By Fujimi (不死身)

Backdrop: Photographs swelling, dripping, hanging loosely
From a rust-colored, tarnished wall of humble abodes
Suck in the whirring black specks dancing to and fro
Loose eyes and blasts of color sing the melody of eternal language
Lost to all, known to none, beheld behind branches of booming doom
Whispering murmuring muttering withholding words of come ever closer

My precious his dear your beloved their blackened devil
How to live through this travesty of fate ripping at the seams of emptiness
Tremble in the enrapturing embrace of a personal emperor
Descend into the cracks in the rupturing ground but don't let go
No matter what travesties befell the soul lost of meaning substance life
Don't remove that scratching hand from the grasp of beckoning smirks

Pictures slowly steadily steadfastly waxing down coloring these bland walls
Fireworks won't shake from the depths of sight, refuse to alight anything but
Yelling bellowing subsiding distracted by the magnetic pull of undeniable chemistry
What to do with an attraction a connection that refuses to cease
Breathe through circles of laughter suffocating surroundings
Capture the leaking art into a mouth screaming screaming screaming soundlessly
Forward that essence into strength; bear the sizzling sunset scorching slit wounds

My precious your beloved his everything their popping bubble
How to climb back up from the depths of eternity
Relentlessly watching the resolute provocation of phenomena beyond control
Tossing heads bouncing feet stiff bodies
Pick and choose make a final decision ignore the destruction keep focus come on

Who is most important to you?

Meaning of sound words glances touch unexpectedly meaningless
Tunnel vision of a single hallway lit with the glaring light leftover
Bodies streaming towards a puddle ever growing around your softly glowing shoes
Boom boom boom doom glooms over the shoulder of a mind lost to the electromagnetic
Pulling of colors mixing waxing falling endlessly into one another

My darling my precious my dear my beloved vacant one
Your backdrop is the slowly draining nothingness of my reality

March 2012