Each breath gets

a little harder

as I try to change

my mind.

Each tear burns

a little more

as I try to stop


Each scream comes

a little louder

as I try to make the pain

go away.

Each cut hurts

a little less

as I try to end

my life.

Bleeding out, bleeding out all of my pain.

Bleeding out, killing off all that remains.

Slit my wrist, for a sudden twist in my fate.

Find my heart, before I'm gone, please don't be too late.

Why doesn't someone help me?

I don't want help,

I just want someone to care

a little.


I'll get serious for a minute.

Let's find my happy place.

Wait... I never lost it.

As long as the blade's here,

so is my happiness.

I've pushed myself

over the edge.

No, I didn't push myself-

I willingly jumped.

Where is everyone?

Are you hiding from me?

Oh, I see.

I scare you. All of you.

You selfish little bastards.

Hahaha. Look at me

I've taken to your fuck ass ways.

I'll push you down,

so I can feel higher myself.

I guess that's what I've been taught,

is it not?

Mommy doesn't love me,

daddy wasn't home,

I've had to raise myself

all alone.

I know what's right and wrong,

but I haven't felt love in so long.

This is a suicide note,

to all you who care.

Wait. That's no one.

Isn't that unfair?

If you want to be skinny,

you don't eat.

Fight the hunger-

this is something you'll have to continually repeat.

To those small few who do care,

I'm truly sorry.

This is a last resort.

It's not like I didn't try.

It's not like I didn't cry.

It's not like I didn't care.

It's not like I thought you wouldn't be there.

We all have false hope,

and you, my "friend" were mine.

I won't be hurt again.

This is the last time.

I'm sorry for laughing

when I should have cried.

I'm sorry for living

when I should have died.

This is for you-

all of you.

I was born to die.

There's nothing you could do.

I'll only be alive through my death.

I'll start living as I take my last breath.