I am not a prejudiced person. But I also am. It's kind of weird to say, but I like to think of myself as a kind person, even though I am one for sarcastic jokes and humor. But there's one thing that always gets me, and from me, practically the Queen of Jokes, I don't find this funny.

"Oh my God, you're a Mexican, you have marijuana!"

I find that to be extremely offensive, even though I am not Mexican myself. I guess I'm a bit biased, having been to Mexico, but even though I had only been there for one week, I found them to be some of the nicest people I have ever met, and I'm from the United States.

True, there are the beheadings and the drug dealers there, but really? Thinking all Mexicans have drugs and kill people just because of the actions of some, not the whole population, is just stupid. I have no other way to say it. It's just stupid.

And for all who are thinking that this is coming from an adult's mouth, I am actually fourteen years old. Surprising?

Now on to Muslim people. Not all Muslim people are terrorists. Like seriously, I'm not sure whether to be angry or to laugh when people are scared of Muslim people who are American citizens just like you or me. Yes, there are some Muslims or Middle Eastern people who target the United States, but like I said above with Mexican people, they are not just suddenly going to kill us.

I am surrounded by people who call each other Mexicans or Muslims as jokes, and I don't find them funny. I get upset when I hear those jokes. My own parents say to be cautious around Muslim people! I don't say anything to them, but in my head, I laugh, because honestly, for me to be less racist than them is sad. I refuse to be scared of people who haven't done anything to me.

So I guess I'm not prejudiced. I could be, in some topics, but not in race or religion. I'm not saying that there aren't Mexican people or Muslim people who are bad, but when you think about it, not all Americans are all sugar and spice either. So I guess the point of this "essay" was to say that Mexican and Muslim jokes aren't funny, people shouldn't judge them all because of the acts of a few (by few I don't mean just four), and that it's just sad that American citizens are scared of fellow American-Muslim citizens.


I hope I wasn't too harsh and that nobody was offended, but I thought that I had to get it out there. Please review!