Tears streamed down Leah's cheeks as she watched Jake's body fall to the floor. The gun, which had just been pressed to his temple, skidded across the floor. Her ears rang with the echo of the report of the gunshot. She couldn't believe what she had just seen, that Jake would do what he had just done.

"Weak, like the rest of your kind," the demon hissed nearby, amusingly looking at Jake's body.

"The deed is done then," said another voice. Slowly, another demon faded into existence, walking forward while its body gained color.

"Yes, her guardian is dead. The war has been won," said the first. A flicker of light caught Leah's attention. She turned her attention away from the demons and looked toward Jake's body. A small beam of white light was shining on his still face. Slowly, his body began to lift into the air. The shredded remains of his shirt fell from his shoulders as his body lifted, exposing the burn marks on his chest and arms from the lightning.

Slowly, a golden aura began to surround Jake, healing the various wounds. Then Jake opened his eyes. He stretched his arms over his head, before snapping them out to the side. Suddenly, black wings snapped out as well, stretching far beyond the tips of his fingers.

"What is this?" asked one of the demons, both of them turning to look at Jake. He looked at them; the brown color that was his eyes was replaced with golden amber.

"Let her go," said Jake, his feet touching down on the stone floor. The demons looked at each other before they drew their swords.

"Archangels have no business here," said the one who had spoken up first. Jake swiped his hand out to the side, undoing Leah's binds and freeing her. Then he held the same hand out to the side, causing his swords to reassemble into a single staff and fly across the room. Once the staff reached his hand, the extended blades erupted into flames.

"I have every bit of business here," he replied before he charged the demons. Leah rubbed her wrists and pulled gag down from her mouth before she ran to where Jake's revolver lay. Picking it up, she looked in all directions for a threat before she returned her attention to the fight. Unlike the previous fight, Jake was kicking serious ass this time. At every move, the demons were beaten back further and further by the ferocity of his attack. One of the demons cried out as bits of the celestial fire surrounding Jake's blades flew into his eyes, blinding him.

"Reminds you of home, doesn't it!" shouted Jake before he kicked the demon, sending it flying. Its companion responded by furiously attacking Jake, trying to put him on the defensive. The demon was strong, be he was stronger. Despite all its attempts, Jake once again had it on the defensive.

The demon Jake had blinded fired lighting at him, but Jake split his sword staff in half and caught the lightning with the blades like he had done before. Unlike last time, he caught the electricity and swung his blades, sending the lighting into the other demon.

Jake reattached his staff pieces together and resumed the fight. He quickly descended upon the blinded demon, and ran one of his flaming blades straight through its middle. The demon cried out in pain as hell fire raced up its body, falling back and pulling itself free of Jake's blade.

Its companion, recovering from the full blast of lightning, began to charge Jake. Five gunshots suddenly rang out, halting the fight all together. Jake looked to the source of the sound, and saw Leah standing with his revolver, the barrel smoking with a thin wisp of gray smoke.

"Humans. Why must they always interfere with things they do not understand?" asked the demon.

"Because they are the tipping point, they very thing which one of us wins and the other loses," replied Jake, looking at Leah with pride and something else, an emotion she couldn't quite make out. Seeing an opportunity, the demon stepped toward Jake, raising its blade.

"Jake! Look out!" shouted Leah. Without taking his eyes off her, Jake blocked the demons blade, and proceeded to slice clean through its mid section, killing it. It was then that she saw the emotion in his eyes: it was love. He loved her; otherwise he wouldn't have gone through all of that just to rescue her.

"What now?" she asked, suddenly unsure of herself. Jake extinguished the fire and collapsed the blades.

"Now, we leave this God forsaken hole," he replied.