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"When am I ever even gonna use algebra in life, Miss?"

When you're working at McDonald's, trying to figure out how minimum wage will be able to support your homeless, starving ass.

Ms. Breyers hated her job, she really did. It's not like she was the only one, though. All the other teacher's loathed their jobs just as much as she did, she was just the only teacher who didn't bother to hide it by plastering a false smile upon her face. No, not her. She'd sulk and wallow in her own self-pity until death cast its shadow upon her. And by the amount of vodka stored in the old Poland Spring bottles she carried around each day, that day might come soon enough.

Looking at her email, she saw the roster for detention. Lucky her, she would be monitoring it after school.

There goes my down time (as if she even had any).

As Ms. Breyers scrolled down the list, she began to fetch the passes to write up the slips. Once done, she proceeded to walk slothfully down the aisles of desks, handing out the bright pink slips like they were candy as she went.

"Mark, Jasmine, Amani, Rodrico... Jeremiah and Miguel, not a surprise... (Both boys slapped hands in joy as they grabbed their slips.), and.. umm.. wow. Here's a new one. Ms. Thames."

Melissa Thames?

No not me, the redhead thought as she turned her head up to speak, "Ms. Breyers, I think there's been some sort of mistake. I don't see what I could've done to be listed in detention."

"Well it says here next to your name that this was a result of your little nutcracker reinactment that occurred earlier this week."

Several snickers and giggles emerged throughout the classroom. The "nutcracker scene" that Ms. Breyers was referring to was when Melissa kicked Aaron in his manhood. In front of a crowd of jeering and cheering students. It wasn't something that she usually did (or had ever done, for that matter), but the boy had gotten a little too close to her and she.. well..

Put her foot down (Quite literally, in fact). It wasn't her fault Aaron's junk happened to be there...

This "spur of the moment" thing, as Melissa liked to call it, had gone viral throughout the school. Thus making it the school's new hot topic.

Getting her mind back on track, Melissa spoke up again, "But I spoke to Mr. Osmond about it, he said that I wasn't going to get a punishment..."

"Coughh.. LyingBitch... Coughh!"

Aaron, who was also in the room, rolled his eyes. It was him that took a blow to his balls, after all! And not the good kind.

Ms. Breyers inhaled slowly, turning to address both students.

Aaron, shut the fuck up.

"Aaron, be quiet. I'm sorry Miss Thames, but the list says what the list says. There's honestly nothing I can do about it. Here's your slip."

As Melissa took the pink square out of the older woman's hands (Snatched, actually), she began to shake with nervousness.

She'd never gotten detention before (Then again, she never performed "the nutcracker" on someone either). How would she explain all of this to her uncle? He was pretty naive to her recent behavior, but that didn't mean anything. Schools often call homes to inform the parents of things like this. She'd gotten out of a suspension (just barely) due to the threat of a lawsuit. What was she going to do to prevent the main office from calling home? Blackmail the secretaries as well?

Melissa's paranoid ponderings began to get the best of her, that is until she heard a certain name...

"Danielle Moreno? Why am I not surprised," Danie gave her math teacher that trademark smirk of hers, taking the slip oh-so-calmly, "You better actually show up this time Moreno, I'm telling you." The dark-haired latina nodded her head, her face going solemn for the moment.

Well at least someone I.. er.. kinda know will be there...Melissa thought.

Once Ms. Breyers turned around her lip curled into that devious smile again. Taking a closer look at her attitude, Melissa began to realize that the darker haired girl wasn't going to serve detention. Her cocky smirk and casual behavior said it all, she had no intention of showing up.

This made Melissa's heart sink, lower than it had when she received her pink slip.

She sort of...wanted Danie to go to detention. Maybe Danie would notice her all alone, and approach her. Maybe she'd sit next to her. Who knows, maybe she'd even talk to her.

Hah, as if.

Danielle has better things to do than talk to me, after all she does have friends.

Sitting in her seat, paranoid as hell, the tiny freckled girl continued with class. Forced to be content with her punishment: Detention.

And she'd be serving it alone.

As she was making her way through the bustling hallway, frantic thoughts began clouding Melissa's mind. The tiny redhead was on her way to lunch, but was in no hurry to get there. To her, every second that ticked by just brought her a second closer to her dreaded detention. As usual, Melissa was completely wrapped up in her own web of thoughts. So much so she wasn't even looking where she was going.

"Ouch, Gahhh! You stepped on my heel, fuck!", Screamed the person in front of her. He quickly turned around to see who in the hell stepped on his snea-

"What the hell, du-Oh hey there." His emotion quickly went from pissed off to cheerful.

"Um ...hello? Haha." Melissa was a bit confused as to why the strange boy's emotion had changed so quickly. Most people would throw a major bitch fit if someone stepped on their heel. Why didn't he?

Melissa started to quickly (and discretely) size the boy up.

He was taller than Melissa by at least a foot. Skinny, but not lanky. His sea green colored eyes matched his auburn hair well. He wasn't a ginger though, Melissa noticed, his skin was without a single freckle. The freckled girl became slightly jealous of the boy for his skin, it was smooth looking and of fair complexion. (Much unlike her own pale, freckled skin. His face was also very pre-pubescent, childlike almost.

Thinking back, Melissa remembered she'd seen him around school. She just wasn't quite sure who he was, or where she had seen him before.

"Hey, I'm Spanky," he said extending his hand forward. She took the tip of his finger and shook it slightly, Melissa wasn't really big on physical contact.

"Spanky? Haha, that's an odd name."

"It's actually Spencer, but that's what my friends call me. It's been my nickname ever since kindergarten, haha. You're probably wondering, 'why Spanky, right'? Well let's just say I wasn't the best behaved child.. hehe." He gave the tiny, freckled girl a playful wink as he said that. It was a stupid joke, but she couldn't help but laugh. His boyish looks matched his childish behavior perfectly. Spencer seemed like a pretty likeable guy...

But he's a guy nonetheless, the last thing Melissa needed was another Aaron fiasco.

Noticing they were in the midst of hallway traffic, they slid to the side and began walking.

"I think I know you from somewhere...oh wait! I got it, you're that girl that kicked that Aaron guy in nuts!"

Oh great.

Had this "nut-shot" incident made her into a local celebrity?

"Yep, that's me. "The nutcracker", as my Algebra teacher referred to me." Damn near everyone in school knew about her and Aaron's fight, (if kicking someone in the groin and walking away counts as a fight) and it had only been two days.

"Weren't you his girlfriend or something?", Spencer asked, looking down at the smaller girl.

"No, haha. That's not true. We were just friends."

"Well that's not what he said...well not him per say, I mean like the people, well not everyone. Just the gossipers, ya know?"

"Gossipers? Oh god my business must all over the school..."

"Hah, I wouldn't worry about that, in like two weeks Blanco'll get into a fight with someone and your 'Aaron Incident' will be old news."

God, did she hope so.

"So'd you get in trouble for it?", Spencer asked. He was a bit curious about his fellow redhead. After all, anyone who makes a killer nutcracker move like that must be awesome, right? Sure she played shy, but this little ginger was really a fiery vixen. She was just waiting for someone to unleash her.

"Yes, unfortunately. The 'Aaron Incident' earned me a detention. God I really don't wanna go..."

"Then don't."

"Don't?", the smaller girl asked, wondering how he could just say that so calmly.

"Yeah, don't. I skip detention all the time," he said, casually flipping his auburn hair.

"W-What about the security guards.. or the principal.. won't they know you didn't show up?"

"Ehh...not really. Haha," the boy began to let out a carefree laugh, "Hate to break it to ya red, but we're not in England anymore. This is the inner city, principals here don't care about things like that. He's got more important things to focus on, like drug abuse among students, or gang violence in the halls, or some shit. With that much on your plate, you wouldn't be too focused on a couple idiots who skipped detention."

"But what if they call home-"

"They only do that for suspensions."


"But, but but! Listen gingy," he was now grabbing Melissa's shoulders in an attempt to calm her anxiety, "you won't get caught, okay?"

"Um, you sure?"

"Positive. I'm guessing you've never ditched before.."

"Ahh.. nope," the tiny redhead lowered her head in shame. God she was such a straight arrow!

"Do you want to?" Spencer asked, lowering himself to make eye contact with the smaller girl.


"Trust me Red, you want to. It's clear from that whole "Aaron" thing that you're no angel. You've got quite the temper, honey."

"I do not have a temper!" Melissa loudly objected. Spencer raised his eyebrow as if to give her a sarcastic, 'oh really?' look. She caught herself and said, "Sorry, I'm just a little ..."

"Stressed?" To this Melissa just nodded her head, not trusting her own mouth, "Yeah, you need to skip. It'll give you a chance to relax, clear out your brain. Think. All that good stuff."

Relax? Melissa pondered that for a moment.. she did need relaxation to focus in school...

I mean it's going to help me in the long run, right?, Melissa tried to convince herself, I just won't think of it as skipping a punishment...it'll be an um... ah, avoiding certain death? All those thugs and troublemakers in there, I could get hurt. Plus I think that Jeremiah boy is there...he might try to...flirt with me or something.

That sent a cold, unpleasant shiver down her spine.

Besides I didn't deserve the damned detention anywa-

"Well gotta go, Red. Tell me how your skipping escapades go sometime, kay?" He began to walk away.

"Where you going!" Melissa said frantically, she didn't want her new acquaintance to leave just yet.

"With me.", said an oh-so-stoic voice answered. Melissa recognized that voice anywhere.

Danielle Moreno made her way down the staircase, beanie and book bag in hand.

"Ready to go Spanky?"

"Totally," stopping to acknowledge Melissa, he said, "Wanna join us for lunch, gingy?"

"Lunch? Um, sure."

"C'mon then," Spencer put his arm around the orange haired girl, turning her around, "I'm starving."

"Same," Danie chimed

"Ah, guys," Melissa said looking back, "Isn't the cafeteria that way?"

This question elicited a series of chuckles and laughter from both Spanky and Danie.

"Who ever said we were going to eat in the cafeteria..?"

Not going to the cafeteria? Who, whoa, whoa!

"Wait, then how are we eating...?,"Melissa began, nervously, " And why are going through this staircase?"

"Shhhh!" Danie whispered angrily, "You're gonna get us caught."

"Danie's right. Lay low, Red."

"Can I at least know where we're going?"

"Spence's house. We have to meet up with Frank first."

Frank? How big was this group gonna be? Surely they'd get caught, walking in a crowd...

At least that's what Melissa thought.

The trip to Spanky's house went far smoother than Melissa initially expected. It was kind of fun, actually. Spencer and Danie's constant bickering and playful banter made for great entertainment. She was the 3rd wheel for a bit until they got Frankie, who began chatting with Melissa. He was insistent upon talking about her nutcracker scene and even asked for an autograph. By the time they got to the redheaded boy's house, the 4 teenage truants were all exhausted.


"Mario Kart."


"Mario Kart."



Melissa watched as Spencer and Danie went back and forth, arguing over yet another trivial thing. The orange haired girl was beginning to believe the two of them did it for attention.

"Mario Kart is better, everyone can play!" Spencer argued, popping the disk into the Wii.

"No, Netflix! We can watch a movie or something! Besides, it wouldn't be fair to Gingersnaps over here because you don't have enough remotes." Danie shook her head matter-of-factly as she waved a fourth Wii remote above his head.

"Gimmie back my shit Danie! Jeezus Christ, are you PMS'ing again already?" Danie began running around the living room, Spanky quick behind her. He wanted his remote, and bad. It was unfair that the dark haired girl called the shots wherever she went, including his own home.

"Ohh Spencey..." Danie called out in a sing-songy voice, "Lookie, lookie.

That bitch!

She was letting the remote hang over the garbage can.

Oh HELL no, Fuck outta here!

As the two hooligans ran around the living room, Melissa just sat on the couch, in the middle of it all.

Wondering why she had even listened to them. Going off to some boy's home, she just met that Spencer kid today! (As if this was the first time she'd entered a strangers home) What kind of girl just allowed herself to be so easily persuaded? Melissa wasn't a follower, was she?

Come with us, they said...it would be fun, they said. The freckled girl just rolled her eyes, hoping things would get better.

Frankie heard quite a commotion coming from the living room.

"Sounds like Spanky and Danie are at again," Frankie chuckled, shaking his head slightly, "Oh them and their antics..!"

Grabbing 4 cans of soda and the bags of chips, he headed towards the living room.


Dammit, he dropped a can of soda. This was the main thing he hated about Snack Duty, he had to juggle all the items at once. Examining the can, he only saw a couple of dents. It was a minor injury, he decided.

"Snacks guys..."

"I said...Snacks Guys!"

No one listened. Danie and Spencer were still bickering and Melissa was just sitting on the couch. Frustrated, Frankie sat on the other side of the couch. He offered Melissa a soda, who politely declined. She was too enthralled in the debate going back and forth between the auburn and the brunette.

All of this over a stupid game? Typical Danielle and Spencer.., He thought.

"Son of a bitch!", Danie yelled as Spencer snatched the remote from her, pushing her slightly. The latina lost her footing and began to stumble over the coffee table, she grabbed Spencer, determined to take him down with her.


The room shook as the snacks fell off the table, and onto the floor.


A hissing sound emerged from the soda can.

Oh, crap. Frankie thought, That sounds like the sound of a-


Soda began spraying everywhere from the can, apparently the dented soda can wasn't as durable as he had thought. Upon falling, the dent ruptured, causing the soda to explode over Danielle and Spencer.

"Why are you yelling at me? You're the one who dragged me down and got me wet!"

Melissa was trying to suppress it, but she couldn't. She didn't want Danie or Spencer to spazz at her but she didn't care. It was just too funny. She let one giggle slip, and once she started, she couldn't stop.

"Hahahaha! You.. you.. pfft...you're wet haha!"

Frankie began to laugh as well, "Hehe! Spencer got Danie wet. Hahaha!."

Spencer couldn't help but laugh at that, he nudged Danie's side and said, "Guess I did get you wet, didn't I? Haha."

"Haha, very funny Spence." Danie wanted to laugh as well, her face tried to hide it but she was cracking up inside, "Shut up Spence before I go to Thailand on your sack again."

Covering his crotch in mock fear, he said, "You know I like it rough.. hahaha!"

The room was now a ruckus of laughter and guffaws as Danie began hitting Spencer playfully. With every hit, Spencer just moaned, causing more laughter to the group. Danie saw Frankie laughing it up with Melissa when a wicked joke popped into her head.

"Hey Frank. Think fast."


The half full can of cola went flying towards Frankie, he fumbled trying to catch it and it spilled on himself.

"What the...haha hahah.. pfft..!"

In surprise, he tossed the can out of his way, and in Melissa's direction. The can dropped on her lap, spilling on her cardi and jeans as well as well.

"Ahh, Frank, my cardigan!" Melissa screamed, her voice still giggling.

"Oh shit, haha. Danie got everyone wet haha."

"Shut up Spanky," she replied, poking his chest, "you know we can see your nipples, right?"

"Crap," Spence said stoically, "Guess I better strip..."

"No!" Danie yelled, pushing Spanky aside, "No one wants to see your pale, bony ass. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going in your room and change, better hope i find a shirt or your ass is mine!"

"Whatever. Just don't take my t-shirts, take Clyde's." Spencer began to take off his shirts when Melissa abruptly stood up.

"I think I should go..."

"Oh, me stripping awky?"

No, shit.

"Just a little."

"Well sorry about that. And your cardi. Feel free to change, too. I'm sure the shirts'll fit'chu."


"Ahh.. umm ..With Danie...?"

"Sure. I mean you're both girls, right? Should be no big deal."

No big deal. Riiiiight...

Changing in the room with smoking hot latina that I've had a slight crush on for the past few months? Melissa though, This is only bound to end in a disaster.

Knock. Knock.

"It's Melissa.. I er.. need to..um.. change."

"Sure." The door opened up to reveal a topless Danielle, rummaging through the draws for a shirt.

Melissa couldn't help but stare as she walked in to the room, zombie like. Her eyed glues to the Latina's tan, wiry body.

"Aren't you gonna change, freckles?" Danie asked, handing the redhead a t-shirt.

"Oh.. um ..right." She placed the shirt on the bed as she started to remove her cardigan.

Danie watched the smaller girl remove her clothing ever so slowly. Her eyes began scrolling up and down her petite body.

Not an ounce of fat on her, Damn I wish my body was like th-wait. Why am I even looking at her, I'm not gay or anything..

Uh oh, those feelings Danie tried to suppress were coming up again..

When Melissa finally removed wet, wet cardi, Danie let out a sigh of relief. It was sticky and uncomfortable. What made her even more so was the fact that she was in the room with her.


As she removed her soda stained blouse, she snuck quick looks at the dark-haired girl. Danie was still topless, even after she found a t-shirt. It seemed to Melissa like she was doing it on purpose.. as if Danie WANTED her to look. Everything she did seemed teasing to Melissa. Her lust level was always on high when she was around the other girl.

It it's her body, Melissa decided, I'm just attracted to her physically is all.

When Melissa was fully dressed and put the t-shirt on, she looked up at Danie. Who was staring..?

No, why would she be staring, let's not fool ourselves here, Melly. Why on earth would she be staring at me?

"Um, I'm done."

Huh? What? Danie snapped out of it again.. she just couldn't help but notice how flat the redheaded girl's stomach was. And the curve in her hips sent a shiver throughout the Latina's body.

And yes, the good kind.

"Me too. Um, lemme go."

"Sure, you first?"

"Nah, you can go. I'll um, follow behind." Her eyes began to wander down Melissa's body.

There it is again, Melissa thought she is staring...

At me?

Oh god..

Suddenly, everything went 'click' in Melissa's brain.

The odd behavior towards Melissa whenever they were alone. The way Danie acted. The fact that Danie was one of the prettiest, no scratch that hottest girls in school, yet didn't have a boyfriend. Her tomboyish attire...the fact that her two best friends were GUYS...

Danie's a dyke...

And she was just as attracted to Melissa as Melissa was to her!

"Holy Shit!" Melissa exclaimed, her shock took over her so much that she stumbled backwards. Tripping over one of Clyde's (Spencer's brother) stray sneakers, the surprised redhead lost her footing.


A sudden crash sounded throughout the bedroom as Melissa landed on top of a blushing Danie

"Ow! Fuck! Get offa me!"


"What was that?", Spencer barged open the door, praying none of his brother's things broke. He opened the door to find both girls, on top each other. Entangled in each other's bodies.

"Oh...my," Spencer's eyes were as wide as saucers, "I didn't know you two were um...busy.. haha."

"It's not what it looks like...at all."