Marissa never liked this game, in fact, she hated it but her best and only friend Jane loved it. Right now Marissa was hogtied very tightly with shoe strings, her bare feet exposed to Jane. "Okay You know the rules, no laughing or else" Jane explained coldly, with that her bony fingers began to wiggle along her friend's exposed feet. Immediately Marissa bit down hard on her bottom lip. Don't laugh, Don't laugh, she thought to herself. The sensation was intense, tears leaked from her eyes and along her beat red cheeks.

"Oh it looks like you're tougher than usual today" Jane said, stopping her fingers. "I'll have to make it harder" Next to her was a hairbrush and a wooden box, she selected the brush. "I read somewhere that brushes make the tickling even worse" Jane says with a smirk, staring at her friend's vulnerable feet. She wanted Marissa to break. To not laugh during tickling was a difficult thing and Marissa failed every time. The hogtied girl would soon feel the brush moving along her left foot. "No! No! No!" Marissa shouted, her laughter just couldn't be contained it came out loudly like a scream, "Hahahaha!"

"Oh Marissa it looks like you failed" Jane grinned and pushed back a piece of her long black hair. She then sat down the brush and opened the box.

"No! Jane please one more chance!" Marissa begged through her sobbing.

Jane shook her head, "You get no second chances, you stupid weak little girl" she took a sewing needle from the box and observed it. Nice and sharp, it gleamed under the light. Jane then moved to her friend's side, "Are you going to scream?" Marissa looked at Jane from the corner of her eye, to paralyzed with fear to turn her head or speak.

"Not going to answer me?" Jane asked and then she harshly jammed the needle into the side of Marissa's neck.