Finally! Rewriting this first chapter took FOREVER. Yeah, I realized that I sucked at detail and descriptions back in fifth grade. There are some parts that will be a lot of fun to rewrite, and a lot that will just drag through. But yeah. Reviews would be greatly appreciated~!

A young man ran into the room, his expression frantic. "Sir, the planet, it's-"

"I know."

"What are we going to do, sir?"

"Calm down Belvedere. Now, I have a little mission for you. I need you to go find the Guardians."

"But they could be scattered all over the universe! By the time I find them, the planet will have become an asteroid!"

"Stop exaggerating, Belvedere. As prophesized, all eleven Guardians are on Earth. Look for the Creator; the Warrior; the Nukorient; the Lesoono; the Cresonu; the Sameratsu; the Dragon; the Corressent; the Artasi; the Takishima; and the Foriana. By the time you find each one, they will have a stone."

"B-But sir…"

"Go." He raised His hand, and a portal opened, sending Belvedere to Earth.

"I wish something exciting would happen." The raven-haired girl muttered as her black knee-length boots trudged through the tall grasses of the meadow. Her long black dress swished in time to the swaying of her long hair, her bangs just brushing the top of deep-set gray eyes.

Christa Maxwell sighed, crossing her arms and stopping. Out of the corner of her eyes, she spotted something dark, the color standing out among the bright shades of green and violet. She bent over, picking up a smooth black stone.

Soon after she straightened out again, a large, depthless black hole tore a seam into the sky. Wind whipped around as Christa clutched the stone in shock, the rock feeling as cold as a night breeze. A disfigured shape tumbled out of the sky, landing with a thud at her feet. It was an old, tan sack, something struggling inside it. The bag suddenly opened up, and Christa took a step back warily.

Ruffled white hair shook slightly as a boy of about 13 pulled himself to his feet, brushing dirt and grass off his white dress shirt and black pants. He tugged on his unbuttoned, fancy black jacket, before finally looking at the other with sparkling green eyes. "Hi. My name's Drake. Drake Sullivan."

Christa stared at the newcomer with a slack jaw, Drake looking back as if falling out of a hole in the sky was the most normal thing in the world. She took another step back, ready to run. "What the heck just happened? What was that hole?" Drake blinked in confusion, before bursting out in laughter. "W-What's so funny?" She snapped, glaring at the other boy.

"S-Sorry, but nobody has ever been so rude to me before. The 21st century really is different." Drake replied, regaining his composure. "Sorry about that. That 'hole' is called a portal. And I'm from the future."

After letting the information process, Christa cautiously held out her hand. "Christa Maxwell." Drake smiled, returning the handshake.

"Nice to meet you Christa."

Belvedere watched the two walk off, chatting animatedly. "Sir, I found Christa, the Nukorient, and Drake, the Foriana." Belvedere reported into the small, glowing stone in his hand. "The Nukorient has a black wishing stone, but there is no sign of a stone belonging to the Foriana."

"He has one, don't worry. I would like to hear back when you find the others. Thank you, Belvedere."

Christa and Drake climbed side by side up the marble steps of the large, 4-story building. "This is Lincoln middle school. Just warning you, if you get popular enough, a fan club will form. And it's not a good thing." Christa muttered the last part, jerking a thumb at some girls giggling over something. Drake snorted.

As Christa led Drake through the halls, they turned a corner, where someone crashed into them. "Sorry, but I'm in a hurry!" A female voice shouted, getting up immediately and sprinting out of sight.

"Wait! You forgot something!" Drake called, but she was already gone.

"What'd she forget?" Christa asked, looking over to see what was in his hand. The object was a smooth, purple stone about the size of his palm. In the middle was the carving of a single music note. Both Christa and Drake pulled out their own stone in unison, Christa's being the one she found in the field, and Drake holding a green stone with a clock carved in the middle. They looked at each other in surprise, then back to the stones, which were pulsing with a dim light.

2 hours later, a hand grabbed the white-haired boy's shoulder, and he turned to see a girl with blue/violet eyes, and long brown hair. "Have you seen a purple stone anywhere?" She asked frantically, in an almost lyrical tone.

"Yes, it's right here." He replied, pulling the object out of his pocket and handing it back to her. The girl took it back, smiling and relaxing.

"Oh, I didn't introduce myself, did I? I'm Adriane. Adriane Luckman."

"It's nice to meet you Adriane. My name is Drake Sullivan, and this is Christa Maxwell." Drake replied, smiling graciously, earning a raised eyebrow from Christa at the formality.

"So where did you get that stone?" Christa asked, effectively hiding how bad she wanted to know.

"My mom gave it to me. She said that she had found it in a studio." The brunette replied, pocketing the stone. "Why?"

"Well, Drake and I have something similar." The raven-haired girl replied, taking out the black stone in her skirt pocket, Drake following suit.

"Wow… Oh hey, I know! Why don't you guys come to hang at my house? You know, to thank you for finding my stone, and as an apology for crashing into you earlier!" Adriane asked excitedly, practically bouncing on the balls of her feet.


"If you see a lot of junk everywhere, it's from my dad; he's a song writer." Adriane warned as they stepped through the door.

"Wow." Christa muttered, raising her eyebrow.

Cluttering any form of a table was crumpled up papers, piles of it lying nearby, probably where a trashcan is buried under the mess. A messy pile of files and folders lay on a chair, different types of writing utensils poking out from under a couple of sheets. A small, overturned pot lay in the middle of the room, a few pens and pencils spilling from it.

"Why don't we head up to my room? It's cleaner up there." Adriane suggested, the trio picking their way through. They made it to the stairs, which were somewhat cleaner, and quickly ran up to the second floor. Adriane kept walking, past several doors-one of which had loud snoring coming from it-until she reached the end of the hall. A clean, white door was there, with a large poster that said: 'MUSIC IN PROCESS. STAY OUT.'

The guests stepped in, Adriane closing the door behind them. "I like your room." Drake said, picking up a rubix cube, seemingly fascinated with how it worked. Adriane looked at him strangely, but shrugged it off.

"Yeah, but this doll thing is kind of weird." Christa agreed, dragging something out of the closet. It looked just like a person, with long, silky auburn hair, and flawless skin, eyes closed as if it was sleeping. It-he, it was a male after all-wore a simple, loose white colonial shirt, without all the ruffles and frills, and simple, comfortable-looking black pants. His feet were bare.

"I don't remember having something like that…" Adriane murmured, looking at the doll with furrowed eyebrows.

"I would appreciate it if you put me down." The male, life-size doll muttered with an unfamiliar, barely traceable accent.

"IT TALKED!" The raven-haired girl screeched, dropping him harshly on the floor and stumbling backwards as quickly as she could.

"You could set me down nicely, at least." The doll grumbled as it stood up. Everyone backed up against the far wall, horrified looks on their faces. He turned to the trio, and bowed. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Belvedere, and I come from Korithia."

"K-Korithia?" Christa asked, still trying to recover from her initial shock. Belvedere looked her in the eye, and her vision became blurry as she tried to discern the mysterious swirl of colors that made up his eyes. It shifted from blue to turquoise to green, then to red and orange, and then brown and gray.

"Korithia is what you would call the Kingdom of God, or Heaven. Scientifically, of course, it is technically a planet. Some prophets from other planets call it the Kingdom of Two Moons."

"Right… So, why are you in my room?" Adriane asked, beginning to feel brave enough to peel herself off the wall and step closer.

"I am currently on a quest to find the 11 Guardians of Korithia, and I needed a place to rest." Belvedere replied, almost a bit snappily.

"11 Guardians? Who are they?" Drake asked-forgetting about the fact that the strange man was an alien camping out in a girl's room-and relaxed, stepping closer.

Christa is the Nukorient, with the power of the night; Adriane is the Sameratsu, with the power of sound; and you, Drake, are the Foriana, with the power over time." Belvedere replied, pointing at each of them in turn.

"Huh?! But… why us? Don't we get to choose?" Christa questioned, slightly miffed.

"'You are chosen as a Guardian, but it is your choice as to whether or not you will carry out that role, and how you choose to wield it." The three gave him confused looks, and the 'alien' sighed. "Let me explain some. You each have a stone, correct?" They all nodded, pulling out their stones to show him. "Your stone is how you channel your power. Christa owns a Wishingstone, Drake a Timestone, and Adriane a Tunestone." He explained, pointing to the stones.

"But what about the other Guardians? What are their powers?" Adriane asked, looking back and forth between the Korithian and her tunestone.

"You'll find out about their powers when you meet them. The other Guardians are the Creator, Warrior, Lesoono, Cresonu, Dragon, Aratsi, Corressent, and Takishima."

"Okay, so… where are the others exactly?" Christa asked, butting in.

"I don't know. That's why I have a little favor to ask of you three."


"I need you to help me find the 8 remaining Guardians."

"I still don't know how we're supposed to find eight guardians." Complained the white-haired boy as the three trudged down the hallway to lunch.

"He explained it ten times. How could you not get that?" Drake just shrugged. Christa took out her stone, watching it as it began pulsing with a silver light.

"Nice rock." Came an almost sarcastic voice from behind them. Short, brown hair framed the brown-orange eyes of a rather… short boy. "So is that thing powered by batteries? The Sun?" He asked, stepping closer to get a better look.

"N-Neither." Christa replied, closing her hand around the light, and shoving it in her pocket. The brunette turned to a different topic, this one being Drake's hair.

"Kids in middle school don't have white hair. Did you dye it?"

"Look, kid, you're asking way too many questions. We don't have time for a sixth grader like you." Adriane interrupted, grabbing her friends by the arms to drag them away.

"Excuse me, but I'm in seventh grade. I have gym with your bleach-haired friend." The brunette snapped. Adriane looked questioningly at Drake, who nodded in confirmation.

"He's right. His name is Max Sondray."

Max gave Adriane something close to a glare, taking his hands out of his pockets. As he did so, an orange stone fell out, clattering to the ground. Before he had a chance to grab it, Christa was on it, picking it up and examining it. The stone was of an orange color, and relatively the same as her own, but with a sword carved in the middle.

"Where'd you get this?" She asked, and Max looked away nervously.

"A-Antique store."

"Really? Cause we have one too." The Nukorient, Foriana, and Sameratsu pulled out their own stones, pulsing in time with Max's.

"W-Woah… They're all blinking…!"

Adriane grinned. "Come to my house after school. We'll tell you all about it."

"So?" Max asked, crossing his arms as the quartet stood in Adriane's room.

"Well… You're a Guardian of Korithia."

"Korithia? What's that?" He asked, raising an eyebrow with a skeptical look.

"Actually, we don't know much, since we just learned about this yesterday ourselves. We have a Korithian that can explain it for you, though." Adriane jerked a thumb at her closet, where a sleepy looking Belvedere came out of.

"…Why is there a guy sleeping in your closet?"

"Oh, I see you found the Warrior." The Korithian muttered, rubbing his eyes as he straightened his composure. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Belvedere."

"Warrior? Can someone explain what's going on?" Max asked again, exasperation beginning to seep through his voice.

"Ah, yes, well… Korithia, you see, is the Kingdom of God, and a select few Guardians are chosen to protect it. Like guardian angels, you could say. The current generation-you all-has eleven. We currently have Christa the Nukorient, Drake the Foriana, Adriane the Sameratsu, and now, you Max, the Warrior." He explained, looking at Max with an almost matter-of-fact look.

"…Okay…" Max muttered, rubbing his head.

"If it helps any, my hair's white because I'm from the future." Drake joined in, rubbing his head sheepishly.

"So having white hair at a young age becomes a natural thing in the future?"

"Not exactly… I traveled through time without the right equipment, causing me to age irregularly, thus making my hair turn white with age." Max looked at him with the same disbelieving look he had given the others.

"Can someone show me some proof of all this?" He asked, sighing.

"Fine. How about this?" Belvedere sighed. "Find the rest of the Guardians, and I'll take you to see Korithia for yourself."

"Alright everybody! Let's get into our groups and start on the trail! Remember to stay on the trail!" The cheery voice of one of the counselors called out, before taking her own group out.

It was a 3 day weekend starting tomorrow for the students, and the 7th graders were on a field trip to one of the nearby nature preserves. The Guardians had been split up into 3 different groups: Christa in group 1, Drake and Max in group 2, and Adriane, who was supposed to be in group 3, was on a trip to Washington. The big group of students and teachers split into three, before each going in separate directions.

Christa trudged behind her group reluctantly, her eyes wandering to the woods. Something rustled in the trees, and she swore she saw a dark shadow, too big to be a bird. Giving it a wary glance, she decided to dismiss it and continued on.

The hike continued on for two hours, until the instructor finally permitted a rest in a small clearing with some benches. The group sighed with relief as they collapsed onto the benches and rocks, eager to rest their aching feet. As the instructor began telling them a story about some bears or whatnot, Christa herself snuck off into the woods, wanting something exciting.

"I wonder what that thing was from earlier…" She mumbled to herself, carefully stepping over a protruding root.

Something suddenly ran towards her, making her shriek. Christa stumbled on the root as she scrambled backwards, her back roughly hitting a tree trunk. The wind got knocked out of her, and she gasped for breath.

"What are you doing here?" His husky voice sounded as if he hadn't spoken in a long time, fiery red eyes glaring at her. He had slightly long, messy black hair that stuck up slightly in a strange direction, and wore loose dark clothes half-hidden by a torn cloak. One hand was shoved in his pocket, the other resting on the hilt of a sword. From the sword hung a pulsing red stone, a single flame engraved on it.

"I-I came here with my class on a trip." The Nukorient stuttered, still trying to figure out how to breathe normally.

"Then go back to your group. This is my forest." The raven-haired boy snapped, his posture threatening.

"The forest doesn't belong to anyone." Christa snapped back, standing up straight.

"Name yourself."

"Christa Maxwell." The boy smirked, and held out a hand. Christa stared at it, slightly irked by the other's attitude.

"Hunter Callat. You pass the test."

Max and Drake ran to catch up, not wanting to be left behind. The dense forest got the better of them, however, and they stopped, completely lost. "I knew we shouldn't have stopped to look at those things!" The white-haired boy exclaimed, glaring at Max.

"But they're so rare!" Max shouted back, taking a defensive stance. A long moment of silence passed as the two glared at each other. "Well? You're from the future, get us out of this mess." The brunette finally grumbled rather loudly.

"I don't know how. You're the smart one, you find a way back." Drake retorted. Max growled, before jumping the other one, effectively knocking both of them into the dirt. They began to roll around, punching and kicking and pulling hair.





"Stop fighting you two!" Grabbing both boys by the collar, he dragged them to their feet, forest-green eyes giving each a stern look. The newcomer had black hair trimmed and brushed neatly, and was wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans, with a turquoise jacket tied around his waist. "Well? What are you staring at? Move your feet, we need to catch up with the group." The boy started walking in the direction he came from, Drake and Max following after giving each other a strange look. "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Edgar Louis, an eighth grader that's helping out." He turned around briefly to give them a smile, before looking back in front of him.

"I-I'm Max."


"Nice to meet you guys. Drake, you're a transfer student, correct?" Edgar asked, once again looking over his shoulder briefly.

"Yeah." Drake answered awkwardly.

"Oh, well, anyways, the others are right there." Edgar stopped and pointed straight ahead. Both boys trotted up next to him, where group 2 was huddled around some plants on the ground.

"What are they looking at?" Max asked curiously.

"You were looking at them earlier. When you got us lost." Drake muttered, glaring accusingly at Max.

"Now don't you dare start with that again." Edgar scolded, waving his finger at them as if they were small children.

"Where did you get that stone?" Christa asked, gesturing to the red rock hanging from the other's sword.

"Oh, this? When I was a kid, there was a house fire. I found this in the remains while trying to find my dad." Hunter replied, a melancholic tone to his voice.

"S-Sorry." Christa murmured, eyes cast downward.

"It's fine. Go back to your group now, I think they're about to head back." He nodded towards the nearby path, where a cheery voice could be heard.

"Alright. If you'd like, you can come with me." Christa smiled apologetically, and Hunter shook his head.

"No, it's alright. I'll see you later. Oh, and don't tell anyone okay? About the fire, I mean." The Nukorient nodded in agreement, and the mysterious boy disappeared into the trees.

"Christa!" Max and Drake chorused, waving to get the girl's attention as they jogged over. Edgar wasn't far behind.

"Hey guys. Who's he?" She pointed at the raven-haired boy, who was standing a little ways off. "And why are you covered in dirt?"

"That's Edgar, we think he's a Guardian." Max answered, deliberately avoiding the other question. He waved the eighth grader over, who happily joined them. They had just exchanged greetings when a black, human-like shape jumped out from the trees.

"Gaah!" Both Foriana and Warrior shouted as they fell backwards in surprise. The figure was revealed to be a raven-haired boy wearing a torn cloak, a sword strapped to his side.


"Y-You know him?" Max stammered, pointing at the newcomer, who gave him a brief glare. Christa nodded.

"Yeah. Everyone, this is Hunter Callat. Hunter, this is Max, Drake, and Edgar." She gestured to each of them as she said their names, nodding in satisfaction after they had all exchanged handshakes and greetings. "Since Adriane's gone, why don't we go to my house Saturday?"

Ding-dong. "Mom! My friends are here!" The raven-haired girl rushed to the door, pulling it open to see the grinning faces of 4 boys. "Hey! I got a call from Adriane about an hour ago. She said she'd be here at noon." The five, led by Christa, marched up to her room.

The door itself stood out, for when Christa yanked it open, they could see several locks dangling from the side. The Nukorient offered no explanation as she led them inside, the gray carpet covered here and there with piles of clothes and various other things. The black walls were strewn with posters of bands, such as My Chemical Romance and Sum 41, as well as an oversized whiteboard covered in designs and sketches, hanging above the crimson-colored desk hidden under messy piles of papers, folders, journals and pencils and pens. The small bed in the corner had black and silver striped covers, and pillows of the same design. Near what must have been her closet was a rather big pile of Skelanimals and Furry Bones, in which Christa seemed to regard as 'cute'.

"Nice… room…" Max muttered, surveying the almost gothic chamber.

"Welcome back, everyone." The auburn-haired man calmly poked his head out of the pile of stuffed animal skeletons, seeming refreshed and awake. "I was just looking through your stuff and- Ack!" In a split second, and with the grace of a seasoned veteran, Hunter Callat had a long silver sword pointed at Belvedere's shocked face.

"Hunter, stop!" Christa, Max, and Drake shouted, rushing to Belvedere's rescue. The boy muttered an apology, obviously still not liking the stranger.

"Belvedere, this is Hunter Callat and Edgar Louis. Guys, this is Belvedere, he's an... alien from Heaven." Drake gestured back and forth as he introduced them.

"Korithia." Belvedere automatically corrected him. The other ignored him.

"Right…" Edgar muttered, still not believing them. "And this 'alien' here is supposed to help us on a magical quest to save some princess?" More than a few snickers were earned from that, and one disapproving glare from Belvedere. The Korithian waded his way out of the pile, coming to stand at his full height.

"Edgar Louis, correct? If I remember correctly, you have… parent issues, am I right?" Belvedere's eyes glittered with a known wisdom, as if he knew more. Edgar's eyes widened for a moment, before looking away.

"Fine, fine… I believe you." He muttered in defeat. Belvedere smirked, the almost intimidating aura disappearing almost immediately.

"Well then, now that that matter has been dealt with, I believe you all have a right to know who's who. Mr. Louis here is the Corressent, the Guardian of the earth. Hunter is the Dragon, the Guardian of fire." Both boys looked at the man in confusion. He opened his mouth to explain, when he was interrupted by a strange ringing coming from his pocket.

"E-excuse me, but will you all explain the situation while I take this?" He turned around, huddling over the glowing stone in his hand.

"How are things going?" Asked the deep voice coming from the stone.

"Yes. I have found 6 Guardians. Christa the Nukorient; Drake the Foriana; Adriane the Sameratsu; Max the Warrior; Hunter the Dragon, and Edgar the Corressent." He answered in reply.

"Good. I wish you the best of luck Belvedere." The stone stopped glowing, and Belvedere put it away.

"What was that all about?" The Guardians, who had apparently eavesdropped on the conversation, were huddled around Belvedere and staring curiously at him.

"I-It was nothing! A-And haven't your parents ever told you not to eavesdrop?!" He stammered nervously, waving his arms in dismissal. The doorbell rang from downstairs, distracting the kids and saving the Korithian from having to tell.

Christa raced downstairs, opening the door to see a certain brunette smiling cheerfully. "Hey Christa, find the other guardians yet?" Adriane Luckman asked.

"Yeah, Hunter Callat the Dragon, and Edgar Louis the Corressent." Christa replied, leading the Sameratsu upstairs. When everyone was seated and comfortable in the room, Drake exchanged introductions.

"Adriane, this is Hunter and Edgar. Guys, this is Adriane, the Sameratsu."

"Belvedere, do you know what kind of stones they have?" Adriane asked, playing with the smooth purple rock in her hands.

"Yes, Hunter has a firestone and Edgar an earthstone." Belvedere replied absently. "And you should really put those in a safer place than your pockets.

"Belvedere's right. Oh, I know! We should put them on a bracelet or something! My mom owns a handmade jewelry store, so we have lots of string and leather and such!" Christa sprinted downstairs before anyone could object, coming back a minute later carrying an overflowing box of leather, strings and threads, beads, chains, and a thousand other things. "Okay, let's get working!"

Everyone stared, amazed, as Drake fastened the object around his wrist. It was an old-fashioned, broken watch, now with the Timestone in the middle instead of the clock. "How did you do that?" Maz finally asked, breaking the silence.

"Oh, this? Easy. Just take out the centerpiece here, stick this screw here, fasten the stone into place with this and a few tweaks from some tweezers or something, rearrange this so that it fits the wrist more comfortably, make sure that this is still attached correctly, and you're done." He explained, pointing to various pieces along the watch. Max, though being the smart one, had no idea what he was talking about.

"Anyways, are we all done?" Everyone nodded. Christa had her stone fashioned on a black chain around her neck; Drake with his watch; Hunter's embedded into his sword's hilt; Adriane had hers on a green choker necklace; Max put his around his wrist, somewhat like a watch, though not as nice as Drake's; and Edgar had put his on a dog tag he wore.

"Hey Belvedere?" Asked Adriane.


"Do you know exactly how many girls and boys there are?"

"Um… I'm not actually entirely sure, but I believe there are approximately 5 females and 6 males in all."

"So… eleven Guardians then?" Belvedere nodded. "Hm. Oh, do you have any drinks Christa?"

"Yeah. I'll grab some snacks too, while I'm at it."

"Can you get some popcorn? I haven't had old-fashioned popcorn in years!" Drake piped up suddenly.


Christa had just gotten downstairs when she bumped into her mother, whom was holding a big tray of chips, popcorn, various sodas, ice cream, and several other snacks.

"It's food for you and your friends." The older woman explained. "Would you help me bring it up, Christa?" The girl nodded, taking a decent amount and carrying it back up the stairs, before shoving aside the many papers and journals on her desk, setting down the snacks. "Room service!" Christa's mother announced cheerily, and everyone immediately rushed for the desk, grabbing at the snacks. Drake himself grabbed the whole bowl of popcorn, stuffing it immediately in his mouth.

He hummed loudly in delight, taking another handful. "This is so much better than the stuff back home!" He muffled, mouth bursting with the food.

"Hey! Share will you?!" Max protested, as he and the others started tackling the Foriana for the food. Christa stood off to the side, watching them, before looking at her mom.

"…Thanks mom." She smiled wistfully. How long had it been since she's said that?

"No problem, honey. I'm just glad you're happy." Ms. Maxwell replied, smiling as well as she headed back downstairs.

"Last night sure was a party. Sorry about the mess, though, Christa." Drake yawned, stretching as he walked up to her in the school's front yard.

"Well, it was mostly your fault, you know."

"…I know." Adriane rushed up to the two at that moment.

"Hey! Sorry, but I won't be able to make it today. I promised to hang out with someone today."

"Well, a promise is a promise." Christa replied, shrugging. The two waved goodbye as Adriane ran off in a hurry.

"Psst! Guardians!" A certain Korithian's voice called out to them, from the bushes nearby. Reluctantly turning towards the voice, they spotted the man, along with Hunter, Edgar, and Max.

"Belvedere! What are you doing here?!" Christa hissed as she and Drake crouched in front of them.

"It's important!" The other insisted, pouting. "I was trying to see if I could find the rest of the Guardians using your jewels." He explained.

"So what did you find?"

"If my data is correct, the rest of the Guardians should be nearby, within the radius of the city. Hopefully, most of them will be at your school." Christa raised an eyebrow.

"I'm guessing that's not the only news."

"No. Actually, due to several factors, that just being one of the bigger ones, the Dragon shall be transferring into your school today."

"Everyone, quiet down!" The woman called, her long black hair pulled back. The class hushed almost immediately, turning towards her and the boy standing next to her. "This is Hunter Callat. Starting from today, he will be a student here at Lincoln. Please treat him no differently, and help him out when he needs it." She then turned towards Hunter. "Why don't you take a seat in that empty desk next to Max?" She pointed in the back, where Max waved hesitantly.

Hunter trudged towards the desk, gripping the sword at his side somewhat nervously. He could hear the girls squealing quietly as he passed them, and scowled somewhat.

"He's so cute!"

"Not as cute as Cody."

"Maybe they're related?"

He passed another desk-this one belonging to another boy-and the stone under his palm grew warm. For a moment, Hunter stopped, and the two stared at each other, though not in a friendly way. The other had soft-looking brown hair, styled in a way slightly more toned-down than Hunter's own unkempt hair, and stormy gray eyes that narrowed at the transfer. Finally, breaking the 'glare-off' he turned to the teacher, raising his hand.

"Mrs. Blackman, why does he have a weapon? I thought that was forbidden." He asked pointedly.

"His is a special case, Cody. He was given permission from the school board." The woman replied, and Hunter gave another glare at the brunette before continuing down the aisle and taking a seat next to Max.

It was after school that they clashed again.

"Hunter, when did you two become friends?" Edgar asked, watching a rather popular boy heading in their direction.

"More like enemies. You should have seen the way they looked at each other. I thought they would start fighting on the spot." Max replied, snorting somewhat in laughter.

"So the lone wolf has some friends." Cody sneered. "I didn't think anyone would want to hang out with someone like you." Hunter's eyes narrowed.

"What do you mean by that?" He growled.

"I've done my research. You're an orphan, and was later adopted by a drunkard. You ran away from that place within a week, and lived in the woods ever since. Just like a runaway puppy." Cody grinned, his expression getting more and more cocky.

"Leave him alone!" Drake shouted, stepping forward threateningly.

"Oh, a delinquent too? Bleached your hair, even, I see."

"I didn't-" Drake started, but Christa cut him off.

"Don't, Drake. That goes for you too, Hunter. Let's go." She ordered, dragging Drake away. The others followed, except for Hunter. "Hunter, let's go." Ignoring her, he lunged, landing a fist on the other.

"Hunter, stop!" Max called out as Cody returned the punch. Setting his sword aside, Hunter lunged again, but this time Cody was ready. Christa face-palmed as the two fought, yelling insults at each other.

"Both of you cut it out!" Came a stern voice, as a slightly taller boy pushed them apart easily. Edgar frowned at the two of them, before dragging them off towards the school building.

"…What's he going to do to them?"

It took Christa, Drake, Adriane, and Max together to drag Hunter to school the next day. "C'mon Hunter!" Christa pulled harder. "Stop sulking! Whatever happened couldn't have been that bad!"

"I feel like I'm going to vomit…" He moaned, looking just as sick as he claimed. Cody trudged by at that moment, looking just as bad as Hunter. The two caught each other's eye, and Cody ran to the bathroom immediately, Hunter throwing up his breakfast.

"Gross!" The four jumped away, wrinkling their noses in unison.

The brunette stood alone in the middle of the street, which was dark and empty, and cold. A dark, tall shadow stood not too far away, only a couple yards away at most. "Quite the rebellious type, aren't you?" The shadow sneered, the male voice sounding more than familiar. "But you could never really rebel. No. You're too weak." He laughed, as if he was mocking her. Two people rushed out of nowhere, towards the shadow.

"Mom! Dad!" The shadow pulled out a pistol, and-

Screaming rang through the house as Adriane bolted upright in bed.

"Adriane, are you free after school? If you are, can you come to my house?" Christa asked the Sameratsu, who looked spaced out somewhat. "Everyone else is coming. After all, it's likely that Cody's a Guardian."

"I hope he's not." Hunter grumbled, hands jammed in his pockets as he slunk down in against the wall in his seat.

"C'mon, Hunter. If he is and we don't check, we'll never get to see Korithia." Christa glared half-heartedly at him, before taking a bite of her pizza. "So? Are you coming, Adriane?" The other, however, looked to be in a complete daze, as if she wasn't aware of anything. "Adriane… Adriane!" She looked up, startled.


"Were you listening at all?"

"Listening to what?" She asked. Christa furrowed her eyebrows, looking at her friend worriedly.

"Are you alright? You've been acting weird." Hunter nodded in agreement.

"I-I'm fine, really. I just didn't sleep well last night." Adriane assured them.

"Really?" Adriane nodded.

"So then can you come to my house today?" She asked again. Adriane nodded, faking a smile.

Ding dong. "There you are!" A certain raven-haired teen exclaimed as she opened the door. "We need your help; Hunter and Cody are at it again." She hurriedly dragged Adriane upstairs, into her room where shouting echoed out from.

"You're such a baby! All you ever do is cry for your daddy!" Cody yelled, glowering.

"Oh, yeah? Well guess what! You're a snot-nosed brat! You think you're so cool just because some girls like you!" Hunter snapped back. Everyone watched in exasperation as this kept up, until finally, the two just stopped altogether, turning around and scowling at the wall.

"Great. Now they won't even talk to each other. I really doubt they'll ever get along." Christa sighed, rubbing her temples as she stepped into the room. Edgar just shrugged, smiling. "Oh yeah. Where's Belvedere?" She asked, noticing a lack of obnoxious aliens.

Suddenly, the piled of stuffed animal skeletons practically exploded as the mentioned man appeared, still half-asleep and yawning. "You called?" Everyone-but Cody-burst out laughing.

"Who the heck is he?" The brunette asked, looking at Belvedere like he was some sort of criminal come after them all. The others ignored him.

"He's not one of us, right? Please tell me he's not a Guardian." Hunter asked, almost pleadingly. Belvedere yawned again.

"Edgar, Drake, would you please check him out for a stone?" He asked, clearly not in the mood to do so himself. The two practically pounced the other, who squirmed, trying to break free of their grasp.

"Ah-ha!" Drake soon cried, standing up, an object in his hand.

"Find it?" Asked Edgar, sitting on Cody, who was face down on the ground and groaning in what was probably pain.

"I think so." Replied Drake, showing them the stone. It-for the most part-looked like any rock. Smooth, gray, with the only difference being the cloud carved into the middle. Belvedere stood, taking a closer look at it.

"That is the one alright. Cody is the Takishima." Drake tossed the newcomer the stone, who caught it easily, still looking rather unhappy.

"Great. Now that you just figured out whatever, get off me!" He muttered loudly, glaring as best he could in Edgar's direction.

"I'm fine, thank you. You still need to know every detail. Besides, you're a good chair."

Belvedere sighed, sitting in front of Cody. "There are eleven Guardians who protect a place called Korithia. To the people of Earth, it is known as Heaven. I am Belvedere, and have been sent to find these Guardians here on Earth. The people you see here are the current Guardians that have been found." He gestured to the group. "Christa, the Nukorient; Drake, the Foriana; Adriane, the Sameratsu; Hunter, the Dragon; Max, the Warrior; and Edgar, the Corressent." He then looked pointedly at the brunette. "And you are the new addition, the Takishima." Belvedere received only a bewildered look, and a hint of disbelief in those gray eyes.

From a gesture from Belvedere, Edgar eventually got up, moving to sit on the bed. "Here," Hunter grumbled, tossing a leather wristband to the Takishima. "It's for your stone." He explained, still scowling somewhat. Cody-too confused to be angry-just nodded.

The next day, it was Cody's turn to be dragged to school. "No way! I'm not doing it!" He protested, wriggling away from their grasp.

"Well it's not like any of us have a choice! Just deal with it already!" Max replied.

"So, my sister made some friends, huh?" A male voice asked suddenly from nearby, sounding genuinely curious. He looked to be about 15 or so, with the same shade of brown hair as Adriane's, though his was cropped short. He had clover green eyes, which were clouded.

"Who're you?" Christa asked, crossing her arms. The stranger chuckled.

"I'm Adriane's older brother." He replied, smiling.

"The two do look a lot alike." Drake murmured, raising an eyebrow.

"But he looks like a jerk."

"I agree with Christa. Something about him makes me uneasy." Hunter muttered, crossing his arms.

"Adriane?" Christa turned to the girl, whose face was white as a sheet. "Adriane, what's wrong?" The stranger walked over to the brunette, still smiling.

"How long has it been? 5 years? I'm glad to see you still remember me." He murmurs, and Christa could see her trembling. He then turned to the rest of the, whom were all wary of him now. "Do you mind if we talk somewhere else?" He asked, his smile widening slightly. The group exchanged glances, before eventually nodding.

He led them over to a small forested area nearby, just off school grounds.

"So? What did you want to talk about?" The Nukorient crossed her arms, raising one eyebrow.

"Nothing much. I just wanted to get to know my sister's friends without interruption. She never has been able to make friends easily." He glanced towards Adriane for a moment, then turned back to the others.

"We never did get your name." Max pointed out. The other blinked, and began chuckling.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. My name is Dash." He bowed politely, one hand in front, the other behind his back. He straightened again, with the grace of a big cat.


"It doesn't matter who you are." Dash interrupted, holding up a hand. His sweet, honeyed voice quickly hardened into a ruthless snarl, a sadistic gleam in it. "Since you'll all be dead soon, anyways." His other hand revealed a dagger, held expertly and with the greatest of ease. Without any warning, he lunged for Cody, who just managed to dodge the blade. Before he could regain his footing though, Dash whirled around and lunged again, this time grazing the brunette on the right arm.

"You can do better than that, can't you?" Dash crooned, the smile having transformed into a twisted sneer. "After all, you're Guardians, right?" He made eye contact with his sister as he said this, whose knees gave way, too terrified to do anything.

"I wish Belvedere had told us the point of these stones." Christa muttered, just before she rolled out of the way of a stray throwing knife. "Maybe we could have had something to fight back with."

Cody attempted, to run backwards, not wanting to lose sight of the enemy, when his heel caught a stray root, making him fall backwards. As he hit the ground, a strong blast of wind burst from his stone, knocking Dash into a tree. Hunter, not wanting to be beaten, threw a spout of red flames, falling backwards as he did so.

Max, Edgar, Drake, and Christa stared at them in awe. "How'd you do that?" The two shrugged, just as confused.

"Just… release an emotion, I guess." Hunter replied, watching out of the corner of his eye as Dash struggled to his feet.

Christa, doing exactly that, closed her eyes, concentrating. The shadows of the tree behind her separated from the ground, twisting itself into a pitch black sword in her hands. Opening her eyes, the Nukorient's eyes widened. "W-Wow." She muttered, when Drake gave a cry. Looking up, she just managed to fling the weapon in front of her, shadows meeting steel. Dash smirked.

"Well, it seems you've begun to figure some things out. But an amateur isn't as strong!" He shoved harder, and the raven-haired girl cried out as the sword shattered, and Dash's blade created a long and deep gash in her arm.

"Christa!" Drake called out, charging for the enemy. Dash grinned as he did so, discreetly placing the blade in between them just as Drake collided with him. Dash pulled away easily, the knife now dripping in blood. The Foriana groaned as he collapsed to the ground, gripping his side, where clothes began to turn red.

Edgar-apparently knowing karate-came at Dash, knocking him to the ground and holding him there with his leg. He knocked the knife away from either's reach. "We win." He growled, digging his knee deeper into the other's chest. Dash gripped Edgar's leg, in what appeared to be an attempt to push it away, and began murmuring a series of foreign words. The Corressent's expression twisted quickly into agony, and he screamed, pushing away frantically.

He attempted to stand, now breathing heavily, and stumbled, falling backwards onto Max, who also lost his balance, tripping backwards. Dash calmly got up, laughing as he kicked Max in the ribs, shoving him through the grass. "Thorns hurt, don't they, Warrior?" He sneered, watching as more and more scrapes and cuts appeared.

"Get away from him, you messed up jerk!" Hunter shouted, trying to do what he did before. However, Dash got to him first, running faster than a normal person should be able to.

"Too slow!" He tapped the boy's leg, and Hunter gasped as he fell.


"It's a spell. You won't be able to move your leg for awhile." Dash explained, stretching lazily. "But you all are much weaker than I expected. I guess I overestimated you." He shrugged, and began walking away. "I've collected enough data for today. I'll see you soon, Guardians!" He turned back for a moment, smiling as he waved, and disappeared in an explosion of smoke.