Leah ran for her life though the woods. She knew that stopping would result in death or worse. Then she heard it, the familiar shriek of one of them as it leapt after her.

"No!" came the shout of her friend, Markus. He slammed into her and forced her to the ground as the vampire pounced upon him. She watched in horror as the vampire sank its fangs into his neck. He let out a muffled cry as she tried to crawl away.

"My my, what do we have here? Are you trying to escape your fate young lady?" asked a woman that appeared behind her. Leah's blood ran cold as she realized what was to come next. But, then, suddenly, a bright orange light filled the woods around them. The vampires let out another shriek, only this one contained fear.

"You have no right interfere Rider!" hissed the woman that had spoken earlier. But the light burned brighter and the sound of a horse whining forced them back further. Then the sound of a sword being drawn reached Leah's ears. She watched in amazement as a flaming horse bounded over her and rode into the small crowd of vampires. The Rider swung the blade from one side to the other, slicing though the vampires. Survivors shrieked again and fled into the woods. Leah stood and tried to thank her savior.

But the horse reared up on its hind legs, fire belching from its nostrils. The rider raised his blade to strike her down. Until another teen charged out of the woods.

"Hold Horseman! This one is protected by the Lamb!" he shouted, raising his hands to show a bible and a crucifix. Then the horse and its rider lunged forward and disappeared into the woods around them.

Crawling to wear Markus had fallen; she closed his eyes and made a sign of the cross on his forehead.

"Rest in peace," she whispered before she stood and stumbled into the woods with her new savor.