I am

By: Jackie Atkins

I am the growling in the gloom,

that proclaims approaching doom.

I am the creaking in the hall,

and the shadow on your wall.

I am the darkness underneath your bed,

the feeling when all hope has fled.

I am the blackness of the night,

hiding monstrous things from sight.

I am the sadistic grin that glares,

from the space beneath the stairs.

I am the thing in the attic you fear,

that sinister groaning you dread to hear.

I am the wind on a midnight cold,

singing songs so chillingly old.

I am the wailing of creatures unknown,

turning your pounding heart to stone.

I am the rasp of your closet door,

as it slides across the floor.

I am the fiend that dwells therein,

eager for the fun to begin.

I am the fear,

the icy sensation.

I am always here,

your imagination!

Hey, whats up? Sorry for not finishing this sooner, life took a few unexpected turns for me, and thats all I have to say about that :) Anyhoo, I just wanted to know, do you think that this should be the last chap, or should I try and continue it now that I have some time? Let me know in the reviews, please. A big Thanks to all the wonderful people who actually still read this! Please R&R