and I."

Tiffany: nodded, "I don't know where he is."

Sail: "What's his name?"

Tiffany: "I would always call him teacher then it changed to master so I don't know."

Sail: nodded. "Where did you live before?"

Tiffany: "Over in Quebec."

Sail: "Canada? On earth?"

Tiffany: nodded. "My parents always thought that Earth was more beautiful than our home world but I don't know what that is either."

Sail: "You don't know your species?"

Tiffany: shook her head.

Sail: "Would you like to know?" he asked her as he began the decent onto the Thunder Planet.

Tiffany: nodded, "Yes." she answered softly.

Sail: "Then we will find that out. If all goes well with Sally." You could hear a deep rumbling outside the ship walls. It seemed like three times a minute a stream of light left the sky and struck the ground with a mighty clap.

Tiffany: looked out the windows.

The sky was dark and full of gray cloud. But the sun shone brightly onto the land, revealing many of Sails kind. There were no houses. Only little holes in the ground, dug with descending stairs. The ground above with covered with many tall trees, like mighty sequoia trees. The only difference was that each tree had leaves like a weeping willow. But they were different; not green. Their colors were a golden yellow and shining.

Tiffany: "Wow..." she said in awe.

Sail: "Yea. Not as good as our old planet but nothing we can't handle." he landed the ship onto the ground and opened the doors.

Jackie: came back out and her hair dry and wearing one of Sally's outfits that was back there.

Tiffany: unbuckled herself.

Sail: stood and turned to the doors. He stepped out and turned around to face the two girls.

Tiffany: "This place is amazing." she smiled as she watched little children play near-by

The children grabbed a strand of the weeping willow tree leaf and it broke apart. They smashed it into a ground and two seconds later a flash of lightning struck where they stood.

Sail: turned back to the children then to Tiffany. "Yes. Don't touch the trees." he gave her a small smile. "Good for us. Bad for you."

Tiffany: was in shock, she nodded slowly, "I see why."

Sail: took Jackie's hand. They walked through the many people playing, hanging out and hanging laundry to dry on lines outside of the houses. He descended down dirt packed steps into a hole. As soon as darkness hit he licked his lower lip so the spark started, creating light.

Jackie: looked around.

Tiffany: stuck close to the careful not to touch anything.

Sail: "Welcome to my house."

It was a wide opened one room space that spanned around 300 feet in length and width about. Kitchen on the wall to the right, a living room section to the left- though no TV or any electronics. And sleeping areas on the back wall.

Jackie: smiled, "It's really nice."

Sail: "It's cozy I agree."

Footsteps descended the stairs.

Sail turned to see his parents coming down. "Hi mom and dad!" he smiled at them and gave them a hug each.

Dad: "Hello Sail. Who are your lovely friends?"

Sail: "Well, this is my girlfriend Jackie." he kissed her hand for effect, though stopping the electric spark before her hand touched his lips, and started the spark again when he lowered Jackie's hand away. They were boyfriend and girlfriend right? They had kissed so he thought so. But he didn't know for sure if Jackie approved of that definition or not. He looked to Tiffany. "And no one really knows who she is. But we are going to find out."

Tiffany: smiled at his parents, they reminded her of her own.

Sail: "Where's Sally?"

Mom: "Outside." she smiled at Tiffany. "She doesn't have a name, Sail?"

Sail: "It's Tiffany."

Dad: "Hello Tiffany." he held out a hand for a shake.

Mom: smiled at Tiffany and then turned to Jackie. "Hi Jackie." she gave her a hug.

Tiffany: slowly took his hand, "Hello Sir."

Jackie: smiled, "Hi." she hugged her back

Dad: laughed. "I'm not going to shock you Tiffany. Don't worry."

Sail: "We were meaning to see Sally so..."

Mom: "I'll get her." she walked over to the fireplace stove and shot the lightning from her fingers to start a fire. The smoke rose up and out of the house. "She'll be here in a few minutes." she assured them.

Tiffany: nodded slowly, "I would appreciate that very much." she said softly. She forced herself to relax.

Jackie: smiled, "Thank you."

Sail: "Oh that reminds me. Since you can't very well call them Mom and Dad. Tiffany, Jackie this is Sae-" he motioned to his mother, "And Sean." he motioned to his father.

Jackie: "It's nice to meet you Sae and Sean."

Tiffany: "Likewise."

Sally: came bounding down the steps. "Sail you are home!" she hugged him, then waved to Jackie. "Hi Jackie! What are you doing here? You look a lot better than the last time I saw you."

Jackie: smiled, "Hi Sally. I have been well taken care of."

Tiffany: turned to the new voice.

Sail: "This is Tiffany, Sally." he motioned to the little girl. Sally and Tiffany were about the same height, though Sally was two years older.

Sally: looked at Tiffany, her eyes sparkled. "Hi!"

Tiffany: smiled slightly, "Hi."

Sail: waited.

Sally: watched her for a moment then smiled wider. "Want to play a game with me outside?" she asked Tiffany.

Sail: "I don't think that is such a good idea Sally. Not yet, at least.

Sae: "Oh, why not Sail?" she asked while knitting a scarf, sitting on the couch in the living room section of the house.

Sail: "Tiffany needs to see the doctor first."

Sean: "Is Tiffany sick?" he looked to her. "Are you sick child?"

Sail: shook his head. "No dad. She just doesn't know her species so I told her we'd find out, after saying hello to all of you."

Tiffany: "I'm fine." she assured him.

Sean: "Sure. Here. Follow me." he walked back up the house steps to the outside.

Sail: "Go Jackie." he motioned for Jackie to follow his dad and Tiffany out the door. He stopped Sally. "Sally," he said. "What do you think of Tiffany?"

Sally: "She seems nice."

Sail: "Nothing off about her?"

Sally: shrugged. "A little jumpy, but, no not really." her eyes grew wide. "Why? Should there be? Then yes, there is." she nodded vigorously.

Sail: shook his head. "No, just a question. If you didn't think there is then there is not. So she's a friend?"

Sally: nodded.

Sail: "Alright. Thank you." he patted her head then followed his dad and Tiffany and Jackie, meeting them outside.

Tiffany: followed beside his father looking up at him but avoiding obstacles.

Sean: looked down at Tiffany. "What is it child?" he asked kindly. He touched his chin. "Do I have food on my beard?" he teased.

Tiffany: giggled softly, "Nothing."

Sean: patted her head. He descended the stairs into another underground house.

Tiffany: smiled and followed him.

Sean: pushed back the curtain into the room of the house. It was set up like a hospital, with a few needed electronic devices and a few flat beds for sick ones to lie on, though, no one was in them at the moment.

Doctor: turned he smiled, "Hello. What can I do for you?" he said looking up from his clipboard.

Sean: "This little girl, Tiffany." he nudged Tiffany forward. He turned to Sail as he came in. "What was it again?"

Sail: "She doesn't know her species so I promised we'd find out."

Tiffany: slowly walked forward.

Doctor: "I see well, let's see what we can find out." he set his clipboard aside.

Sail: sat on one of the chairs that lined the opposite wall of beds. He pulled Jackie onto his lap.

Sean: "Are you fine at doctors' offices, little Tiffany?" he wasn't sure if she was scared of them or not. He knew some kids who were. Though he knew more kids were afraid of dentists than doctors. But he figured he'd ask.

Tiffany: "I've never been to one before."

Doctor: was getting a chair ready.

Sean: "He's nice. And if not." he bent down and whispered in Tiffany's ear, "I'll give him a little shock of electricity to set him straight." he met eyes with the doctor and gave him a playful smirk. Sean leaned back up.

Tiffany: nodded, she sat in the chair that the doctor now gestured to.

Doctor: "I'm going to need to take a blood test first." he told her, "It's not going to hurt I promise."

Tiffany: nodded, "Okay."

Doctor: got ready a syringe, he poked it through the skin, "Well she's not a Snyde." he said mostly to himself.

Tiffany: didn't jump. She just watched him making no sound.

Doctor: pulled it out her did something over at the counter.

Tiffany: her needle point healed immediately.

Sean: watched for a moment. He went and sat in a chair, one over from Sail and Jackie.

Sail: "So, Jackie," he whispered to her while the doctor did his thing. "Like my parents?"

Jackie: smiled and nodded, "Very much." she whispered.

Doctor: examined it for a moment he turned to Tiffany, "Follow me please."

Tiffany: nodded, "Yes sir." she followed him outside.

Doctor: "I want to see if you can do something. Will you call down lightening for me?"

Tiffany: nodded, she moved her hand slightly and in that moment lightening struck the ground.

Doctor: "Then it seems we have figured it out."

Tiffany: walked back down the dirt steps, "Really?"

Doctor: smiled and nodded, "You're a Luna."

Sail: looked up, "Oh, so...lightning won't hurt her?" he asked the doctor.

Doctor: "No, it will just go through her, she can also store it and use it later if she wishes."

Sail: smiled, "Awesome. Like us." he stood.

Sean: stood also. "Thank you doctor." he paid him.

Sail: "Well, there you go Tif."

Tiffany: smiled and nodded, "Thank you."

Sean: "Are all of you staying for Dinner?" he asked Tiffany and Sail and Jackie. "We have a light show tonight."

Sail: "Dad, you have a light show every night." he replied as he followed outside.

Sean: smiled. "I know."

Sail: "I think Jackie and I were going to head back to earth. Though the choice is up to her."

Sean: nodded. "What about you Tif?"

Tiffany: "I don't know." she admitted, "I don't really have a place to go, so I guess I'll just travel around the galaxy."

Jackie: "That sounds good."

Sean: laughed, "Hun, you're 8 years old. Where is your family?" he asked Tiffany.

Sail: nodded to Jackie. "Alright."

Tiffany: "Their gone." she looked down.

Sean: smile faded. He looked to Sail.

Sail: nodded Solemnly.

Sean: thought for a moment. "Well, come with us. You still have to play with Sally and since lightning doesn't hurt you, well, there is no real danger in you being here."

"And...well..." he paused. "When we get to the house let me talk to my wife."

Tiffany: "I don't want to impose, you all have been very kind to me."

Sean: "And this seals the deal, right?" he smiled and looked to Sail. "Come say good bye to your mom then." he walked back to their house.

Tiffany: "I guess so." she said softly.

Sail: "Bye mom!" he said and went and gave his mom a hug.

Sae: "Oh." she hugged him back. "Leaving so soon?"

Sail: nodded. "Yes. Will visit soon though."

Sae: "Visit?" she questions.

Sail: "Well..." he trilled, "I am going to be traveling for a bit. So I won't be back home ALL the time." he explained.

Sae: "I see." she said softly. She looked to Sean.

Sean: smiled back at her and tapped his head, then crooked his finger in his wife's direction. He stepped outside.

Sae: turned back to Jackie. She gave her a hug. "Good bye Jackie. It was nice meeting you, even if it was a short time. Hopefully I will get to know you better later." she smiled at her and then stepped outside after her husband.

Sally: clapped her hands. "Tiffany! Come play!"

Tiffany: "Okay what do you want to play?"

Sally: "I'll show you." she led her outside.

Sae: "Tiffany can we ask you something real quick?" she stopped her before they went to play

Tiffany: "Sure what is it?"

Sean: "Tif, see, you wouldn't be imposing if you stayed here. Actually, you'd be doing us a favor. From what my wife tells me, Sail isn't going to be here often anyways. So we have one empty bed anyways."

Sae: nodded, "And since you have nowhere else to stay..."

Tiffany: "That is most kind. I would like to very much."

Sean: smiled. "Well, I know we just met and all, but, you know Sail, right? He seems a nice enough guy I'm sure."

Sae: nodded. "And if you ever want to leave to travel, then I guess we are not ones to stop you. But we can get to know each other."

Tiffany: "That sounds wonderful. Thank you"

Sally: hugged Tiffany. "Yay! We can be just like sisters." she smiled at her parents then dragged her to play a game out with her other friends.

Tiffany: willingly went with her smiling, she had a family again. Even though she knew that it would be short lived she was happy. She just hoped that nothing happened and if it did she would leave immediately and draw the danger away from this kind family.

Sail: "So, you didn't mind me describing you as my girlfriend to my parents?" he asked Jackie, back in the house.

Jackie: shook her head, "I don't mind, I wasn't exactly sure what I was to you but now I know and am very happy with it." she held his hand.

Sail: smiled. "Okay then. Ready to go?" he held her hand walking back outside.

Jackie: nodded, "Yup, all set and ready to go."

Sail: took her back to the ship.

Jackie: took the seat she had before.

Sail: flew them back to earth, back to Keltic's house. They got out and went inside, after concealing the ship and putting it back from where they got it.

Jackie: "Home." She smiled.

Sail: took her hand and walked into the house. "Well, at least Tiffany has a place to stay now." They walked up the stairs together and down the hall. They heard commotion from down the hall.

Jackie: "And parents." She added. She looked down the hall, "What's going on down there?" she wondered aloud.

Sail: "I don't know." He walked down the hall to see, curiosity and a touch of worry getting the best of him. Had something of the other dimension somehow made it back here when Jackie and him returned home?

Jackie: walked with him.

Sail: "Cilus?" he asked, opening the door. He saw Korteen resting on the bed. "What happened?"

Cilus: "Korteen has been attacked. Sisera and the children have been kidnapped."

Sail: "Anything we can do about it?" he walked with Jackie to the chairs on the other side of the room and sat down.

Cilus: "No, Keltic went after them. He should be back soon."

Sail and Jackie sat there until Keltic returned, came into the room, and left again.

Sail: turned to Jackie, "I guess we weren't the only ones with problems these past few weeks." He commented.

Jackie: "I guess not."

Sail: "Are you still in the mood to travel around Earth?" he wasn't sure, after everything that happened the last time that involved traveling.

Jackie: nodded, "Yea, if you still want to."

Sail: smiled, "I'd like to. With you."

Jackie: blushed a little. "We can go when you want."

Sail: "Here. Come." He took her hand and pulled her from the room since Korteen seemed better. "Bye Cilus and Korteen!" he called behind him.

Jackie: she was in step beside Sail.

Cilus: "Bye."

Korteen: "Bye." She waved to them weakly.

Sail: "Need to pack?"

Jackie: shook her head, "I have nothing to pack."

Sail: "Korteen never took you shopping for clothes?" he asked softly.

Jackie: "She tried but I didn't want anything. It wasn't my money anyways." She shrugged.

Sail: "Then, what if I give you some of Sally's old clothes? They seemed to fit you well. Would you accept that?" he offered.

Jackie: "If she's done with them, sure."

Sail: "I'm sure she is."

Jackie: nodded, "I'll take them if it's alright then."

Sail: smiled, "Let's go then." He teleported them to his ship.

Jackie: sat in the chair she had before.

Sail: "You always sit in that chair." He chuckled, "We're just popping onto the ship to get clothes. I think since we are staying on the vicinity of the earth for our travels, when we do travel earth we should take a car. Not a ship."

Jackie: smiled and nodded, getting to her feet.

Sail: he led her to Sally's room on the ship. He showed her a small closet full of clothes and a few shoes. "Hopefully you wear the same shoe size, though I don't know. Anyways, take what you want." He offered kindly.

Jackie: "Thank you. That's most kind." She chose some clothes and tried some shoes on; thankfully, they fit perfectly.

Sail: smiled, "Cute, as always."

Jackie: smiled, "Thanks."

Sail: "Do you have a car? Or would you like to use mine? Unless you want to teleport places. I can do that too, you know. Doesn't matter to me. Either way is fine."

Jackie: "I don't have a car, but if you have one that'd be great."

Sail: nodded, "Yep. It's called the Lightning Strike." He led her down a hall on the ship and it opened up to a room with a door like a garage door. Inside the room was a golden yellow car, the color of lightning, with a lightning bolt painted on the side door. It was shaped like any car though.

Jackie: "Wow." She ran her hand softly over the paint, careful not to scratch it.

Cilus and Korteen

Written By: Krystal Jo-Lynnelle and Jasmine Marie

Moving On

-Book One

"A person is only as good as the amount of people they help."

-Cilus Elona

Korteen: after Keltic, Sisera, and the kids had finished building the tree house, she decided to go up and take a look at it one night.

She smiled, "It looks really nice," she said to herself, and believed it to be so. At least until she got to the back wall where Keltic had painted a giant heart on it with his name, Sisera's name, and all the children's names on it.

Her smile faded. "Where's my name?" she ran her hand over the wall, looking closely. Wasn't she family? She understood about Cilus' name not being there because Sisera had just met him a few years back, brother or not. And Jackie just got here. But her? She'd known Keltic even before Sisera came along.

For some reason, she felt her face wet as she cried silent tears. All she felt was betrayal. Why? Because of a stupid wall. She felt like she was being forgotten, slowly but surely.

Cilus: was walking around on the ground when he heard crying coming from above him in the tree house. He climbed up into the tree house, "Korteen?" he caught her attention when he spotted her inside, "What's wrong?"

Korteen: she wiped her eyes, drying her tears. She didn't turn to look back at Cilus. She just pushed her hand against the wall to help herself stand. She found she had been kneeling by the wall crying. What a sight. "Nothing's wrong, Cilus. It's fine." She replied softly. "Just had something in my eye."

Cilus: "That must have been something powerful." He commented. He looked at the wall, analyzing it as if it was the cause for her suffering. "Are you sure?" he asked, glancing back at her again.

Korteen: "I've just known Keltic a long time, okay. I thought…we were family." She spoke slowly so as not to shed anymore tears. "But apparently not. My name's not there." She glanced at the wall again before looking back at Cilus, "Never mind."

Cilus: "Maybe he's not done with it. I know to him you are family." He tried to comfort her.

Korteen: put her hand on the wall, running her fingertips over it, "I don't think so, Cilus. It's completely dry."

Cilus: "Well, it has to be dry before you can paint over paint. If you don't wait for it to dry, it will turn out to be a blob."

Korteen: she found herself laughing in relief, "I think you're right." She turned to face Cilus.

Cilus: smiled.

Korteen: "I suppose I should go back to my duties."

Cilus: "See you around."

Korteen: smiled slightly at him and left to the house. She quickly washed her face of any leftover reminder that she had cried.

Cilus: walked to town.

It was a beautiful day.

Cilus: enjoyed the night and the fresh air that came with it.

Soon a scream was heard far off in the distance of town in the darkness; an ear piercing, blood curdling scream.

Cilus: "So much for that." He muttered to himself as he covered his ears from the scream, running towards it.

The only thing there when he arrived was torn pieces of clothing and a pile of ash, for a body that once was. Blood stained the walls and cement pavement. Other than that, everything was deserted and empty.

Cilus: did his thing, bringing the pile of ash back to life as a person, helping them to their feet.

The girl screamed again and pulled away from Cilus' grip. She was a tiny thing. No taller than four foot five, even though she was as least twelve or thirteen. She had long jet black straight hair that fell to her mid back, and big round shimmering turquoise eyes that shook with fear as she watched Cilus.

Cilus: "It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you." He told her soothingly while taking a step back to give her space. "What's your name?"

Alys: "My…name is Alys." She spoke quietly and slowly. She didn't know what to do. She was too scared to even move.

Cilus: "Alys, that's a nice name. My name is Cilus. I want to help you but I need to know things about you. Like where you live and why you're out here alone." His eyes were soft. He felt bad for the poor girl.

Alys: "My…brother was…" tears spilled out of her eyes. She looked own, "He was taking me to a movie. He said this was a shortcut." She saw her purse by her feet and bent down slowly to pick it up. She held it to her. "My brother." She repeated, slow tears turned into choking sobs.

Cilus: "Where is your bother now?"

Alys: "I don't…know. I don't want to know." She sat on the ground and cried.

Cilus: "He did this to you." He guessed. "Well, come with me and we can get you something to eat."

Alys: "But I don't know you." She was afraid to get close to him. After what happened with her brother…the burning smell of her own flesh still haunted her mind. "I'm fine." She cried silently, no sound now, just tears rolling down her cheeks and falling onto the ground.

Cilus: he reached into his pocket and took out a bag of cookies, tossing them to the area in front of her, "IT's not much but it's all I have on me." He told her.

Alys: she took the bag and opened it. As the smell wafted to her nose she realized just how hungry she was. Why was she so hungry? She ate them ravishingly. And still, even after the last crunch, her stomach growled loudly. She blushed. "Thank you." She wiped at her tears, hating to look so disheveled in front of even a total stranger. Oh what a mess she thought she looked to him, the man who called himself Cilus.

Cilus: "You're welcome. I hope that helped. However, by the loud growling your stomach made, you're still hungry."

Alys: "I suppose I could go home." She stood up, purse in grip. "But…" she shook her head. Her only home was the new lodgings her brother acquired after the orphanage kicked him out of the building, being deemed too old to adopt after hitting age eighteen. After he proved to the social workers that he was able to provide for himself and made enough for another, the orphanage let her brother take Alys out in a sort of adoption contract to live with him. She did not want to go back to her old home with him. Not now. "I can't." she started to walk away in the direction of the orphanage. "Thank you for your kindness, Cilus. Good bye." She continued to walk away, not looking at him, not wanting to see his face or the expression it carried. She was tired of people pitying her. That's all they did to kids in orphanages.

Cilus: "You're welcome." He sighed. He shouldn't be doing this. "Come on." He said after a moment of watching her walk away. "You can stay with me for right now."

Alys: she stopped walking and turned to face him again, "But I don't know you." She said softly.

Cilus: "We could get to know each other."

Alys: nodded, "Alright." She bit her fingernail nervously. She would do anything to not go back to the orphanage.

Cilus: "Well, let's start with getting food."

Alys: "Yes, thank you." Her stomach growled again to show just how much she appreciated that idea.

Just then a shadowy figure jumped off a roof and down directly behind Alys, clamping a hand over her mouth to block Alys' scream of fright and pain again. The sparks that flickered from where the hand met her skin illuminated the man's face for a split moment.

Then both of them were gone.

Cilus: he hissed with anger at the sight of the man. Before anyone vanished, he killed the man, and there was no way to redirect it or escape it. He reached out to take Alys hand.

Alys: dropped to the ground again, her hand on the wet pavement to hold her body up as her other hand wrapped around her sorely burnt neck. She took shaky breaths from the fright that caused her blood to race in her veins. Just concentrate on breathing...everything is okay now...she told herself.

The man who had held her throat dropped to the ground, dead. His body glowed an orange of fire for a moment before the flame flickered out.

Cilus: "Here let me get that for you."

Alys: swallowed hard, "Get what?" she said in a croaky voice.

Cilus: "Your neck." he gestured to where she was holding it. "I can heal it for you."

Alys: slowly lowered her hand.

Cilus: he put his cold hand on it and the pain went away. "There." he moved his hand.

Alys: "Thank you." she slowly pushed herself up and taking a step back away and towards Cilus, she looked at the body.

Cilus: nodded, "Sure thing." he glanced at the body and snapped his fingers and it dissolved into dust.

Alys: "That was his friend." she said softly.

Cilus: "Well he shouldn't have sent him after you."

Alys: shook her head, she looked at Cilus. "No, I don't think my brother knows what is going on." she looked down again as her stomach rumbled. She didn't want to be outside in the dark anymore.

Cilus: "Well, now I believe if all of this nonsense is over we can get you something to eat." he put his hand on her back and directed her to town.

Alys: went with him willingly this time. He had saved her so that denoted him some sort of respect from her. So she did not fear him. What was there to fear?

Cilus: took her to the nearest hamburger shop. "Order whatever it is you want."

Alys: glanced at Cilus and at the menu. She did not argue. "A cheeseburger and French fries please." she ordered. She leaned on the counter. Something hurt terribly much in her leg, but she didn't know what it was.

Cilus: looked down at her, "You ok?"

Alys: nodded slightly. "Yes. Fine." her voice sounded a slight pain.

Cilus: "Can I see?"

Alys: moved over to sit on the bench by the counter as they waited for their food. She put her hand by her calf muscle on her right leg. She was wearing shorts so the leg was already exposed.

Cilus: looked it over to see if it was broken or anything.

Nothing was broken but there was a large black and blue bruise mark that was yellowing in a spot. The spot of skin where the bruise covered was raised, like something was underneath.

Alys: felt her leg, she whimpered. "It feels weird."

Cilus: ran his hand over it finding out what it was.

A small point pricked out from beneath Alys skin. A sharp needle. It stuck into Cilus finger and then quickly pulled back. It made a loud beeping sound, and then dissolved so the bump was gone.

Alys: "OW!" she yelled when the needle exited from beneath her skin and then went back under. She put her hand over her leg again. But by the time she did that, the bump was gone.

Cilus: "Hmm..." he looked at his finger. "Strange."

A piece of skin was missing. Some blood trickled down his finger.

Alys: "What?" she whispered. She wondered what the beeping sound meant.

Cilus: "A needle just took a section of my skin."

Alys: looked frightened. "From my leg?"

Cilus: nodded, "Yes." he rubbed his fingers together making the bleeding stop.

Alys: stood quickly. "Maybe you should go. You've been a great help but I don't want anything bad to happen to you..." she chewed at her fingernail even more.

Cilus: "It's alright don't worry about it. Please have a seat."

Alys: looked behind Cilus at the tables. She took a seat at one of them as they waited for their food. She glanced around the room. She had only been to a restaurant- even fast food- one other time in her life that she could remember.

Soon it was brought out to her and set before her.

Alys: smiled up at the waitress. As she ate, she looked around the room, not sure what to say to Cilus, unless she was thanking him for something..."Thank you for the food."

Cilus: "You're welcome."

Alys: her eyes locked on a person behind Cilus, who was bent over reading a paper.

Cilus: "What is it?" he turned around.

Alys: whispered, "It's my brother."

Cilus: stood and nodded.

Alys: looked up at Cilus, watching him, wondering what he was going to do. They were in a diner full of people.

Alys watched as her brother kicked a chair out from beneath the table. Most likely a gesture for Cilus to have a seat across from him.

Cilus: he knew if he left Alys that someone would grab her. But that was why he was what he was and could react within a billionth of a second; faster than any species. He looked to Alys.

Alys' brother spoke up to Cilus, "Just have a seat. No one is coming for my sister. Cilus, is it?" he asked, eyes still on his paper, "Let's talk like civilized people."

Alys: she took another bite of her cheeseburger.

Cilus: he sat down across from Alys' brother, "As you wish."

Zengal: "My name is Zengal. It's a pleasure to meet you, Cilus." He folded up his paper and set it aside. His hair and eyes were the same black and turquoise color as his sister Alys. Around his neck he wore the red jewel like stone. It glowed in the light. "It's kind of you to offer to watch over my sister, but I can take over from here."

Cilus: "She is not safe with you. I have seen what you have done to her last time."

Zengal: he gritted his teeth, "That was an accident."

Cilus: "Doesn't seem so." His voice and face were not changing as he spoke to Zengal.

Zengal: looked down at the table, taping his fingers, "You killed my friend."

Cilus: "He attacked her so yes, I did."

Zengal: "He did not attack her. Dragon Riders skin sparks upon contact with other skin. It's an involuntary thing. Or so I've learned…" he stopped and looked up at Cilus, "Good thing you can save the dead. You can do so for my friend."

Cilus: "I can but I won't."

Zengal: "She is my sister, Cilus. You can't take her from me." His eyes flashed angrily. "I am perfectly capable of taking care of her, now that I know not to touch her skin. I know what happens now, and I am sure I can prevent it." He held up his hands, showing the gloves he wore on them. "See? Precautions."

Cilus: "It's amazing that you didn't already know about this side affect."

Zengal: "I just became a dragon rider. That's why. The club only initiates a few. It was a privilege that a foster child even got accepted."

Cilus: "I'm sure."

Zengal: "So give me my sister, and save my friend." His eyes were hard.

Cilus: "I don't have to do anything for you."

Zengal: "According to social services, I am the caretaker of Alys. You cannot take her from me. I could file a kidnapping report." He threatened.

Cilus: "You could, then I could mention how you burned her."

Zengal: he laughed lightly, looking behind Cilus and nodding towards his sister. "She doesn't look burned to me. And if you want to go that route, well," he whispered to Cilus, "I could say you killed a man. You lose, Cilus." He smirked.

Cilus: "Where is your evidence? You have no case without it."

Zengal: he stood from his chair, "You'll be sorry for this, Cilus. You've just gotten yourself in the middle of something you don't want to be in."

Cilus: he stood, "We shall see." He walked over to Alys, "Come on. Let's get you somewhere safe." He saw she was done eating.

Zengal: he left the diner.

Alys: she stood also, watching her brother leave and then looking to Cilus again. She nodded, unable to relax just yet. She followed Cilus out, her stomach fully satisfied with food now.

Cilus: when they reached his house, he took out the keys and unlocked the door.

Alys: "I'm saying here?" she asked softly, looking around at her surroundings.

Cilus: nodded, "If it's fine."

Alys: "It looks new."

Cilus: "It is. I bought it today."

Alys: she looked at him, "Why?"

Cilus: "I figure it's about time I leave my sisters place."

Alys: "I don't want to intrude. I can't." she was not used to such a big, empty place.

Cilus: "You're not intruding. I invited you, remember?"

Alys: "Where's all the other kids?" she asked, thinking back to her home at the orphanage. She wondered where she'd sleep. "If there's no space for me, I've slept on the floor before. It's not too bad."

Cilus: "It's just you that is here. What do you mean other kids?" he pointed to the stairs, "You can have the master bedroom upstairs. There's plenty of room."

Alys: shook her head, "I don't like room. I mean, I'm not used to staying in a place that isn't either cramped for space because it's so small- like my brothers apartment- or because it is filled to a capacity with parentless children, like the orphanage. I am not used to…empty space. I couldn't take a master bedroom just to myself. I'm not sure what that is but it sounds too big." She looked down, suddenly aware that she possibly sounded ungrateful. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound disrespectful. Master bedroom sounds like more than enough for me. Thank you." She started to walk up the stairs, the way Cilus had pointed her to go.

Cilus: "There's a small room beside it if that is what you would prefer."

Alys: she looked back at Cilus and nodded, "Yes sir. Thank you. Where will you sleep?"

Cilus: "You're welcome. I don't sleep." He told her softly.

Alys: "Oh. Well, good than, sir." She went to the smaller room and set her purse down. She didn't have any change of clothes here, so she just climbed into bed in what she wore. She fell instantly asleep, as soon as her head hit the pillow. It was so comfortable to be in a warm bed in a nice house. Even if Cilus was little more than a stranger to her, she felt an instant friendship connection to him.

Cilus: walked upstairs.


Cilus: was downstairs making breakfast. Delicious smells filled the house.

Alys: never came down.

Cilus: walked up to her room and looked inside.

Alys: was sitting in the farthest corner from the door, in the dark. Quiet sobs came from her lips.

Cilus: "Alys," he asked softly, "What's wrong?"

Alys: "No, Cilus. Stay back, please. I'll be alright. It wasn't so bad this time." She wasn't dead this time, not burned to ashes like Cilus knew had happened before.

Cilus: anger over took him but he didn't let it show in his expression or voice. "What did he do to you?"

Alys: she shook her head slightly. As she did, the light from the hallway tickled in and bounced over her face, illuminating her smooth skin in some spots, and how most of her skin was charred, burnt, or red and blistered from where it had been burnt. If Cilus looked closer, he saw it was over most of her body. The targeted areas on her arms as if she had been grabbed at her upper arms repeatedly, and also her face around the lips and down by her thighs. Her clothes were burned and hanging on her. "Not him really. He just…watched. His friends…did." She cried more, burning her face in her hands even though that action caused her much pain. Any movement at all caused her pain really. She was so sore from the burning and what had happened to her. "He apologized but said it was necessary to happen in order for him to move to a higher standing in the club. And he brought me back here after…after it was over." She sobbed.

Cilus: he walked closer to her and touched her shoulder, healing her whole body before he hugged her, "It's alright. They won't hurt you again."

Alys: she hugged him back instantly and tightly. She still sobbed, but this time it was into his shirt. "They've already hurt me enough." And she didn't mean just the burns, but the emotional side of it all. She felt instantly better when Cilus touched her, and she noticed she had been healed. Why couldn't her brother have a healing touch instead of a touch to destroy?

Cilus: "I agree. I promise you, I am going to fix this today."

Alys: nodded and just continued to hug him. "Don't hurt my brother please." She begged softly.

Cilus: "I won't." he promised.

Alys: "Thank you Cilus." She trusted him. "He's just the only family I've got."

Cilus: "I understand."

Alys: released the hug and sat back against the wall.

Cilus: "I've made you some breakfast down there if you want some." He said, but figured after all that happened she wouldn't want it.

Alys: "I'll eat some." She said, not wanting the food that Cilus made to go to waste, though truthfully, she wasn't that hungry. She feared something more. After what happened to her by so many…well, she knew how babies were made. She'd been to health class. "Thank you sir." She didn't look at his eyes though; ashamed of herself.

Cilus: "You're welcome. Though, I won't make you eat. You're probably not hungry."

Alys: "I don't want the food to waste. I know it's a privilege to get food and so, I'll eat my share." She leaned against the wall, pushing herself to stand, though her legs felt weak.

Cilus: "If you insist." He said, watching her. "Do you just want to eat in here?"

Alys: nodded slowly. "Please." That sounded good. She shuffled over to the bed and laid on it, pulling the covers over her. She didn't get any sleep the night before, but she didn't think she could fall asleep now anyways. She did not close her eyes; she just laid there in the bed.

Cilus: went and got her some of everything. He sat the tray of food on the side table beside her bed. "I'm going to put up a shield so that no one can get in."

Alys: "What if my brother comes to see me? He didn't do anything wrong." She looked at Cilus.

Cilus: "He could have stopped them from doing that to you. He is just as guilty."

Alys: sighed and looked away. "I wish you wouldn't say that. I don't like the idea of him being guilty." Her face grew sad.

Cilus: "I'm sorry but sometimes we have to face what we don't want to."

Alys: silent tears fell from her eyes. She didn't know what to say.

Cilus: "I will speak of it no more." He promised.

Alys: "Thank you."

Cilus: "We will get you some new clothes too. But for now I will let you rest." He promised her before he left the room, shutting the door quietly behind him.


There was a knock from the front door.

Cilus: he opened the door, "Hello?"

Kasha: she was standing there outside in the rain, looking down at the dead boy in her arms. A few tears fell but you couldn't see because of the rain. It all meshed together. "Cilus you have to help me please." you could hear the tears of pain in her voice.

Cilus: "Come in and tell me what's happened." he opened the door then handed her something to dry off with.

Kasha: after she followed him inside, she knelt on the ground and set the boy at her feet. His body was cold already. She took the towel to dry off with, but just held it, "I know how you helped with Faith's mother. I thought maybe you could help me here. He's only..." she cried, "He's only ten years old Cilus. I feel so bad." She kept her eyes on the boy and brushed water droplets off of his face with her hand gently.

Cilus: "I will help you." he knelt down to the boy as well, he ran his hand over the wounds that the boy still carried. He looked down at the restraints, he tried to break it but he couldn't. "Looks like Nausda's handy work." he commented then started to untie him, he tossed the ropes aside.

Kasha: nodded quickly, "Yes. I have his brother at my house but she wouldn't let the one of them go free unless she was allowed to kill the other. That's why this boy is dead. He took the place of his brother."

Cilus: "I see." he lift up the boys shirt to see a big hole in his chest. "Hmm..."

Kasha: glanced at it and looked away, "That must be how she killed him. She made his brother watch but I didn't look so I didn't see." she said softly.

Cilus: shook his head, "The poor princes." he said and healed where the heart was, giving him his back then healed his cuts. He stood and walked over to a cabinet and leafed through some vials.

Kasha: "If Nausda believes this one is dead, will I be able to erase his mind of his time with Nausda and return him home?"

Cilus: shook his head, "I don't believe so, erase mind yes, return him home no."

Kasha: "Why not?" she asked, looking at Cilus, "Nausda believes he is dead. And well, he is."

Cilus: "There are two problems with returning him home. 1. There is his chemical in his body that if he gets anywhere near where he is from he will die. 2. All of his family is gone so he will just be by himself.

Kasha: "Why is his family gone?"

Cilus: "That is question you don't want answered trust me."

Kasha: "I know Nausda took his brother. Did she destroy his family too?" she asked softly.

Cilus: nodded, "There were a couple times that he didn't obey as he should and his family paid for it. That is always on his mind now."

Kasha: "Oh." she said, it came out high pitched. She looked at the little boy again.

Alys: came down the stairs, hearing the commotion. She saw the little boy, and then looked at Cilus. She stood against the wall.

Cilus: picked out a vial that had Nausda's name on it. "The way she kills is more difficult and more difficult to reverse, we haven't figured out why that is but that is why there is this to help." he looked up to Alys, "Can I help you with something?" he asked her kindly, like he did every time he spoke to her.

Alys: nodded. She stepped towards him, "What would you like me to do?" she asked softly.

Kasha: "Do you have...a lot of that vial liquid with Nausda's name on it?"

Cilus: gestured for her to come down beside him, "Do you know how to check for a pulse?" he asked Alys before looking up at Kasha, "I have two left after this one."

Kasha: "Can you make more?" she asked, thinking of something.

Alys: knelt down by Cilus, "Yes, I do. Wrist or neck?" she asked him, looking at the dead body.

Cilus: "Neck would probably be better." he nodded to Kasha.

Kasha: "After we cure this little boy, can you start on making more? A lot more?"

Alys: took her two first fingers and pressed their tips to the vein on the little boy's neck. She crinkled her nose a bit at the cold dead skin, but said nothing.

Cilus: sprinkled what looked like dust over the boy he hands lit up, "I need you to tell me when you feel a pulse ok?" he closed his eyes pressing his hands to the young man's chest.

Kasha: watched them closely.

Alys: made sure to wait for the pulse, paying close attention. After a couple minutes, she felt a pulse. Weak, but it was there underneath her fingers. "Cilus there, I have it. It's there." she said, almost excited.

Cilus: smiled and opened his eyes, "Good. Right now he should just be sleeping." he watched as the boy started to breathe. The more Alys touched it the more she felt it warming up.

Alys: moved her hand away, "That's so...interesting." she looked at Cilus, "You could make a job of this, you do it so much and are good at it."

Kasha: a smiled broke across her face. "Thank you so much Cilus." she leaned across and hugged him.

Cilus: "You're welcome." he said feeling a little awkward, he hugged her back for a moment then stepped back. He smiled slightly, "I'm about mediocre. But that would be an interesting job."

Kasha: looked up at him from the ground, and then stood, "How long does it take for you to make that liquid? If you start now could you make a lot more?"

Cilus: "It takes about a week for the process to be complete. Why?"

Kasha: "In a week, how much liquid would you have?"

Cilus: "However much I want. Why?" he repeated to her.

Kasha: "Nausda says she throws the bodies of those she kills in a dump. I am sure it is close to her house. If somehow I could get in there and get to the bodies, does it matter how decayed they are? I am sure their revivement will be easier the more decayed they are because you said it is getting harder and harder to revive the people she kills now, but not if they are dead from a long time ago, right? But what do I know. She kills people all the time. Why would she worry about killing them beyond revivement anyways? I bet she never looks in the dumpster and if she did, she wouldn't notice anything missing because who cares enough about dead bodies in a dumpster?" she looked desperate and gripped Cilus upper arms in her hands, "Please Cilus you have to help me with this. I'll give you anything you want in repayment for your services."

Alys: stood also, standing next to Cilus. "If you think you are mediocre, it could be practice." she said softly.

Cilus: "And where would you put all of these people?" he thought about what Alys said, it was true he thought however the matter of space was an issue as well as if Nausda found out she would have their heads.

Kasha: "I don't want to bring Anthony into this, or my family. Anthony does enough to try to protect me." she released Cilus arms and brought her hands to her sides, "Anthony has a lot of house bases he doesn't use, I could keep everyone there in secret."

Cilus: "He does have a lot but not enough for everyone, he is going to be moving again soon and then he will surely find out. Not to mention if Nausda finds out she will have our heads on a silver platter."

Kasha: "Then just make it to where you and Alys do not know where the people are coming from, and I will be the only one to know. So if she wants to go after anyone, it will be me." she thought about that, "I could take out money and buy an island on the ocean, hidden from known by anyone."

Cilus: sighed thinking then nodded, "I'll help you."

Kasha: "Thank you thank you Cilus!" she picked up the boy, holding him in her arms. "Do I bring them here, or will you meet me on the island I buy to revive the dead ones from Nausda's dump?"

Cilus: "I will meet you there; you just have to give me coordinates."

Kasha: nodded, "I will. week?"

Cilus: nodded, "One week." he confirmed.

Alys: "Can I help you Cilus? Like I did with this one." she asked, looking at the now living little boy.

Cilus: smiled at her, "Surely."

Kasha: hesitated a moment, "I can't bring the boy back to my house or Anthony will see him. And I don't have the island yet to take him there."

Alys: smiled slightly back at him, "Thank you." she liked having something to do that kept her mind off of her brother.

Cilus: thought for a moment, He looked down to Alys again, " You're very welcome, Would it be alright with you if he joined us?"

Alys: nodded, "I don't mind." she liked the idea of having someone here who was close to her age. Even if it was just a little while.

Kasha: "Thank you Cilus. Where can I lay him?"

Cilus: "I have a spare bedroom upstairs, It's the third door on the right if you go left at the stairs."

Kasha: "Thank you." she repeated and left up the stairs quickly, laid the boy on the bed in the room she was directed to, and came back down, "I don't know whether to tell his brother that this one is alive and well...or not. I was going to, but it might put him in danger knowing."

Cilus: "He wasn't involved so he will be in no danger. The only ones in danger are me and you."

Kasha: "And Alys?" she asked hesitantly.

Cilus: "She'll be fine, they won't touch her."

Alys: "I am in danger either way. Either by this, or by the dragon riders." she said softly.

Kasha: "Can I bring the boys brother here, to stop by and see his brother is alive and well in person? Just for a moment."

Cilus: nodded, "If you wish." he told Kasha. He looked to Alys, "You won't be in danger anymore, I promise."

Alys: hugged him around his waist. Her head height only came up to Cilus hip.

Kasha: "Thank you. I will see you in a week Cilus." she teleported away.

Cilus: hugged her back.

A few minutes later Kasha reappeared with a boy beside her.

Jashon: his sad eyes looked around for a moment, he remained silent.

Alys: stepped back from where she had been standing, They almost had landed on her.

Kasha: nodded to Alys. "Alright, come." she told Jashon. As she pulled him up the stairs with her by the grip on his upper arm, she asked, "What is your name?"

Jashon: "Jashon ma'am."

Kasha: "Jashon." she repeated, and stopped in front of the closed door where behind lay his brother. She looked him in the eye. "Promise me what you see behind this door you will breathe a word to no one. You won't even think about it. Even if Anthony feels like torturing you, you say nothing on the subject. Do you hear me? If you speak even a whisper of it out of your lips or even written down, I will kill you myself without hesitation." It was a bluff, but she hoped it worked. After all, Jashon didn't know it was a bluff.

Jashon: "Yes ma'am I swear."

Kasha: "Alright." she opened up the bedroom door and pushed Jashon inside.

Jashon: walked inside. "Brayan?" he walked over to him.

Kasha: watched him.

Brayan: opened his eyes slowly, "Jashon?"

Jashon: took a step back at first then closed the extra distance, he hugged him, "Brayan, I was afraid you were dead."

Brayan: hugged him back, "Jashon."

Kasha: smiled slightly, "You have a couple hours, and then after that, you can't see him anymore. So make it good."

Jashon: "I will, thank you so much Ma'am."

Kasha: nodded, and left to give them privacy. She waited around Cilus house for the couple hours. After the first hour, she left Cilus house to go do something, then returned later.

Jashon: spent his time with his brother well, knowing what she said was truth. "You have to be strong now ok?"

Brayan: nodded, "I will, but do you have to go?"

Jashon: nodded sadly, "I have to work for them now. But I know that the man Cilus you are staying with will take good care of you."

Kasha: came back in the room, "He won't be with Cilus for long." she said in response to the last part of the conversation that she heard.

Jashon: nodded, "Yes ma'am." he said not going to ask any questions.

Kasha: "Alright, come on Jashon. I told my husband I would only need you for a couple hours. We need to get back."

Jashon: nodded, he hugged his brother one more time before standing beside Kasha, "Bye."

Brayan: a tear slid down his face. "Bye."

Kasha: took Jashon's arm and teleported in a roundabout way, back home, so that no one could follow her.


Alys: wasn't sure what to do. Did Brayan need to eat? She looked to Cilus, "Didn't you say when you brought people back to life they were hungry?"

Cilus: nodded, "I am just getting finished with his food if you will take it up for me."

Alys: nodded, she leaned next to the counter, "I will." she smiled slightly.

Cilus: smiled, "Thank you." he set a tray on the counter and put some different foods on it.

Alys: watched him, "I hope he'll be nice."

Cilus: "I'm sure he will be."

Alys: waited for the food.

Cilus: added the last to it.

Alys: "Can I eat up there with him?"

Cilus: nodded.

Alys: "Thank you." her hands hesitated by the plate, "Can I take this up now?"

Cilus: nodded.

Alys: took the food and went upstairs to the boy's room. She poked her head in, "Boy?"

Brayan: "Yes?" he was just sitting on his bed.

Alys: stepped in, "I brought you food." she set the tray on the bed.

Brayan: "Thanks." he offered a small smile but didn't make a move towards it.

Alys: "Are you okay?" she sat on the floor.

Brayan: "I guess. I mean, I won't be able to see my family ever again so as good as one can be."

Alys: looked sad, "I'm sorry. I know how you feel."

Brayan: "You're stuck here?" he looked at her

Alys: shook her head, "No, I like it here. Cilus saved me. At least your family isn't out to kill you like mine seems to be."

Brayan: nodded, "That's true."

Alys: "My brother...I just think something is wrong with him. He didn't used to be like how he is now." she sighed, "Anyways, I don't mean to bother you. Enjoy your food." she stood.

Brayan: "You're not bothering me."

Alys: "So you don't mind if I eat with you?"

Brayan: shook his head, "Please, have a seat." he moved so she could sit

Alys: sat down next to him and took her plate of food, "You won't be here long, I guess."

Brayan: nodded, "Yea, I guess I'll go be on an island."

Alys: "How'd you know?" she didn't think anyone told him that yet.

Brayan: "The woman who has my brother told me."

Alys: "At least you are away from that girl Nausda. I think that's who Cilus said her name was."

Brayan: nodded. ''Yea that's her name.''

Alys: "I wish you could stay here. I kind of like having someone my age to talk to."

Brayan: ''Maybe the woman will change her mind.''

Alys: "Kasha? I don't know." she started to eat, "At least you are free now."

Brayan: nodded. ''But as long as I am here I will do my share.''

Alys: "What do you mean?"

Brayan: ''I'll clean and such.''

Alys: "You can help me then." she ate more.

Brayan: ''It would be an honor.''

Alys: "Brayan...I don't mean to sound forward, but...what's it like to die?"

Brayan: ''It's peaceful just like sleep.''

Alys: "Do you remember it at all, now? Being dead?"

Brayan: shook his head. ''Not really.''

Alys: "Do you fear it happening again?" she asked softly.

Brayan: ''I don't fear it anymore. I used to. Back when I was someone else.''

Alys: "Should I fear it?" she was afraid it was inevitable with the life she lived. Of course Cilus protected her now, but even then, she would grow old and die.

Brayan: ''That's up to you. If you want to live in fear all of your life.''

Alys: "When you say 'back when you were someone else', do you mean when you were at your house?"

Brayan: nodded. ''I was a prince when my family lived.''

Alys: "Is that why you talk like someone older than yourself?" she knew he was only 10.

Brayan: ''I guess so.''

Alys: "Are you a human like me?" she wasn't sure, after meeting all these different species. Her brother used to be human, and now he wasn't.

Brayan: ''Yes.''

Alys: smiled, "I like that. There are not many humans who come around here."

Brayan: ''I bet."

Alys: "I never want to be anything but a human."

Brayan: ''Being human is tough.''

Alys: "I like it better than what it looks like to be other species though."

Brayan: nodded, ''That's true but have you ever wondered what it would be like not to be the low person on the totem pole so to speak.''

Alys: "All of what I have seen is those who are not humans have no regard for life. My brother hurts others for rank, there have been visitors like Kasha and Anthony...Anthony kills for fun. I've learned about Nausda when it comes to you, and she kills for fun, though some call it a 'job.' Keltic and Sisera- you don't know any of these people probably, but they are all non humans- they don't seem to mind killing if it is to protect another." she looked down, "It's not right. Killing for any reason is wrong. This is why I like Cilus so much because he is one who makes life, not destroys it. He makes me feel safe. If being ranked low on a totem pole means you have a respect for life in you, then I do not wish to change."

Brayan: nodded slowly. "I am sure that there are others like him in the universe. But certainly he is different."

Alys: "If he is a part of a species, I am sure there is. I would very much like to see his home where they do respect life." She looked at Brayan, "Kasha confuses me because she will not have a respect for life, allowing her husband to kill, and accepting it. But when it comes to...people being hurt by others- like Nausda, suddenly she has a respect for life. Certainly it is fleeting. Those who come here think I don't notice things, but one can learn a lot just by listening, even more than speaking can unfold."

Brayan: "It is said that a man is head of a household perhaps it does bother her but she can't do anything about it, like she is helpless of something."

Alys: "I don't know." she admitted, "All I do know is that thanks to a little shred of humanity in her, you are alive."

Brayan: "For the better or worse."

Alys: "I think it is for the better."

Brayan: smiled slightly, "That is kind of you to say that."

Alys: returned the smile, then looked away. She collected the now empty plates of food.

Brayan: stood, "May I help you?"

Alys: "I've got it." she held the plates in her hands, "You can come down if you like. You don't have to stay up here."

Brayan: smiled slightly again, "That sounds very nice."

Alys: "Just...Cilus doesn't have a television. He reads mostly. He has a large span of a library. Do you like to read, Brayan?"

Brayan: nodded, "I didn't have a television either books became my friend."

Alys: "You can learn a lot from them. Come on." she opened the door and walked back downstairs. This was the most she had talked in a long time, she realized.

Brayan: followed but was extremely quiet, "Are you sure I am not going to get in trouble for coming out?" he whispered.

Alys: nodded, she looked at him sympathetically, "Do not worry here. You can be yourself. Cilus is kind. I told you he is not like the other species who have no regard for life or the person that holds it. After all...he saved you. Just like he saved me." she looked ahead, not wanting to say anymore about what happened to her, and walked to the kitchen.

Brayan: nodded but was still careful.

Cilus: "How are you feeling young Brayan?"

Brayan: "Very well thank you sir. It appears that I am indebted to you for saving my life." he said softly.

Cilus: "You are not indebted to me, I wanted to do this for you and your brother."

Brayan: "Thank you sir."

Cilus: "Please call me Cilus."

Brayan: "Of course S...Cilus." he corrected himself.

Alys: rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

The doorbell rang.

Cilus: "If you will excuse me." he left and opened the door.

Korteen: was there holding a large cardboard box full of books. A lock of her black hair had fallen in front of her left eye and she tried to blow it away. "Hello Cilus. I brought your books. There are more in the car." she motioned with her head to the car.

Cilus: "Oh, thank you Korteen, here let me get those." he took the box and set it on a chair. "I have been meaning to get them but have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to get them."

Korteen: nodded and skipped down the steps from the porch back to the sidewalk, "That's okay Monsieur. Je have some days off. Keltic and Sisera are on prendre des vacances."

Cilus: "That must be very relaxing to them." he commented as he too walked out to the car.

Korteen: "I've got it. It's okay. Give me something to do." she opened up the back door and pulled out another box, "Donc, vous avez déménagé ici?" she stopped, and closed her eyes real quick, "No, sorry. Let me repeat. You have moved here?" she opened her eyes.

Cilus: "Yes, with what I have taken on I don't need you or anyone else suffering from me."

Korteen: "What do you mean?" she looked at him confused, "You never caused anyone to suffer. Most likely you helped to release burdens."

Cilus: "Not this time, you see I am taking care of someone who is in danger due to family reasons. The family is powerful and has sworn that I will regret not giving them what they want."

Korteen: "You mean the little girl who lives with you?" she started to carry the box to the house and up to the porch. She set in on the floor by the door.

Cilus: nodded, "Exactly." he set another box on the chair.

Korteen: "Je suis désolé Cilus." she closed her eyes again, "I am sorry Cilus." she opened them, "No, every time Keltic leaves I wish to speak nothing but French. Because when he is around, I cannot. I do sorely hate the English language." she went back to the car and got another box.

Cilus; "It is alright, I am familiar with French."

Korteen: "It's okay. Of course," she faced him, "Ironic we live in France, isn't it? And yet I have to speak English." she said as she shut the car door with a hip jam.

Cilus: smiled, "That is indeed very ironic."

Korteen: smiled back, "I very much wish you hadn't moved Cilus. I was grown accustomed to you being there. Like my friend Jackie. But all of you are gone now. And though Keltic and Sisera had yet another child, the space still seems empty because it is not the right type of person to fill it. But I guess I will get over it soon. Just give me time."

Cilus: "Well, if it is to your liking I can visit often. Bring the children of course."

Korteen: nodded, "I'd like that a lot. Then I can meet them." she paused, "Wait, I thought you had just one girl. "The term, 'the children' implies more than one."

Cilus: nodded slightly, "Yea, I kind of have two now, well for a few days anyway. One was just given to me today in fact."

Korteen: "Oh. How do you manage? Unless you are not here alone?" she said, walking towards the door with the box of books. The bottom fell out of the cardboard box and the books fell to the ground. "Non!" she exclaimed with a growl and bent down to pick up the books, gathering them in her arms.

Cilus: helped her pick them up, "I try to do all I can, that is really all that I can do beings that I am indeed alone here. And never truly had parents to show me what exactly I was supposed to do."

Korteen: "Are not you and Sisera siblings? You grew up with your family, and didn't Sisera say as royalty or something? I thought you would have parents to show you." she looked at him with the books in his arms, "Thank you." she stood and set the ones she carried on top of the others by the house.

Cilus: "Yes we are royal family but when our parents were killed they never got to tell me or at least try to explain. As being a successor it was more important to learn the royalty business then this. You're very welcome." he set them on the chair.

Korteen: "So why are you not there now, ruling? If you are the successor as you say."

Cilus: "My parents have been brought back, there is no reason for me to return home. I tried while they were gone. But when unable to parliament took over." he shrugged.

Korteen: "Brought back as saved them like you did me?"

Cilus: nodded, "Brought back but it was not by me. I didn't gain my power until a while after they had been brought back."

Korteen: "Is that how it works with Corellian powers?"

Cilus: nodded, "When you get a certain age you receive them, until then you are required to go through all sorts of training and an oath and such."

Korteen: "Training? What is the oath?"

Cilus: "Training as to how to use them, so that we don't make some sort of mistake that may do the opposite of what we want. The oath is that we preserve life, no matter what and protect it, only taking away those of whom deserve it."

Korteen: nodded, "Like how you did with Nicodemus for Sisera before? Before he came back."

Cilus: nodded, "Yes."

Brayan: was peeking around the corner watching silently.

Korteen: looked at her car, "I better go. I..." she walked over to the broken cardboard box and smashed it with her foot and picked it up. It was garbage anyway. "...just came by to drop off the books. You have children to watch so I shan't bother you."

Cilus: "You aren't a bother. In fact you are a most welcome guest."

Korteen: smiled slightly, "It's nice to be welcome somewhere." she put the box in her car and shut the door again.

Cilus: "Please come inside and we can have a chat for a while."

Korteen: "I'd like that." she walked up the steps again, "May I meet the children?"

Cilus: smiled, "Of course."

Korteen: "Merci." she curtsied and followed Cilus in the house.

Cilus: shut the door behind her, "Alys, Brayan." he called. "There is someone I would like you to meet."

Alys: came out of the kitchen. She looked at Cilus, then at Korteen.

Brayan: came from around the corner.

Cilus: "Alys this is Korteen, Korteen Alys." he said first.

Korteen: smiled, she bent down, "Hello Alys." she held out her hand, "It is nice to meet you."

Alys: watched Korteen for a moment. If Cilus was introducing them, she must be nice. She shook Korteen's hand, "Likewise."

Cilus: smiled slightly, "And this is Brayan." he gestured to him when he was sure Korteen was done.

Korteen: turned to the boy, "Hello Brayan. It is nice to meet you too."

Brayan: "Likewise ma'am." he bowed to her slightly.

Korteen: straightened. She looked to Cilus, then around his house, "Very nice. At least you aren't living alone now."

Cilus: nodded, "It's very comfortable." he agreed.

Brayan: looked to Alys

Alys: walked over and stood by Brayan. She watched Korteen, leery of her yet a bit.

Korteen: smiled at the two kids, "I bet they are nice company."

Cilus: "It is a great pleasure to have them around. Isn't life such a wonderful thing?" he asked looking at her again.

Korteen: nodded, "It is. I am grateful for mine again."

Alys: looked to Cilus. Korteen had said again. How many people did Cilus save? she wondered.

Cilus: smiled, "All the more reason for a person to enjoy it while they have it. Then again they can always be helped back to us."

Korteen: "Only five times though." she recalled. "That is the extent of your power."

Alys: "What happens if you die Cilus?" she asked quietly.

Cilus: nodded, he looked to Alys, "Then I am dead for good, there can be no bringing back for me."

Alys: her eyes widened and looked teary, "That's not fair!"

Korteen: looked to Cilus, "Why is that?"

Cilus: hugged Alys. "One that has the power to give other's life back to them, the more they use it the more they differentiate themselves from the other species. The more that they cannot be helped. The power after they die must be transferred to someone else. This process cannot be reversed." he shrugged, "That's just the way life is."

Alys: "When you die another person gets the ability to save life, like you have?" she hugged him tightly.

Korteen: "Then we best keep you out of death's fingers." she smiled slightly, trying to lighten the mood.

Cilus: nodded, "Yes. When a new child of my kind is born they shall receive my power when I die." he smiled up at Korteen.

Korteen: "That explains why you must wait to receive your power." she stated.

Alys: "That's not fair though. Other species kill for fun and yet they can come back to live again! You save lives and help others, and are certainly more under God's love than all the hateful species and yet you have no chance at life again!" she released the hug and looked away. It was wrong to her. All of it seemed messed up. "My brother can be saved again, but you cannot." she whispered.

Cilus: "Life is never fair, as for being under God's love I am not so certain. I think that only those who are normal get that privilege. Sometimes it is the people that try to make the world or galaxy a better place take the bigger fall. That is why those with a pure heart must survive for as long as they can to help the world." he smiled slightly, "I'm not ready to die yet. I am going to help you, until all threats are gone."

Alys: "Then I will make sure all threats are around, so you cannot leave." She crossed her arms.

Cilus: "I am not going to leave you. I promised."

Korteen: smiled slightly and tried not to laugh.

Alys: "I'll remember that." She took Brayan's hand and pulled him towards the library room in the house. "Come on Brayan. I'll show you Cilus' collection of books."

Brayan: "Cool." He followed.

Cilus: watched them go. He sat down and invited Korteen to do the same.

Korteen: sat down in the chair across from Cilus. She knew he wasn't one to talk much so she didn't expect it.

Cilus: "It must be nice to get a break." He commented, starting to try to make conversation.

Korteen: "It is. I don't normally get many of them. Perhaps Sisera and Keltic should go on more vacations." She laughed softly.

Cilus: chuckled.

Korteen: "So, are you like…Alys and Brayan's new father?" she asked after a minute.

Cilus: nodded, "I suppose so, however, I've learned it is hard being a single parent."

Korteen: "If you children number keep growing, of course it would be."

Cilus: he laughed again, "Yea."

Korteen: smiled.


Alys: she walked through the doors into a wide expanse of books. Shelves upon shelves from top to bottom, along all the walls, filled with books of all kinds. The only spaces on the walls where there were no books were where the windows were located, and the entrance doorway into the room. Alys let go of Brayan's hand. "He has them organized like a library, and actual one, because he has so many. There are two more rooms like this. The third one is only a third filled. But he gets more books all the time." She looked at Brayan and smiled, "Soon he'll have to buy a house JUST for his books."

Brayan: his mouth dropped, "Wow."

Alys: "That's what I thought when I first saw it." She walked over to a shelf and grabbed a book.

Brayan: looked around. He pulled out a book and flipped through it.

Alys: sat down in a recliner chair in the room and started to read. She didn't mind being silent. She was like Cilus in that regard.

Brayan: sat on the floor.


Cilus: "I have a new appreciation for parents." He commented.

Korteen: "You mean like Keltic and Sisera?"

Cilus: nodded.

Korteen: "You seem like you'd be a great father. Even if you had kids of your own. After all, you're as well with children who aren't even your flesh and blood." She complimented.

Cilus: "Thank you."

Korteen: she glanced at the boxes of books around the corner, "Would you like me to help you put those away?"

Cilus: "That's okay. It will take a long time to do so. There's three rooms full of books." He explained.

Korteen: "Really, I don't mind. I have plenty of free time while Keltic and Sisera are on vacation." She explained. Really, she needed something to do to fill up her free time. She was used to working.

Cilus: "Alright." He relented, seeing how much she wanted to help. "Let me explain the system." He tried to tell her how he had his books set up, to the best of his ability.

Korteen: she nodded, listening carefully. "Kientians remember everything, so I think I'll be good." She smiled.

Cilus: smiled, "I am very thankful for that."

Korteen: "Do you wish to go do that now?" it would preoccupy them instead of dead silences.

Cilus: "That sounds good."

Korteen: she stood with a smile and grabbed a box of books, following Cilus to the designated room for their placement.

Cilus: flicked on the first light.

Korteen: she looked around, eyes wide with awe. Stepping into the room she set the books down in front of the shelves. "Have you read ALL of these?" she asked in wonderment.

Cilus: "These and also the ones in the next two rooms."

Korteen: "How long did it take you to read all of these?" she looked back at him, "How old are you?"

Cilus: "Over five hundred something. I lost count along the way. It only took me maybe fifty years to read all of these books, but there are thousands of them."

Korteen: "Fifty years…of constant reading? No break for food or sleep and such? Are you just a fast reader?" she smiled at him.

Cilus: smiled, "Maybe a combination."

Korteen: "I like to read too." She started to shelve the books.

Cilus: "It's a good comfort." He agreed.

Korteen: "Why would you need comfort?"

Cilus: "Being alone isn't always an idealistic choice."

Korteen: "Well, you aren't alone anymore with kids." She reminded him. "So that part should be filled in your like at least."

Cilus: "It should be, but somehow it isn't."

Korteen: "What's missing, you think? You have Sisera, and a bunch of nieces and nephews."

Cilus: "True, and kids of my own, but no one to share the rest of my life with."

Korteen: "Oh…you mean like a wife?"

Cilus: nodded.

Korteen: "Or a pet dog."

Cilus: he laughed, "That's okay. I'm not really a fan of pets."

Korteen: "Peeps?"

Cilus: "Pets."

Korteen: "Oh! I thought you were talking about candy." She laughed.

Cilus: smiled, "I wouldn't know what peeps taste like."

Korteen: "They're like marshmallows covered with colorful colors."

Cilus: smiled, "Never had marshmallows either."

Korteen: she pretended to faint, books falling from her hand.

Cilus: he stopped her before she hit her head on the shelf. He smiled slightly down at her.

Korteen: she opened her eyes to look up at him, "I wasn't expecting you to catch me."

Cilus: "Your uhh…head was about to hit the shelf."

Korteen: she turned her head to look at the shelf and realized how close it was. "Oh my. Thanks. That would have been embarrassing."

Cilus: "You're welcome."

Korteen: she looked up at him again, "Are you going to let me up or continue to hold me?"

Cilus: "Oh. Sorry." He helped her up.

Korteen: she fixed her hair and resumed to shelving books.

Cilus: he continued working alongside her.

Korteen: "I could go get some for us…"

Cilus: "That's okay. I don't eat candy."

Korteen: "Oh." She looked back at her work.

Cilus: "But I could try it."

Korteen: looked back at him and smiled, "Okay. I'll be right back." She left to her car where she knew she carried with her a stash of candy, and pulled out a box of peeps. She brought it back inside the house with her.

Cilus: he smiled when he saw her return. "Welcome back."

Korteen: she sat on the floor beside Cilus and opened up the box, handing him a peep that was shaped like a bunny.

Cilus: he took it from her, "Thanks."

Korteen: she giggled and took a peep for herself and ate it, waiting for his reaction.

Cilus: taking a bite of it, he chewed, "It's good." He said after a moment with a smile.

Korteen: "Then that means you like it. Even if you say you don't eat candy."

Cilus: smiled, "Yea. It's really good."

Korteen: "I carry them in my car all the time. I love them. Of course, I love all candy. It's my main food source."

Cilus: "That's good. I can definitely see why."

Korteen: "You um, have a marshmallow piece at the corner of your lip." She got up and lifted a hand to his mouth and brushed the marshmallow piece away gently with her thumb.

Cilus: smiled slightly, "Thanks. That would have been embarrassing."

Korteen: "Mhm. Sorry. I do that all the time with Keltic and Sisera's small children; brushing food off of their mouth. It's impulse."

Cilus: "It's okay. Don't worry."

Korteen: smiled, "Well, if you want more, it's here."

Cilus: he took another peep, "Thanks."

Korteen: "You're welcome."

Cilus: this time he made sure nothing was on his face.

Korteen: "You're fine." She put another peep into her mouth before she went back to work.

There was a knock on the door.

Korteen: "I'll get it." She was used to it. She got up and ran to the door, opening it.

There were fifteen men outside.

The first man looked at Korteen when he spoke. "Hello."

Korteen: "Hi?" she looked a bit unnerved to see so many at the door. "Cilus!" she called into the house.

Cilus: "Yes?" he called back.

The first man looked back at the others in his group with wide eyes.

Korteen: "May I ask your business here?" she asked the men.

"We must talk to Cilus." The man answered her.

Cilus: he came up beside Korteen.

Korteen: looked to Cilus.

Cilus: his eyes widened when he saw all the men at his doorstep. "Ministers, what honors your visit?"

The fifth man in the group spoke up. "We have heard something disturbing about you. Please come with us."

Cilus: he nodded and looked to Korteen. "Please watch over the children for me until I return."

Korteen: nodded, "Of course."

Cilus: he looked sad almost as he left with them.

Korteen: she shut the door behind him, 'Be safe.' She told him mentally, slightly worried.

Cilus: 'Sure.' He responded.

Korteen: she returned to shelving books. She made the children supper when it was time.

Brayan: "Thanks Korteen."

Korteen: nodded, "No problem. It's my specialty. I just hope that everything is okay with Cilus."

Brayan: "Where is he?" he asked.

Korteen: "I am not sure."

Brayan: "Oh."

Korteen: "You kids better get to bed. I'll wait up for Cilus."

Brayan: "What if he doesn't come back?"

Korteen: "He will." If not, she'd go look for him.

Brayan: he nodded and hugged her, "Good night." He walked up to his room.

Korteen: "Night." She hugged Alys too and watched her to go upstairs to her room. She waited in the living room for Cilus to return.

He never came back.

Korteen: she fell asleep on the couch.


Korteen: she woke up and made breakfast. Each minute that passed made her worry more.

Brayan: he woke up and walked downstairs.

Korteen: she almost burned the food she was making because she was so distracted.

Brayan: he got the food off of the stove in time.

Korteen: she looked over at Brayan, "Thank you." She told him before she resumed cooking.

Alys: came into the kitchen.

Brayan: "Sure."

Korteen: she set their food down for them. She tried to locate Cilus mentally, but it was like he had vanished completely. She waited for his return, scared to death now that her friend and Sisera's brother, and Brayan and Alys' dad…was missing. But she took care of the kids, even prepared to bring them to Keltic and Sisera's house to watch over them there if he didn't return before Keltic and Sisera were back from vacation.

There was another knock at the front door.

Korteen: she answered it quickly, hoping it was Cilus.

Man: "Hello. I'm here to relieve you. Cilus sent me. He said something about you enjoying your vacation."

Korteen: "Cilus? Where is he?"

Man: "He's with the ministers right now."

Korteen: "So he's safe? I don't have to worry?" she let him in.

Man: "Worry about what?" he looked confused.

Korteen: "That's he's in danger or something. I couldn't feel him anywhere, mentally. It was like he had vanished. It still is like that."

Man: "Umm…" he debated.

Korteen: "What?"

Man: "Let's just say they're taking care of him."

Korteen: "Taking care of him? In a good way or…bad way?"

Man: "Depends who you are."

Korteen: "Are they hurting him? WHY?" she exclaimed.

Man: "Different reasons." He shrugged. "Why do you care so much?"

Korteen: "He's my friend and he has children."

Man: he narrowed his eyes, "How?"

Korteen: "Adoption. Are you sure Cilus sent you?" she didn't trust him.

Man: "Of course I'm sure. I just wondered how he got children when he can't have any, or a wife." He shrugged.

Korteen: "He can't have children of his own?"

Man: shook his head, "All of our kind can't."

Korteen: "Oh. Are you Correlian?"

Man: "I am." He confirmed.

Korteen: "What do you mean he can't have a wife?"

Man: "It is forbidden to have a wife." He shrugged.

Korteen: "Are the ministers Correlian?"

Man: "Yes."

Korteen: "I'm sorry. I haven't gotten your name."

Man: "It's Marcus." He walked into the house and over to the living room, and sat on the couch.

Korteen: she shut the door behind him, "Why can't your kind have children? They can't, or they won't?"

Marcus: "We can't. That is not exactly explained." He shrugged.

Korteen: "So how does your kind reproduce?"

Marcus: "Mostly we just find people who wish to be our species. Like Cilus."

Korteen: "I thought he was originally Correlian? Or is everyone of your kind originally another species? If that is the case, how did Correlian people come to be? Don't you have your own planet?"

Marcus: "Cilus was originally Luna, like his two sisters. They just came about. Our history has been lost to us."

Korteen: "Why is it forbidden for your kind to marry?"

Marcus: "I suppose it's because our kind like to generate this presence of nothing. We like to be alone. Wives or husbands are a distraction."

Korteen: "What if one doesn't want to be alone?" she remembered Cilus saying he didn't like it because it was lonely.

Marcus: "Then they deal with it, or suffer."

Korteen: "Suffer?" she didn't fully understand.

Marcus: "Either by the ministers, or themselves."

Korteen: "What's the punishment?"

Marcus: "Depends who it is and how many offences they've committed."

Korteen: "If it was Cilus?"

Marcus: counted in his head, "Either death, or something worse."

Korteen: "What is worse than death?"

Marcus: "Living with the fact that he can never see those he has grown attached to ever again."

Korteen: "What if a Correlian were you change species?"

Marcus: "They can't."

Korteen: "Even if they don't marry, can they have a relationship?" she wondered.

Marcus: "What kind?"

Korteen: "Like…girlfriends or boyfriends?"

Marcus: his answer was simple. "No."

Korteen: nodded slowly, "Are you Cilus' friend?"

Marcus: "I guess you could say that."

Korteen: "I don't know. Maybe it would be best if I stayed with the children. They know me better." Even if just by a few days.

Marcus: "If you wish to deny Cilus his last wish, then fine." He vanished.

Korteen: "Last wish? What?"

Brayan: "Who are you talking to?"

Korteen: she turned around to face Brayan quickly, "Brayan. No one. I don't know." She put a hand to her head as a massive headache came on.

Brayan: "Are you ill?"

Korteen: shook her head. "No. Kientians don't get sick."

Brayan: "But you're really pale."

Korteen: she nodded.

Brayan: "What is it?"

Korteen: "Nothing to concern yourself with hun." Cilus didn't do anything deserving of death. So what did Marcus mean when he said, 'last wish'?

Brayan: he nodded slowly.

Korteen: she went to the phone and dialed the number to Kale's castle.

Kizzmel: she answered the phone, "Hello?"

Korteen: "Hello Kizzmel. Is Kale there?"

Kizzmel: "Yes. Korteen? One moment."

Kale: he got on the phone, "Hello?"

Korteen: "Sir Kale, I know we have the Findings and Research for royalty use. Please, can you locate someone for me"

Kale: "Who?"

Korteen: "Sisera's brother Cilus."

Kale: "Cilus? Is something wrong?"

Korteen: "I believe he is in trouble, yes." She said, desperately worried.

Kale: "I'll see what I can do."

Korteen: "Thank you." She hung up the phone.

Kale: he hung up the phone right after her.

Brayan: he looked worried now too.

Korteen: "I hate vacations."

Brayan: "Why?"

Korteen: "Because they allow room for problems."

Brayan: "Oh."

Korteen: she felt overwhelmed with it all. She decided to start shelving books again, hoping that would calm her.

Brayan: he helped her.

Son all the books were on the shelves.

Brayan: he sat back.

Korteen: waited for a phone call from Kale.

Brayan: waited with her.

A few minutes later the phone rang.

Korteen: answered it quickly. "Hello?"

Kale: "He's on his planet." He gave her the coordinates.

Korteen: "Thank you sir."

After they hung up, she went and got Alys and Brayan.

Brayan: "Where are we going?"

Korteen: "My boss's place, for you two to stay for awhile while I go on a trip." She put them in her car and drove off towards Keltic's house.

Brayan: "Are we welcome there?" he wondered.

Korteen: "I live there, and yes, you are. They have like twenty kids. I don't even think you'll be noticed."

Brayan: "Okay."

Korteen: when she got to the house she took the kids and went inside.

Brayan: he looked around, scared.

Korteen: "Don't be scared, little Brayan." She guided both up to her room.

Alys: she took Brayan's hand comfortingly.

Brayan: smiled slightly at Alys.

Korteen: "I'll return soon." She promised them and then left them a note as to where the kitchen was, and her phone number for contact. Then she teleported from Keltic's house- since it was still rigged to allow people to teleport out of it even if they didn't have the power to teleport in themselves- to the Correlian planet at the coordinates that were given to her.

It was a barren planet with no life in view.

Korteen: "CILUS!" she yelled out, again and again, trying to get an answer.

There was no answer.

Korteen: tried to locate him mentally.


Korteen: she started to search the planet.

Soon she came across a newly dug hole that was now covered over.

Korteen: she dug at it and then gave up and just shifted her molecules to sink through the dirt.

Cilus: his body just lay there in a box. His eyes were open and there were cuts all over him.

Korteen: she took his arm and shifted his molecules too, bringing him to the surface with her. "Cilus?" she asked softly, looking at his face. She put her hands on his cheeks and then moved to his nose, plugged it, and opened his mouth, giving him CPR.

Cilus: he still didn't move. He was pale.

Korteen: she used some of Cilus' power and teleported to his house. She laid him on his bed and tended to him and healed most of his wounds with her power. Some wounds still remained. She started to sing to him a Kientian healing song in French; but nothing happened. It was forbidden for him to have a girl friend or wife, but one kiss meant nothing, right? Maybe. But sometimes it worked to heal people. She'd seen movies, and she wanted to kiss him to make it better. So she did.

Cilus: he opened his eyes and kissed her back; forgetting about boundaries.

Korteen: broke it and looked at him, she smiled, some happiness showing her eyes that the kiss had actually worked to revive him. "You're awake, and better." She hugged him tightly.

Cilus: "Yes. Thanks to you."

Korteen: "Marcus told me they weren't going to kill you."

Cilus: "Killing me and leaving me for dead are two different things."

Korteen: "I'm sorry I didn't respect your wish. I don't trust him."

Cilus: "It's okay. Not many do."

Korteen: "Cilus, what have you done to deserve this? I don't…I don't understand." She looked away from him; a tear fell from her eyes.

Cilus: "It doesn't matter." He sat up slowly.

Korteen: "Apparently it does." She hugged him again tightly, pressing her face to his chest.

Cilus: hugged her back. He stroked her back. "It's okay, Korteen."

Korteen: "I'm sorry. I'm being stupid. But you're my friend, Cilus. I care about you."

Cilus: "It's okay. You could never be stupid."

Korteen: nodded and leaned back. She wiped the tears off her face. "I am never letting you leave again!"

Cilus: smiled slightly, "Hey, I'm not dead yet."

Korteen: "Please don't say, 'yet'."

Cilus: "Okay. I'm not dead." He repeated.

Korteen: she looked at him and smiled slightly.

Cilus: smiled back before looking away from her.

Korteen: "I finished shelving your books. Brayan helped me a bit."

Cilus: "Thank you."

Korteen: "You're welcome. Anything for you, Cilus."

Cilus: he smiled slightly.

Korteen: "But I shouldn't be here."

Cilus: his smile vanished, "Why?"

Korteen: "You'll get in more trouble if they suspect things. Your kind isn't allowed to be married or have a relationship past friend status."

Cilus: "I don't care. I am willing to do anything for you Korteen."

Korteen: "I don't care what you do Cilus. You can do anything you wish except set yourself up to die. I won't allow it. Me being here would be just that sort of set up."

Cilus: he sighed, "I didn't deny that I love you." He said softly. "That's why they were leaving me for dead."

Korteen: "I can't…you can't love me, Cilus. No one loves me. Not like that. Not in over five hundred years of my life."

Cilus: "I do love you, Korteen, which is why I went willingly so they wouldn't hurt you."

Korteen: "You barely know me." She looked at him.

Cilus: shook his head, "I know you more than you think."

Korteen: "When did you fall in love with me?"

Cilus: "A long while ago."

Korteen: "You never told me. I didn't know. I died once."

Cilus: "My feelings grew for you while I was saving you."

Korteen: "Why then? How could it have?"

Cilus: "Because I saw your personality and memories."

Korteen: "Were they good?"

Cilus: "Yes."

Korteen: "Seems you know more about me than I know about you."

Cilus: "Asking questions can help to fix that."

Korteen: "I asked Marcus most of them."

Cilus: "I see."

Korteen: "Not about you, but about your kind."

Cilus: nodded, "They are a particularly strict bunch."

Korteen: "Then why did you choose to become one? Because of the prospect of saving lives?"

Cilus: "Because I wanted to be something more than another non-human. I wanted to help people."

Korteen: "I am grateful for that."

Cilus: "So am I."

Korteen: she smiled a bit, "I sort of brought you have from the dead with a kiss of life."

Cilus: smiled at her, "That you did."

Korteen: "At least I know it works."

Cilus: he nodded. "True."

Korteen: "Maybe it will work for you too."

Cilus: "Maybe."

Korteen: "Are you hungry?"

Cilus: "Not really."

Korteen: "Okay."

Cilus: he hugged her all of a sudden on impulse.

Korteen: she hugged him back. With him here, she felt better than she had for days.

Cilus: kissed her cheek.

Korteen: she smiled slightly. Sure, friends did that.

Cilus: leaned back. He didn't care about what had happened to him. For it to get Korteen to kiss him made it all worth it.

Korteen: "Next time fifteen men ring your door bell, I'm calling the police."

Cilus: he laughed at that.

Korteen: "What? I'm serious."

Cilus: "A small police force against fifteen non-humans? Sorry. That's just funny to me."

Korteen: "Cilus!" she sighed and smiled slightly. "Yea. I guess. Well, I could always trap their minds."

Cilus: "True."

Korteen: "I could also change their brain waves around, and make them leave you alone."

Cilus: "I'd rather be put through pain for love, than not go through any because I don't have love."

Korteen: "That is how much you love me?"

Cilus: "Yes."

Korteen: "I have to admit something." She looked down.

Cilus: "What is it?"

Korteen: "I like you too. I have since we met."

Cilus: "That is a good thing I think."

Korteen: she looked up at him, "Why only do you think?"

Cilus: "I don't know."

Korteen: she nodded.

Cilus: "So what do you want to do?"

Korteen: "Get Alys and Brayan."

Cilus: "Good idea."

Korteen: stood, "I'll go."

Cilus: "I can go with you if you want."

Korteen: "They'd like that. They'd like to see you well, I am sure."

Cilus: he nodded, "Well, I am ready when you are."

Korteen: "Come. I'll drive." She walked out to her car and then realized she had driven it over to Keltic's house and then left it there. "On second thought," she looked to Cilus, "Can we teleport?"

Cilus: he gave her a small smile, "Sure." Taking her hand he teleported them to the yard of Keltic's house.

Korteen: "My car is right there. I'll go get the kids if you want to wait there." She ran into the house to get Alys and Brayan.

Cilus: "Sure." He walked over to Korteen's car and waited for her to come back outside with the kids.

Korteen: she walked back outside with Alys and Brayan beside her a few minutes later.

Brayan: "It's safe now?" he asked.

Korteen: "Yes."

Alys: her face brightened when she saw Cilus. "Cilus!" she called, running over to him.

Cilus: he hugged her and smiled at them both, "Hello Alys and Brayan."

Korteen: when everyone was in her car she drove them back to Cilus' house.

Cilus: "I'll have to pay you gas money."

Korteen: "You gave me a second life. That counts as gas money."

Cilus: "Yes. However, you saved my life and drove me around. So I owe you."

Korteen: "You told me you love me and that loved ones don't give others money. It's like passing around money in a family. It's pointless because everyone can use it."

Cilus: he shrugged, not going to question it any further. "Okay."

Korteen: she pulled into Cilus' driveway and parked the car, getting out. She looked around.

Cilus: he got out of the car.

Korteen: she turned to Cilus, "Are you well enough to be here alone?"

Alys: she looked from Korteen to Cilus. She slammed the car door and walked to the house.

Korteen: she glanced at her, wondering what was wrong.

Cilus: nodded, "I'll be fine. Thank you."

Korteen: "Then I guess I am not needed here."

Cilus: "Thanks for everything." He hugged her again.

Brayan: he followed after Alys.

Korteen: she smiled slightly and hugged him back, "I'll check up on you periodically. So don't go anywhere." She said seriously.

Cilus: "I don't plan on it."

Korteen: she released the hug, "Good." She opened her car door again.

Cilus: he waved to her and then went inside his house and went to find Alys.

Alys: she was in her room.

Cilus: he knocked on the door, "May I come in?"

Alys: she sniffed, "I guess." She called back. Her voice had an edge to it.

Cilus: he came into her room and closed the door behind him. "What's wrong?" he asked her.

Alys: "Nothing's wrong, Cilus, sir. I'm fine." She was sitting at the desk in her room, cheek rested on her hand as she tapped the end of her pencil in a strict rhythm with her free hand against the top of her desk. She was looking out her window and her back was to Cilus when he entered her room.

Cilus: "It doesn't seem so. I wish to help you but I can't if you don't tell me what's wrong."

Alys: "I don't need help."

Cilus: "Then please face me and look in my eyes and tell me there's nothing wrong."

Alys: she sighed and turned abruptly, facing him and looking in his eyes. She spoke quickly. "There is nothing wrong." She turned back around, watching Korteen's car leave down the road with Korteen inside. "Now." She mumbled under her breath.

Cilus: he sat on the bed, "Why do you hate Korteen?"

Alys: she glanced at her desk. "I don't HATE her."

Cilus: "You just dislike her."

Alys: "Korteen's nice." She muttered.

Cilus: "But?" he prodded.

Alys: "Nothing."

Cilus: "Please talk to me."

Alys: she whirled to face him, glaring, "I thought I was your girl, Cilus. NOT Korteen."

Cilus: "You are. No one could replace you."

Alys: "Then why is Korteen here? She may be gone now but she'll be back. And you'll forget all about me!" she exclaimed.

Cilus: "Yes she will be back to check on me. She saved my life. I cannot kick her out, and I will never forget you. I will always be here for you."

Alys: "You'll forget about me. Korteen will take my place."

Cilus: "No she won't. I swear to you."

Alys: she sighed, "Fine." She turned back around.

Cilus: "You're still unhappy." He noticed.

Alys: "You like her more than me."

Cilus: "I've known her awhile longer."

Alys: "If she comes back to stay here, I'll leave."

Cilus: "She won't stay. Maybe she'll drop by just to check up on me, but that's it."

Alys: "I heard you two talking in the car. You love her."

Cilus: "Yes, but nothing will come of it probably."

Alys: "Good."

Cilus: "Come here, please."

Alys: she stood slowly and turned around, walking to him. Her face was dejected.

Cilus: he stood and hugged her, "You can tell me anything. You know that, right?"

Alys: she let him hug her, "I am seeing that."

Cilus: he leaned back and looked into her eyes.

Alys: "I'm glad you're safe and alright." She looked down.

Cilus: "Likewise." He said, knowing how close he was to not being safe and alright. "I'm just glad you were safe as well as Brayan."

Alys: she nodded, "Korteen's good like that I suppose."

Cilus: he didn't say a word.

Alys: she looked at him and then sat back down at her desk.

Cilus: "Tomorrow we should go shopping for clothes for you."

Alys: "I'm fine."

Cilus: "You've been wearing those same clothes for over a week."

Alys: "I was them." She shrugged slightly.

Cilus: "It must be tiresome."

Alys: "It's fine. Like I said."

Cilus: "I insist."

Alys: "Do you have enough money?" she looked at him.

Cilus: "Yes." He nodded.

Alys: "Will I shop by myself?"

Cilus: "Brayan and I will come of course."

Alys: "I've never gotten clothes from stores before. They've always been hand me downs. I don't know how to shop."

Cilus: "Then I shall have to show you."

Alys: smiled, her eyes lit up at the idea of spending time with Cilus. "Okay."

Cilus: he smiled.

Alys: "I should get some sleep for tomorrow then."

Cilus: he stood, "Good night, Alys."

Alys: "Night, Cilus." She waved to him.

Cilus: he waved to her before he stepped out into the hallway again.

Alys: closed the door behind him.

Cilus: he sat on the couch. Nothing could get in with the shield in place over his house as it was.

Alys: she went to bed.


Korteen: she planned on staying home for the remainder of Keltic and Sisera's vacation and would just call Cilus a couple of times to check on him, but other than that, she didn't want to risk his life with her presence.


Cilus: he made breakfast.

Alys: came downstairs and sat on a kitchen chair. "Smells good." She commented.

Cilus: "Thanks."

Alys: "Has my brother been around lately?" she asked quietly.

Cilus: "No I don't believe so."

Alys: "I miss him." She looked at the counter in front of her.

Cilus: he was about to say something but stopped. He placed food in front of her. "You continue to amaze me." He commented.

Alys: "Is that a good thing?" she looked at him.

Cilus: nodded, "Yes. A very good thing."

Alys: "How do I amaze you?" she asked, slightly confused yet curious.

Cilus: "How you're so loyal to your brother."

Alys: "He didn't do anything wrong. And he told me many times that he was sorry for what happened to me." She looked down at her food and started to eat it.

Cilus: he sighed. He promised her he wouldn't say it so he didn't. Instead, he took food up to Brayan.

Alys: she watched him go. After she finished eating she went up and freshened up for the day. She fixed her hair, pulling it back in a headband, but leaving it down around her shoulders. Maybe she would see her brother when her and Cilus and Brayan when shopping in town. She grabbed her purse and went down to Brayan's room, knocking lightly on his door.

Cilus: he was handing Brayan some water.

Brayan: "Thank you." He said weakly and then took a sip of the water.

Alys: "Is Brayan sick?" she asked worried, walking quickly over to his bedside, standing next to Cilus.

Cilus: "I'm afraid so."

Alys: "Is it fatal? What does he have?" she sat on the edge of Brayan's bed, "Oh Brayan, I am so sorry." She wasn't going to go shopping today after all.

Brayan: "It is I who should be sorry."

Cilus: "I don't know. I've never seen this sickness before in my life."

Alys: she looked at Cilus in alarm after shaking her head at Brayan sympathetically. "What do you mean?" her eyes had alarm in them, "Brayan can't die Cilus!" she exclaimed worried, "We have to go to the doctors. Maybe they will know. It has to just be a common human sickness. Brayan is human like me."

Cilus: "I know." He said, taking the phone into his hand.

There was a voice from the hallway.

Maxwell: "Then the question is, if he is human, how did he get this disease?"

Alys: she looked over, "You must be the doctor." She was a bit relieved.

Maxwell: he nodded and walked over to the bed and started to look over Brayan.

Alys: she moved out of his way and stood by Cilus once again.

Maxwell: "How weird."

Alys: "What?" she said worried. "Please don't do this to me!"

Kasha: she walked into the room. "What's going on?" she flicked her hair back.

Cilus: "Brayan is sick."

Maxwell: "He has a sickness that humans don't get." He got in his medical bag and pulled out a container of medicine.

Alys: "Will he be okay!" she exclaimed.

Kasha: "Geez, Cilus. I leave one boy with you for less than a week and already he is fatally sick. He can come back with me."

Alys: she looked from Maxwell to Kasha, "No!" she yelled again and looked back to Cilus.

Brayan: "I've been sick for a long time. It's not Cilus' fault."

Maxwell: "He'll be fine." He poured some medicine on a spoon and gave it to Brayan.

Cilus: "We were actually wondering if Brayan could stay with us." He asked Kasha.

Kasha: she looked from Brayan to Cilus, "But I wanted him to stay at my house now. My husband knows what I am doing, and we even have another little boy there named Shinichi. They can be friends. Brayan's brother Jashon is at my house too. You don't have rights over Brayan, Cilus. You were just babysitting him."

Alys: she watched Maxwell and looked to Brayan. "Did Nausda make you sick? Brayan, do you want to live with Kasha to see your brother?" she asked sadly.

Brayan: "When I was first taken she injected this stuff into my system. But she killed me before it took full effect though. I…I don't know where I'd like to live."

Cilus: "Let Brayan decide."

Kasha: "He's a child. My child. He can't decide on his own." She told Cilus.

Alys: she hugged Brayan, "Oh please don't leave. You and Cilus are my only friends." She felt like crying. Her voice was thick with worry about Brayan's sickness, and about the possibility of Brayan leaving. She pressed her face to Brayan's shoulder as she hugged him.

Brayan: "I don't want to leave you either."

Cilus: "If you don't let him choose, it's technically kidnapping."

Kasha: "He might not choose me." She looked at Brayan for an answer on what he chose.

Brayan: "I don't know. I'm sick still."

Kasha: she sighed and looked to Cilus.

Cilus: "He's sick right now. Perhaps you should come back later when he can think properly.

Kasha: "I can take care of him fine at my house. Then he can choose." If he stayed here, she was sure Brayan would be influenced to stay longer or even forever. And she didn't want that.

Maxwell: "He shouldn't be moved."

Kasha: "One teleport isn't going to kill him. I'll teleport him straight to bed."

Maxwell: "That'll make it worse."

Kasha: she glared at Cilus, "You did this on purpose! I thought you were my friend! Apparently not if you are trying to take my son away from me!" she complained, angry.

Cilus: "I did not."

Kasha: "I'll be back after the week is up. THEN he's mine." She vanished back home.

Cilus: he sighed.

Alys: "I don't want Brayan to leave." She said sadly.

Cilus: "Neither do I."

Alys: she leaned back from Brayan and looked at him sadly. It looked like there were tears in her eyes, "Get better Brayan, okay? And choose where you want to live."

Brayan: he nodded weakly. "I will." He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Alys: she looked to Cilus and Maxwell, "What is there I can do?"

Maxwell: "Just let him rest."

Alys: nodded, "Okay. I'll go downstairs and read then, quietly." She left the room.

Cilus: "Thank you."

Maxwell: he nodded and then left.

The telephone rang.

Cilus: he picked up the phone. "Hello?"

Korteen: "Hi Cilus. How are you? I just called to talk for a bit. But if you are busy, or if this is too…weird, I can just hang up."

Cilus: "It's fine. I'm doing fairly well." He walked out into the hallway and shut Brayan's room door behind him. "What about you?"

Korteen: "Just…bored. Even with all the kids here. Why are you only doing fairly well?" she sounded concerned at his choice of words.

Cilus: "Brayan is sick."

Korteen: gasped, "Oh! I'm sorry to hear that. I could make him some soup and get him ice cream if that will make him feel better." She offered.

Cilus: "That's okay. He just needs him rest."

Korteen: "Sure Cilus. If you say so." She still sounded worried.

Cilus: "He should be fine soon." He promised her.

Korteen: "Well, well, I should go. It was nice talking to you."

Cilus: "Uh…nice talking to you too."

Korteen: "Yes. Good bye Cilus. Please tell the children I said, 'hi'. Enjoy your books." She hung up quickly, realizing it wasn't the best time to ask him the question she wanted to ask him.

Cilus: he hung up.

Alys: was reading still.

Cilus: went to make lunch.

Hours passed silently as did days, awaiting Brayan's health to improve.

Brayan: after two days he was better.

Alys: "Brayan, you're better!" she said happily and hugged him. She had been sitting in his room on the chair at the desk, reading a book. "Why are you so shiny?" she asked, seeing the skin on his arms and neck and face shine.

Brayan: "Probably because all the toxins are out of my system."

Alys: "Maybe I should get sick then, then get better. Then I'll be shiny!" she smiled at him.

Brayan: smiled back, "Maybe."

Alys: "Maybe we can go shopping today then, since you are all better." She realized.

Brayan: smiled and nodded.

Alys: "Come on, then! I'll let you get dressed." She flitted from the room with her book in hand, and shut the door securely behind her. She went to find Cilus, a smile on her face.

Brayan: he got dressed.

Alys: "Brayan is better!" she told Cilus happily.

Cilus: smiled, "Excellent."

Alys: "Can we hide him from Kasha?" she hoped.

Cilus: "I don't know. Maybe."

Alys: she went and got herself a plate of breakfast foods.

Brayan: came down and got some food for himself.

Alys: she ate in silent happiness.

Brayan: "It's good."

Alys: nodded, "It is." She agreed.

Brayan: he got seconds and ate quickly.

Alys: she took her dish to the sink after she was done eating and washed it. She wondered what they were going to do today, now that Brayan was healthy once again.

Brayan: "Alys, I'm sorry that I prevented you from going shopping a few days ago."

Alys: she shook her head. "I'm sorry you were sick. It's not your fault. And I can go shopping anytime, I'm sure." She looked at Cilus for confirmation.

Cilus: nodded.

Brayan: "Still."

Alys: "Still, nothing." She dried and put the plate away.

Brayan: he sighed, "Alright."

Alys: she smiled at him and took his empty plate and washed it for him.

Brayan: "Thanks."

Alys: "You're welcome."

Brayan: he started to help clean up the kitchen.

Alys: once she finished with her morning chores she went to one of the library rooms to read a book.

Cilus: "Are you ready?" he asked Alys.

Alys: "For shopping?" she looked up at him.

Cilus: "Yes."

Alys: "I am ready." She closed her book and stood, setting the book on the chair she was just sitting on a moment ago.

Cilus: he walked with Alys and Brayan to the front door and opened it for them to go on outside.

Alys: "Thank you Cilus." She curtsied to him and then stepped outside, looking around. Instinctively her eyes went to the sky, looking for dragon riders, like her brother. She was not looking in fear, but in…hope, to see him while she was out of the house. Maybe she would. "Brayan," she said, looking back down, "You have a brother, and so do I. Maybe you could meet my brother today." She smiled at the idea.

Brayan: smiled slightly, "That sounds cool. Please tell me, what is he like?" he wondered if her brother was anything like his brother was. That would be really cool if he was.

Cilus: closed the door and locked it. He would say nothing about Alys brother and unlike the kids, he hoped the dragon riders wouldn't show up. But he was still alert, waiting.

Alys: "He's a dragon rider." She paused, "I don't like his friends but my brother is nice. He has only ever hurt me on accident. And even then he was sorry. He's about five feet eleven inches tall and has brown eyes and brown hair and is very muscular. He's only sixteen though. He's three years older than me."

Brayan: "Sounds awesome. What's a dragon rider?"

Alys: "All I know is it's someone who rides dragons as their mount. It's a club sort of thing, and I think only men are initiated." She smiled at an idea. "You should join."

Brayan: smiled, "That would be cool."

Alys: looked to Cilus. "If my brother came to visit, can Brayan go with him to learn to be a dragon rider? He likes the idea." She asked him.

Cilus: "No." he said firmly.

Alys: "Why?" she asked, a bit confused as to why he'd say that.

Cilus: "Because it's for his best interest."

Alys: she looked to Brayan, "I guess you can't." she said sadly.

Brayan: looked sad as well.

Alys: took his hand, "I'm sorry."

Brayan: "It's okay."

Alys: nodded, and then looked ahead.

Cilus: they reached the mall.

Alys: "Cool. I haven't been here in what seems like forever." Her eyes sparkled in anticipation.

Cilus: "Now, any clothing or toy you want will be yours. You just have to tell me."

Alys: her eyes widened. Shopping at the mall reminded her of days when she lived with her brother. But it was never that extreme. She was lucky to get a shirt let alone ANYTHING she wanted. "I don't need much." She assured Cilus after a moment.

Cilus: "Even if you do, I have plenty of money. So shop until you can't anymore, if you wish."

Alys: "Umm…okay." She nodded, reluctantly agreeing.

Cilus: "Where do you want to go first?"

Alys: "Hot Topic."

They went there.

Alys: she found some cute shoes.

Cilus: bought everyone what they liked.

Alys: a smile brightened her face as she walked out of the store. "Zengal!" she said, spotting him.

Zengal: he waved at her from afar.

Alys: she ran over to him and hugged him tightly.

Zengal: "Hey little sis." He smiled and hugged her back.

Raziel: he was leaning against the wall with the rest of the group of Dragon Riders there. He glanced at them a moment and then looked back ahead of him and into the mall.

Cilus: his eyes narrowed, ready to kill the man.

Raziel: "Oh calm yourself Cilus." He sniffed, bored.

Zengal: knelt to Alys' height. "Are you having fun at Cilus' house?"

Alys: nodded, "I am, my brother. Cilus is very nice. And-" she smiled and looked back at Brayan, "I have a new brother."

Zengal: "That's sweet. Hopefully Cilus won't separate you and him, like he separated you and I."

Alys: she looked back at Zengal, "He didn't separate us. He just wants to keep me safe." She said softly.

Zengal: "That's what he wants you to believe, Alys. He's slowly brainwashing you. Soon you will agree with him, and never want to see me."

Alys: her eyes saddened a bit. "That will never happen."

Zengal: "It could."

Alys: "Could not."

Zengal: "Than prove it to me little sis." He pulled off his glove from one hand and took Alys hand in his, holding it gently, keeping the fire gone but his skin warm. "I need your help again. Will you do something for me?" he looked down at their hands as he spoke.

Alys: "Of course. You are my brother and I love you."

Zengal: smiled slightly, still looking down at their hands. "Good. That's what I always want to hear."

Brayan: looked to Cilus.

Cilus: "I don't think so. Come on Alys."

Alys: "But, my brother." She didn't want to leave. She didn't want to move.

Zengal: he held her hand tighter, "See what he does, Alys?" he looked to Cilus, "If you don't recall, I am Alys' guardian. She is under my custody. You, Cilus, are just something like a babysitter."

Raziel: "Please don't make a scene in the mall." He cautioned, indifferent really to everything going on. He knew Cilus' was Sarina's uncle, though. But he didn't think Cilus knew him. After all, they had never met before in person.

Cilus: "And I am sure the authorities would love to know how you watched as ones of your kind raped and hurt her." He snapped.

Zengal: chuckled, "You can't prove a thing." Then his eyes hardened and his voice grew cold. "You've been telling Cilus lies about me, girl? Have you?" he snarled.

Alys: her eyes widened and her breath quickened with fear. "No-no…" she looked down at her hand in his as she felt his skin growing hot.

Zengal: "Then why does he speak as if you are? Are you lying to me!"

Alys: "Ow…no. Please let go of my hand, Zengal." She whispered, about to cry.

Zengal: "You're just a pathological liar, AREN'T you, Alys? Admit it or so help me, girl!"

Alys: she cried, bursting into tears, "Yes! Yes! I lied to Cilus and to you! I'm sorry!" she felt the flesh on her hand burning from her brother's touch.

Zengal: he threw her hand down with force before he stood up straight.

Alys: she cried, looking down at her hand. It was like a nightmare. She blinked to make her hand look normal again, but it didn't go away. It was real. Her hand had no skin to it. It was damaged so badly that she didn't even feel the pain anymore.

Zengal: "That's all you do, Alys. That's why no one wanted to adopt us was because of YOUR problem of lying!" he yelled.

Raziel: he paused time for the people in the mall so that they wouldn't know what was going on.

One of his buddies erased their minds when time was frozen.

Only the dragon riders, Alys, Cilus, and Brayan, could move, speak, or tell what was going on.

Raziel: he walked over to Zengal and put a hand on his shoulder, "Calm down. Let's go." He told him firmly.

Zengal: turned to Raziel, glancing at his hand on his shoulder to his face, his eyes burning. "Get...your me." he growled. Then he glanced again at Cilus and Alys and Brayan before he just vanished.

Cilus: watched as Alys brother vanished, after the conversation. "Come on Alys." he hugged her close to him.

Alys: screamed, "ZENGAL!" she pushed away from Cilus and ran to the spot where Zengal once stood, she held her harmed hand close to her body and whimpered, wondering where her brother went.

Raziel: stepped back.

Cilus: closed his eyes and slowly released a breath.

Brayan: looked to Alys trying to comprehend.

Alys: looked at Cilus, "He left without saying good bye?"

Cilus: "I guess so."

Alys: "That's not..." she continued to cry, "Okay." she walked back over to Cilus.

Raziel and the others vanished.

Cilus: hugged her again, "It's okay Alys I promise."

Alys: nodded slowly, "It's okay I'll see him again."

Cilus: "May I see your hand?" he held his out for her.

Alys: held her hand out for him, she looked away. It was starting to hurt really bad.

Cilus: he rubbed his hands on the top and bottom at the same time and it was healed. "He had no right to do this to you." he muttered, mostly to himself.

Alys: "It was an accident." she said back, watching how her hand returned to what it should look like, and not something out of a nightmare. Her tears slowed.

Cilus: "Whatever you say." he said not fighting with her.

Alys: "You don't like him, do you?"

Cilus: "He's hurt you repeatedly, how could I?"

Alys: "He hasn't hurt me before."

Cilus: "Then how do you explain how you were ash?"

Alys: her eyes widened, and then returned to normal as a look of confusion crossed her face, "What do you mean?"

Cilus: "When I first found you Alys you were nothing but a pile of ash. I heard your screams from across town and came as soon as I could but it was too late. So I brought you back and that is when you start to remember."

Alys: "I died before?"

Cilus: "Yes."

Alys: pulled her hand away, "No, it wasn't my brother. It couldn't be. Not him."

Cilus: "He admitted it to me Alys. It was him. That is why I never wanted you to see him, because I care about you and don't want you to turn out like you were when we met."

Alys: looked down at her hand, "But he's my brother." she said, looking back up, tears falling again at the idea of what her brother did to her before.

Cilus: "I'm sorry."

Alys: "Maybe when he comes back I can talk to him."

Cilus: "Maybe." he agreed.

Alys: "I don't feel like shopping anymore. May we go home Cilus?"

Cilus: "Yes, let's go." he took their hands and took them home.

After they left, the people in the mall became unfrozen and resumed what they had been doing.

Alys: looked at the clock, wondering what time it was, and if she could go to bed now.

Cilus: "You've all had a long day, I'm going to make dinner if you two want some if not then you can do what you please."

Alys: "I'm not hungry. May I just go to bed now?"

Cilus: nodded, "If you want to go ahead, you don't have to ask."

Alys: "Night." she hugged Cilus, "Thank you for the clothes and things." she hugged Brayan and then left to her room, taking her bags of items with her, and shut the door.

Brayan: sat on the stool and talked a bit with Cilus.


Brayan: got up to the smell of good food.

There was a quiet sound coming from Alys room, though her door was shut so it was barely heard.

Brayan: walked down the hall and pressed his ear to the door.

It was a quiet whimpering sound and every so often the crinkling of paper as if turning pages.

Brayan: knocked softly on the door.

Alys: "Go away." she said softly.

Brayan: "Alys please let me help."

Alys: "You can't help. Only Cilus can help. I don't think he'll want to help if he doesn't like my brother." she cried now and it sounded like she folded the papers and stuck them under her pillow on her bed.

Brayan: "I'll go get him." he said and ran down to Cilus and dragged him up there.

Cilus: "Alys what is it?" he said after knocking softly.

Alys: pulled the papers out and quickly came and opened the door. She held them out to him and then hugged him around the waist once he took the papers. She cried into his shirt.

Cilus: looked through the papers. He patted her back softly.

One was a death certificate for Zengal, her brother. The other was a letter sent to her that came along with the certificate. It was signed by Raziel.

Dear Alys,
I am not sure how it happened, but we know it did. Dragon Riders are connected to their dragons...and when the rider dies, so does the Dragon, and vice versa. We don't know who died first, but I can tell you for sure, that your brother is dead. You must forgive me for bearing such awful news. Please don't mention it. Me telling you this much alone could get me in deep trouble with the Dragon Riders.


Cilus: he looked at the death certificate, what would he do. He looked back between the two of them.

Alys: "Can you help him Cilus?" she looked up at him with a tear streaked face.

Cilus: "I wish I could, Alys, but that would involve bringing back not just a person but also a dragon. I don't have that power as it is. I'm running on basically nothing right now. I wish I could help you. Really, I do." His face showed compassion and understanding and the truth of his words.

Alys: "My brother is dead…forever than? But…you save everyone else. Why not him?" more tears fell from her eyes. "He's my only brother. He was there for me when we lost our parents." She cried harder and hugged Cilus tighter. "He can't be gone. He just can't. I'll do anything to get him back." She whimpered.

Cilus: "Even if he wasn't a dragon rider?"

Alys: "He'll still be my brother, dragon rider or not." She kept her eyes to the ground and her voice soft.

Cilus: "And if he hurts you again?"

Alys: "He won't. I won't make him angry again."

Cilus: "It wasn't your fault, Alys. No matter what he said."

Alys: she took a breath slowly. "I lied. He was right, not me. Maybe that's why he left without saying good bye. He was too angry with me." She kept her eyes to the floor.

Cilus: "You don't like all the time. It's not your fault."

Alys: "It is my fault." She kept telling herself that she imagined that night with the dragon riders. It was all made up in her head, she repeated.

Cilus: he sighed, "If he is going to make you lie to yourself maybe I shouldn't bring him back if he's going to cause you emotional pain."

Alys: "No!" she said quickly, fearful. "Please bring him back, Cilus. Please!" she hugged Cilus tightly, begging. "I'm not in emotional pain. Please. I just want my brother back. Please." She closed her eyes tightly.

Cilus: "Yet you believe his lies. I'll bring him back, Alys, and then if you wish to leave with him then go ahead. I will bring him back, but I will need space to do so, little one."

Alys: she didn't move, "I don't want to leave with him. I like it here with you and Brayan." She sniffled.

Cilus: "He might make you leave. He's your legal guardian after all. But I'll do what I can."

Alys: "Okay." She walked back a few steps to give Cilus space like he asked for.

Cilus: knelt down his eyes turning and glowing a deep gold. He went through his own mind searching all the times that he ever seen the man getting the angle and proportion and such completely accurate. He held out his hands palms down, beneath them there was forming as what looked like blue sparkles surrounded and fell from them. Slowly like blue sparkled connected with others forming skin, clothes, hands, arms, legs, feet, and not the neck and head were forming. He just hoped he had enough power to bring him back because he was running low real fast. He kept his eyes closed, concentrating as much as he could.

Brayan: was still out in the doorway watching in amazement, he knew that he had died once and Cilus had brought him back with cost to himself, he had never seen him do it before, especially recreate a body, he could tell something wasn't right with Cilus because he wasn't moving or acting the same, but he said nothing.

Cilus: finished making the body, he released a breath and slowly opened his eyes he looked down at the body, "Alys, will you go downstairs and get me a purple vial out of my cabinet? Please?" he sounded out of breath.

Alys: "Yes Cilus." she ran off and grabbed the purple vial out of the cabinet, and ran back up, holding it out to him.

Cilus: took it, "Thank you." he took it and sprinkled it over the body. Then he closed his eyes again and put power to the body. He started to do his thing.

Alys: watched him, she noticed the same thing about him that Brayan noticed, but she didn't say anything. Not right now. It might distract him.

Cilus: brought him back but as a human, one that could be controlled. He tried to start but it didn't work.

Brayan: helped him up.

Cilus: "Thanks."

Brayan: continued to support him until he backed him up to the dresser.

Alys: "Cilus what is wrong? You look pale and weak..." she worried about him.

Cilus: "I'm fine." he watched as her brother woke up, "It is your brother that needs you more."

Alys: "ZENGAL!" she said, seeing him move. She ran over and hugged him tightly.

Zengal: hugged her back, "Hey little sis."

Cilus: watched him.

Zengal: "Weirdest thing...I don't remember anything after Raziel talked to me. Where'd they go?" he glanced around the room.

Cilus: "Back to their home I would assume." he worked to get his voice normal which worked.

Zengal: stood slowly, "Starving. Got any food?"

Cilus: "Downstairs, Alys will you please show him?"

Alys: took his hand, "Yea, come on Zengal." she took her brother downstairs and got him some food.

Cilus: slid to the floor, he closed his eyes and slowed his breathing.

Brayan: "You knew this would happen didn't you?"

Cilus: nodded, "I knew."

Brayan: "Yet you still did it."

Cilus: "It is saving others lives that is more important. Not one's own."

After Zengal ate, him and Alys talked for a bit downstairs.

Cilus: "Brayan. Will you do one small thing for me?"

Brayan: "Anything Cilus."

Cilus: "I need you to go to city hall..." he shook his head, "Never mind, it isn't safe for you there. Can you please go down and make sure that Alys' brother isn't hurting her, watch over her."

Brayan: "I will." he went downstairs.

Cilus cell phone rang in his pocket.

Alys and Zengal were just sitting at the kitchen table talking, empty plates before them as they had just eaten.

Cilus: took the cell phone out of his pocket, "Hello?"

Brayan: cleaned them up then leaned against the counter.

Korteen: "Hello Cilus. I have a few more weeks off of work. Keltic and Sisera are going away for a vacation. I was just wondering if I could come down for a few hours or so to say hi and see how everyone was doing."

Zengal: "My blood jewel is gone. I can't go back to the dragon riders without it."

Alys: "I don't think they even know you are alive Zengal. Your dragon is dead, that's probably why your stone is missing."

Zengal: "What am I supposed to do now? It's not like I still have our apartment...I got rid of it to live with the dragon riders."

Cilus: "Surely, that sounds good."

Brayan: "I'm sure Cilus could get you a place to stay or you could stay here." he said softly.

Zengal: looked at Brayan, "That would be good. They're not supposed to know I'm alive, are they?"

Brayan: "No, they shouldn't."

Zengal: "Hm, I don't think Cilus likes me enough to let me live here."

Brayan: "As long as you don't hurt Alys I am sure that he wouldn't mind, I mean after all he did help you. Even if it is killing him." he is softly and turned back and cleaned the dirty dishes in the sink.

Alys: looked at Brayan alarmed, "Killing him?" she pushed away from the table and ran up the steps, "Cilus!" she yelled as she came into the room, fearful that he had already died.

Korteen: "You aren't busy, are you?"

Cilus: "Not at all." he looked to Alys his eyes were a deep gray, he smiled faintly at her.

Korteen: "I heard your name, I'll let you go. Don't want to interrupt anything. I'll be over tomorrow sometime then, if that's alright with you."

Cilus: "I'll be looking forward to it, have a good day."

Alys: "Cilus." she went and knelt down by him, "Cilus what's wrong?" her face was sad, just as sad as it was when her brother disappeared. "What can I do to help you?"

Korteen: "You too Cilus. Bye." she hung up the phone.

Cilus: closed the phone, "I'm fine, you don't have to worry about me." he ignored the pain in his chest.

Alys: "Cilus tell me please!" she begged, tears coming to her eyes, "I can tell something is wrong and that you are not fine. Even Brayan noticed it!"

Cilus: "I've just ran out of energy, that's all." he closed his eyes and leaned his head back.

Alys: "What type of energy? Food energy?"

Cilus: "Saving energy, life energy, all of it."

Alys: "Can it be replenished?"

Cilus: "Not that I know of. Just promise me something Alys, that you will love your brother."

Alys: "Oh no Cilus! You have to stop saving people then! I want you to live!" the tears spilled over, "I do love my brother, I promise you, but stop speaking as if you are dying! I won't let it!"

Cilus: "I am dying Alys." he moved his hand slowly and put it on her knee. "If you can take care of Brayan, if not Korteen is coming tomorrow maybe my sister can take in one more."

Alys: cried harder, even more than when her brother died. She held his hand and hugged him tightly, she hoped it didn't hurt. "Cilus please don't go. If I must I will find a way to give you my life energy. I can't bear to lose another father." she sobbed.

Cilus: "I will not take your life Alys."

Alys: "It's not fair."

Cilus: "Life is never fair."

Alys: "Some kids have two parents, I had none. And when I get one...when I get one, he is taken away from me." she cried, her face pressed to Cilus shoulder.

Cilus: "It's okay my daughter." he patted her back softly.

Alys: leaned back, "Don't call me that. It'll make losing you that much harder, and already I can't take it." she put her face in her hands.

Cilus: "My most humblest apologies." he let out his breath.

Alys: looked up quickly, "Cilus?"

Cilus: "Hmm?"

Alys: "Is there a way to save you?"

Cilus: "I don't know, sometimes...taking a life transfers but I don't have enough energy for that."

Alys: "And there is nothing else?"

Cilus: "I don't know."

Alys: "I'll call Sisera. She will know." she stood quickly.

Cilus: "She's not the same species, she wouldn't know."

Woman: came in from the hall.

Alys: looked over at the random woman, "Who are you? Why are you here?"

Woman: "Obviously doing the impossible. Come on Cilus stand up." she helped Cilus to stand up. She put one hand on his chest. Sparkles fell from her hand to his chest.

Alys: "What are you doing?" she saw the sparkles; the same as when Cilus saved Zengal. "How'd you know?" she asked, wiping at her tears.

Woman: "Cilus and I are connected whether he wants to admit it or not." she removed her back, "So this is the second time I've saved his butt."

Alys: "How many times has he saved you?"

Woman: "He hasn't, he doesn't need to I don't kill myself by saving people 24/7"

Alys: "How long do you need to wait in between saving people to let your body heal?" she didn't want this to happen again. She wouldn't let it.

Woman: "It's not really a waiting period, we have enough energy as we have and after that, it's gone."

Alys: "This energy is used by saving people?"

Woman: nodded.

Alys: "And by you saving him, you are using your energy too."

Woman: shrugged, "Yea I suppose. But not that much."

Alys: hugged her, "Thank you."

Woman: "Ummm...sure." he patted her back softly.

Alys: released her, "How are you two connected?" she looked up at the woman.

Woman: "In a sense he's sort of my brother."

Alys: "What's your name?"

Woman: "Varvara."

Alys: "If you are Cilus' sister, than you are Sisera's sister too."

Varvara: "That's why I said sort of. I am not related to his family but you see my father took him in and changed him to our kind."

Alys: "Oh I see." she nodded, understanding. She looked at Cilus, her tears gone. The only remainder that she was crying was her red eyes.

Cilus: "Well, thank you again for saving me."

Varvara: "Oh no you don't, you are not kicking me out. I am staying a few days just to make sure you don't act stupid."

Alys: smiled, "Cool. Maybe then Korteen won't come by."

Cilus: sighed.

Varvara: "Who's Korteen?"

Alys: looked at Varvara, "I think she's Cilus girlfriend. I mean they did hug."

Varvara: turned to Cilus, "Really?"

Cilus: "You don't need to know my private life. And we're not dating per-say. We are just friends."

Alys: "She doesn't need to come over then if Varvara is here." she smiled and hugged Cilus, happy again that he is well, "I'll go call her to tell her." she skipped away.

Cilus: disconnected the phones.

Alys: "Cilus your phones don't work." she called in to him.

Cilus: "I know."

Alys: "How come?"

Cilus: "I unplugged it."

Alys: "Why?"

Cilus: "You don't need to call Korteen."

Alys: "Why?"

Cilus: "Because you don't."

Alys: "Why?"

Cilus: "I am not having this discussion."

Alys: "Why?"

Cilus: "Will you stop that?'

Alys: "Why?"

Cilus: ignored her. He gestured for Varvara to follow him. He went down and started to make food for Varvara.

Zengal: was still sitting at the table. He looked up as Cilus walking in.

Alys: came downstairs after them.

Varvara: sat on the counter.

Cilus: gave her some food he prepared.

Zengal: "Um, Cilus, may I ask you a question?" he said politely.

Alys: walked over to Brayan, "Cilus is better." she said happily.

Cilus: "Sure Zengal what is it?" he turned to face him.

Brayan: smiled, "I see."

Zengal: "Brayan told me, but I wanted to ask you to make sure it was okay if I stayed here? If not I am sure I can find my own place, but since I can't go back to the Dragon Riders, I have no where to stay."

Cilus: "It's fine, I can show you a room now if you want."

Zengal: "Thank you sir."

Cilus: "You don't have to call me sir. Follow me please." he walked up the steps.

Zengal: got up and followed him quickly.

Alys: sat on the table in the kitchen, "So you like Cilus?"

Varvara: "Of course I do, he's like my brother."

Alys: "I like Cilus too."

Cilus: showed him a room right next to Alys, "Now I am trusting you Zengal that you will not abuse this and that you will not hurt your sister. I hope that you will not let me down."

Zengal: "Besides the past few months, I've never thought of hurting her. She's the only sister I've got."

Alys: "Just as long as you don't like him as MORE than a brother."

Cilus: "Then we shall get along just fine. Now do you need clothes?"

Varvara: "That's not possible."

Zengal: "I do. I have nothing with me but what is on my body."

Alys: smiled, "Good. I like you already."

Cilus: "Then today or tomorrow we will go get you some clothes."

Varvara: smiled, "Glad to hear it."

Zengal: "Uh, the mall again?" he asked hesitantly.

Alys: "I like you more than I like Korteen." she admitted.

Cilus: "There or elsewhere, wherever you want or we can hire some personal tailor."

Varvara: "Wow."

Zengal: "I don't mind the mall, but the riders frequently hang out there."

Alys: "What? You saved his life."

Cilus: "We can't let you be seen by them. So we will have to choose something else."

Varvara: "It was no big thing."

Zengal: nodded, "Whichever is best for you. I don't mind."

Alys: "It was to me. And I know Korteen saved Cilus too, but she actually likes him more than a brother. I can tell."

Cilus: "We can get you more furniture as well if you want."

Varvara: "Well she isn't related to him either."

Zengal: "Why would I need furniture?"

Alys: "You said you aren't related to him either. Just adoption like."

Cilus: "Because the only thing in here is a bed, dresser, closet, and small bathroom on the side."

Varvara: shrugged, "Where I come from it's close enough."

Zengal: "That's fine. All we had in the orphanage was a bed, and my apartment didn't have much either. I didn't make a lot of money, but it was better there living then at the orphanage. I had even less than that at the riders club."

Alys: "Cool. I think of Brayan like my real brother too."

Cilus: "Well I would rather not have you only have these items."

Varvara: smiled and nodded.

Zengal: "What does Alys have?"

Cilus: "A desk, computer, rug, curtains, a few games. Different things she likes."

Zengal: "You don't like me much. Why do you want to do this for me?"

Cilus: "I didn't like you in the first place because you hurt Alys, this is like a clean slate for you and you have not done so yet. Thus I am trusting that you will not do so."

Zengal: "Right." he nodded, "I will prove that trust to you."

Cilus: "Good. Well I should leave you, Alys' room is there." he pointed to the door over, "In case she gets scared and needs you or you need her. If you need anything just give me a call."

Zengal: "I will Cilus. Thank you." he opened the door to his room.

Cilus: "You're welcome," he returned to the kitchen.

Alys: was about to leave to go to the library room.

Cilus: "Going to the library?"

Alys: nodded, "Yep. I have tons more books to read."

Cilus: smiled, "Alright, have fun."

Alys: "Okay." she smiled and left.


Cilus: made dinner then called everyone down.

Alys: came out of the library and sat at the table. She set her book on her lap.

Zengal: came down the stairs and picked a chair and sat down also at the table.

Cilus: watched as they ate along with Brayan.

Alys: finished her food, "Thanks Cilus." she took her empty plate to the sink and kissed his cheek and then left again with her book to the library.

Cilus: nodded, he leaned against the counter.

Zengal: finished his food and set the empty plate in the sink like his sister had. He left to his room again.

Cilus: cleaned up.

After awhile, Alys and Zengal went to bed.

Alys: "Night Brayan!" she called to him.

Brayan: "Night!" he called back

They went to sleep. Surprisingly, Alys didn't have any nightmares tonight and slept well, knowing Cilus was safe, and her brother was alive.

Cilus: slept on the couch while Varvara took his bed.


Cilus: got up and made breakfast

Alys: slept in.

Zengal: came down in his same clothes, "Morning."

Cilus: "Morning, I called the tailor and they said they would be over around twelve." he gave him his food.

Zengal: "Oh. Thank you. I hope it's not a lot." he took his food and sat down at the table.

Cilus: "It's alright, I have enough."

Zengal: nodded, and ate his food.

Cilus: started to clean up the house.

The door bell rang.

Cilus: answered it.

Korteen: "Hi Cilus." she held out a small wrapped gift to him.

Cilus: smiled slightly, "What's this?" he invited her inside.

Korteen: stepped inside, "A gift." she smiled slightly back.

Cilus: closed the door behind her, "For whom?"

Korteen: "You..."

Cilus: smiled slightly, "Thank you." he said and hugged her, he was truly curious, he opened it.

Korteen: hugged him back.

It was a small leather bound book, it looked to be well worn in years and the pages had turned a slight color from age.

Korteen: "Hm, um, careful."

Cilus: smiled, "I will." he assured her, he delicately took it out and looked through the pages, the smile grew on his face. "Thank you." he hugged her again, this time tighter.

Korteen: hugged him back again, she smiled, "I thought you might like to have it, since you collect books and all. It seemed better to be in your possession than even mine."

Cilus: "It shall go in a very special case and will be taken care of."

Korteen: smiled softly, "Sounds good."

Cilus: "Which I shall do right now, care to join me?"

Korteen: "I'd like that." she slipped off her shoes and set her jacket on the rack.

Cilus: walked past the couch that still showed signs of his sleeping arrangements to the library with her.

Korteen: saw it, "You have a lot of company?"

Cilus: "Well I took in another kid then I have my sister staying here until she stops freaking out about me going to be stupid."

Korteen: "Why? What'd you do now?" she smiled slightly.

Cilus: "I used to much energy, well all of it yesterday and almost died." he shrugged and smiled slightly, "So now I am like a little kid being watched over by a parent."

Korteen: "Is that why you didn't sound so well on the phone?" she asked softly, her smile faltering a bit.

Cilus: "Yea, I guess so."

Korteen: "Cilus you really shouldn't do that to yourself."

Cilus: "Saving people is what I do, it's something that can't be avoided. If you have a gift you use it to benefit others."

Korteen: nodded, "I suppose so." she paused, "You said your sister was here? I thought Sisera was with Keltic."

Cilus: "Well I have an adopted sister but there is also Sisera's and my sister Jadira. But I'm talking about the adopted sister."

Korteen: "Right, I forgot about Jadira. I've met her before though. Never met your adopted sister. What's her name?"

Cilus: "Varvara, she is something else let me tell you."

Korteen: smiled slightly, "Fits into your family well, oui?"

Cilus: smiled and nodded, "Oui."

Korteen: "That book is a journal." she referenced to the one in his hand, "It's been passed down from my grandfathers to their sons for I don't know how long."

Cilus: put it in a glass case, "I am indeed excited to start reading."

Korteen: "You might like it." she smiled, "I am glad you are. I was hoping you'd enjoy it." She smiled slightly, "Anyways Cilus, besides almost dying, how have you been? Kissed any other girls lately and been buried alive?" she tried to sound joking, but wasn't sure if it worked or not.

Cilus: smiled slightly, "I've been good and not recently."

Korteen: "Well, then that is good. At least, the not being buried alive part. Probably the no kissing part too. I really don't know."

Cilus: smiled slightly and nodded.

Korteen: "I figured you didn't like the kiss." She said in understanding. "It's okay." She shrugged slightly. She tried to change the subject. "I should go say hi to the kids." She walked into the hallway.

Cilus: "I did like the kiss. If I didn't I would be dead right now."

Korteen: "Yea." She called back, slightly laughing. "I forgot. The kiss of life."

Cilus: chuckled.

Korteen: she skipped up the stairs.

Brayan: was coming down, "Hi Korteen."

Korteen: smiled slightly at him. "Hey Brayan. How have you been?"

Brayan: "Good, and yourself?"

Korteen: "Good. Just work is all."

Brayan: "Sounds busy."

Korteen: "This is why I came here for my breaks."

Brayan: smiled, "Will you be staying here?"

Korteen: "I don't want to intrude. I mean, I have a perfectly good bed at Keltic's house."

Brayan: "Our family has been growing so much we won't mind." He still had that smile on his face.

Korteen: "Well, only if Cilus offers. But I won't ask." She told Brayan.

Brayan: nodded.

Korteen: "Is Alys around?"

Brayan: "I'm not sure. She's probably with her brother."

Korteen: "Her brother's here!" she asked alarmed. She had heard stories about him.

Brayan: "Yea. Cilus is letting him stay here as long as he doesn't hurt Alys."

Korteen: "What makes Cilus think her brother won't hurt her?"

Brayan: "He's…different."

Korteen: "Well…let's hope so."

Brayan: nodded.

Korteen: she stood there silently, shifting from foot to foot, looking down in awkward silence.

Brayan: "Well, do you want to meet him?" he asked her.

Korteen: "Sure. I guess." She looked up from the floor to Brayan.

Brayan: he walked down to Zengal's room and knocked on his door.

Zengal: "Yes?" he called from inside.

Brayan: "We have a visitor. I was wondering if you wanted to meet her."

Zengal: "Sure." He opened up his bedroom door. "Hi." He said to Brayan and then looked at Korteen, "Hello. You must be the visitor."

Korteen: nodded, "I am. You must be Alys brother, Zengal." She smiled slightly. "I'm Korteen. It's nice to meet you." She held out her hand to him.

Zengal: he took her hand in his and shook it. "Yes, I am. It's nice to meet you too." He agreed with her.

Brayan: "She might be staying with us for a few days."

Zengal: "That sounds nice."

Alys: she poked her head around the door, "Hi Brayan." She said to him, but said nothing to Korteen. She acted like Korteen wasn't even there.

Brayan: "Hi Alys." He wouldn't bring up about Korteen. He knew Alys hated Korteen.

Alys: "Want to come in and play?" she asked Brayan.

Brayan: "No thanks. I'm going to see if Cilus needs my help."

Alys: nodded, "Alright." She looked kind of sad.

Korteen: looked behind her as there was a sound downstairs. You could hear Kasha's voice.

Kasha: "Cilus…did you not see the other bodies I dropped off?"

Alys: left her brothers room and ran downstairs into the room where Cilus was relaxing and Kasha was talking to him. "No! He heals NO MORE! It hurts him!"

Cilus: "In a moment I'll finish." He told Kasha.

Alys: she ran into Cilus, "Stop it!" her voice was breaking. "Don't do it."

Kasha: "Okay." She leaned against the wall, waiting on him.

Cilus: "A person is only as good as the amount of people they help." He told Alys.

Alys: "FINE! Kill yourself and leave me! Die with the last thought that you did NOTHING to help me when I needed you most!" she ran back to her room crying.

Kasha: watched Alys go by.

Cilus: "Excuse me." He ran after her.

Varvara: she came into the room, "I'll do it." She told Kasha.

Kasha: "Thank you. I'd do it myself if I could, But…if this, just a few people is causing problems, how is Cilus supposed to help me resurrect a whole island of people?"

Varvara: "My brother isn't all that strong." She went out to where Kasha dropped off the other bodies and started to heal them.

Kasha: "Why not?" she asked her. "Thank you for helping me."

Varvara: "He isn't original."

Kasha: "So you are and that makes you stronger?"

Varvara: "Yes."

Kasha: "How much stronger? Can you resurrect hundreds and hundreds of people with ease?" she asked Varvara.

Varvara: "Yes, and much more."

Kasha: smiled, "Would you be willing to help me then?"

Varvara: "Sure."

Kasha: smiled and looked at the now alive humans, "I better take these to the island then, and see if I can find my husband. Thank you again." She told Varvara.

Varvara: "You're welcome."

Kasha: she teleported back and forth, taking the humans to her island.


Alys: locked her room door and opened her bedroom window, stepping on her desk and climbing out the window.

Cilus: he pounded down the door simple enough and came into her room, "Alys! Wait!"

Alys: she paused and looked back at him, her face red from crying. "What?" she asked abruptly, through tears that rested on her upper lip and dripped down her chin. She lifted her hand and wiped her chin to remove the droplets.

Cilus: "You get what you wanted. I won't do it."

Alys: she sniffled. "Really?"

Cilus: "Yes, really. I'm not going to leave you, Alys."

Alys: she looked away from him and back at the window she was about to climb out of, "Okay." She said softly. She believed him.

Cilus: "What were you going to do?"

Alys: "Leave." She whispered.

Cilus: "Please don't do that."

Alys: "I won't, Cilus." She promised softly, climbing back into the room and shutting the window behind her. She jumped off of the desk, landing lightly on the floor.

Cilus: he hugged her, "Thank you."

Alys: hugged him back tightly, pressing her face against him. She loved Cilus. He was like a father to her. "You're welcome, dad." She whispered into him.

Cilus: he closed his eyes, still hugging her.

Korteen: watched them from the doorway, smiling slightly. Cilus was a good father.

Brayan: walked down the stairs.

Korteen: looked over, "Where are you going, Brayan?" she smiled, asking cheerfully, taking a few steps over to him.

Brayan: "I'm going to see if da…Cilus needs help."

Korteen: "He's in Alys' room."

Brayan: "Oh."

Korteen: "What I saw, she tried to run away, but Cilus stopped her."

Brayan: "Maybe I shouldn't bother them."

Korteen: "You're part of the family too. I don't think they'll care." She assured him.

Brayan: "They need some private time I think."

Korteen: nodded, "Right." She walked over to Brayan.

Brayan: "I'll clean I guess." He went over to the closet and got down the duster and started to dust.

Korteen: "I do that all the time…" she wasn't sure if she wanted to do that right now.

Brayan: "Well, I'm sure you can relax till he's done."

Korteen: "Brayan, would you like to go to town with me and pick up dinner?"

Brayan: "Sure." He finished what he was dusting and walked over to her.

Korteen: "Feel like walking?" she asked him as they headed down the stairs and towards the front door.

Brayan: nodded, "That sounds good."

Korteen: when they got outside she started to walk to town with him.

Brayan: followed.

They went and picked up dinner, and then Korteen came back and set it on the table for Alys, Brayan, Cilus, and Zengal to enjoy.

Brayan: "Looks yummy."

Korteen: chuckled, "Yea. It's store bought."

Brayan: he smiled slightly.

Korteen: she walked to the stairs, "Cilus! Alys! Zengal! I have dinner set for you." She called to them before heading back into the kitchen.


Cilus: "Let's go get something to eat."

Alys: nodded, "Okay. I'll go get my brother."

Cilus: walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

Alys: went and got her brother.

Cilus: waited for them.

Alys and Zengal came down to the kitchen and few moments later.

Cilus: offered everyone to take a seat, and then he said thanks to Korteen.

Alys and Zengal took their seats at the table beside Brayan and Cilus.

Korteen: smiled, "You're welcome. It's the least I could do for you." She stood beside the table.

Cilus: "Well, I do appreciate it."

Korteen: "Have your 'friends' been back?" she asked him.

Cilus: "Nope."

Korteen: "That's good."

Cilus: "I guess so."

Korteen: "You don't know?"

Cilus: shrugged, "You never really know."

Korteen: "Oh…" she slightly worried.

Cilus: "Don't worry though."