You're in your bed, fast asleep,

dead to the world, and dreaming deep.

The howling wind could cut to the bone,

If only you knew that you aren't alone.

As shadows dance across your wall,

a freezing rain begins to fall.

Thunder starts to snarl and howl,

your sweet dreams end, and nightmares prowl.

I stalk closer to your bed,

as wondrous terrors dance through your head.

I smile at you, and caress your cheek,

for only you hold what I seek.

Your fear my food, your terror drink,

as farther into my abyss you sink.

From your dreams you'll never wake,

your mind and will, I'll surely break.

The end is near, its grip is tight,

you try to escape, you thrash and fight.

I smile softly, for you shall never see,

that it's impossible for you to be free.

For I dwell within the depths of your mind,

and I am sure that you shall find.

I will always exist, always be here,

there's no way to escape your fear.

AN- Hey, this is just something that crawled into my head and died today, I had planned on it being a series of short/not so short semi scary poems with a theme of nightmares/childhood fears. Please let me know if you want me to post more of the series, or if I should let it go with this. Constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks :)