Chapter One: Tardy


She had woken up at 7:26.

She was supposed to be GONE by 7:26, but of course she'd woken up late. Usually her stepbrother, Santino would've gotten her up but he had to be at school earlier than normal. The older sibling had to tutor the lowerclassmen students, and as a result, the young girl had no ride to school.

"Just perfect," she mumbled, "fan-fucking-tastic. Not only did I not have enough time to get ready this morning, but now i'm going to have to hear this old hag bitch and nag..."

Walking fast and swearing even faster, she finally made it to her desination: First Period. One of her least favorite classes. Taking a deep breath and tucking her earbuds into her hoodie, Danielle Moreno opened the door...

Melissa sat quietly in her classroom, anxious of how this day would turn out. Her index finger slowly circling her thigh, tracing the stitching in her light blue jeans. The young redhead's mind was flooded with thoughts and worries about this new place. A new school, a new home, a new country ? Did she dress the part ? Could they tell she was an outsider ? Melissa layed her head down on the desk and closed her eyes. Why couldn't she just be back in Edmonton with her mum and dad?

Mum and Dad..

Just the thought of them made the poor girls heartache..but she couldn't start crying. No, not now..the last thing she needed was to be known as "the new girl who cried for her mummy and daddy on the first day of school". As she began to sit up and regain her composure, she heard a voice.

"Um, excuse me, are you lost or something?", the voice was coming from above her, she could hear the mock concern in the voice. The voice sounded...bitchy. Melissa wasn't one to curse but she couldn't find any other way to describe it. Looking up to see the face that matched the venemous voice, she was taken aback by what she saw.

The girl was...

'Absolutley gorgeous..' Melissa thought to herself.

And right she was.

The girl had curly, shoulder length, black hair which was covered by a grey beanie. Her piercing, almond shaped eyes were a deep, dark brown. So deep you could get lost in. Based on the girl's lightly tanned skin, and nose structure, Melissa assumed she was of hispanic descent. Her facial expression gave off a slightly annoyed look, but she was pretty nonetheless. She had a lean, athletic looking body, gifted with a rack of about 36D ? The redheaded girl guessed. They were round, and well supported..although the blue and grey striped hoodie she wore didn't allow much to be shown.

"You're in my seat.", the dark haired girl's curt voice broke into her thoughts.

", i'm sorry. I had no idea.", Melissa said, the panic noticible in her voice. Her normally yellowish skin turned red, realizing that she'd just been staring at the dark haired girl's chest for quite a while. Embarassed, the young freckled girl quickly grabbed her napsack and stood up out of the other's seat. She made sure to avoid eye contact with her antagonist as she headed to the back of the room, hoping to find an empty seat. Upon finding one she sat down against the heating vent and was greeted by her new "neighbor".

"Hey,'re new right ?" the boy asked.

"Yep, that's right.", she responded politely, taking moment to look him over.

He was a pale, skinny young man with thin, black glasses around his long, slender nose. His black and blonde highlighted hair gave him a punk rock sort of look. He was actually quite cute.

'As far as boys go', Melissa chuckled to herself.

"Cool," he mumbled nervously before turning back to his seat and facing the teacher. Was he blushing ? Sometimes the freckled girl forgot the effect she had on boys.

Aaron peered over at the stunning redheaded girl that had sat next to him. He couldn't help but feel flustered when he talked to her. He noticed that she had been checking him out too.

'This could be my chance...', Aaron thought to himself, 'Well..she seems to be interested'.

If only he knew..

Danielle sat in her seat, furiously tapping her pencil against her desk. She couldn't believe the nerve of that girl, sitting in her desk and when she tried talking to her the girl didn't even bother to make eye contact.

'She's probably just some snob,' the darkhaired girl decided, 'Mommy and Daddy must be going through some rough times if she's living here. I mean based on her looks she must be new to the area...God. I'm sick of all these rich people invading this neighborhood.'


There was the bell, and Danie was off it, leaping at the sound of it. She was finally going to be able to meet up with her friends in 2nd Period. Her period of boredom, surrounded by idiots was over!

That was until she felt a tap on her shoulder ..

"Whoa, whoa whoa, not so fast Ms. Moreno."

Danie rolled her eyes while slowly turning to face her Math Teacher, Ms. Bryers. was a middle aged divorcee of about 46 or so years. Due to her lack of a social life, she wasn't one to let the rules go unfollowed. Even a minor infraction such as tardiness.

'Here comes the speech'..Danie thought sarcastically to herself.


"I believe you have American History next, right?"


"Well it just so happens that our new student," the older woman motioned at the young redheaded girl in the back of the room, "has that class next."

"Okay, so?".

"I'll be willing to look over your lateness this morning if you'd walk her to the next class."

Walk her ? That same girl who acted so snobbily and rude to her just last period? Sure, Danielle less than polite to her, but it was still no excuse for her attitude towards her. Right?

"Make it a week & i'll throw in a free tour," the young latina said with an arrogant smirk.

The tired old woman sighed and shook her head , "Sure, just make sure she doesn't get into any trouble. She's had enough trouble as it is, what with the move from England and all.."

England ? Well Danie DID have thing for brittish accents...