Joe smiled as he walked into the barn. He stood for a minute taking in the familiar morning scene. Some horses nosed around their morning feed trying to find their favorite bits of food, and some peered over the edge of their stall to see who had entered the barn. "Hey." Derek addressed him leaning over the stall door of a brown, Quarter Horse, barrel racer, mare, named Violet. "Hay's for horses." Joe said coming over.

"Monty and Violet need to be ridden." Derek said. "I'll tack up Violet if you'll get Monty." "Alright." Joe said, heading to the tack room. Joe got Monty's tack and went to tack up the big, gray, thoroughbred mix. Monty was the one of the two horses who was not ridden in shows, or competitions. He was a retired racehorse. The other was Thunder, another gray gelding.

Soon both horses were tacked up and being ridden around a smooth dirt trail that was within seeing distance of the barn and pasture. They had ridden for about twenty minutes when Joe decided to switch to a palomino mare, named Delilah, which Joe hoped to turn into a good barrel racer. However, Delilah was a handful, and was distrusting of humans. But Joe was sure that with a little patience, and a lot of perseverance, he could get through to the mare. "I'm going to switch to Delilah." Joe called to Derek, turning Monty toward the barn.

Delilah was in the pasture when Joe rode up to the barn with Monty. "Great." He thought, meaning the exact opposite. Joe took care of Monty, and then went to get Delilah. After chasing Delilah for over twenty minutes Joe caught her. Tacking her up was just as difficult.

After tacking her up, Joe mounted and reached for the reins. Before he could grab them, Delilah swung her head and the reins fell. Joe reached for the reins. The sudden movement scared Delilah, and with a frightened whinny she reared.

Unprepared, Joe fell from the mares back. Delilah, free of her rider, cantered off.

Joe still shaken, jumped up. He saw that Violet had thrown Derek, and was cantering beside Delilah. Joe soon saw that Jewel a black dressage horse had escaped from her stall and was galloping up to the other two mares. Two of the horses from the barn had escaped, and were trying to catch up to the mares.

Joe darted to the barn and made sure that the only horse left in the barn, his own grey Arabian, Storm, couldn't get out. Then he ran back to the yard.

All of the horses were now running around in a blind panic. All of the horses except for Candy, a sorrel thoroughbred that Derek was riding, trying to catch Violet, and Jenny a liver chestnut filly that was pulling frantically at the lead rope that attached her to a picket line. Joe darted over to the filly and quickly tried to calm her. Thankfully it didn't take long, and Jo unclipped the lead rope, leaving it on the ground, as he jumped on to the mares back. He knew that Violet and Delilah needed to be caught first because their reins could trip them. He caught Derek in the corner of his eye putting Violet in the pasture, and securing the gate. Then he mounted Candy again and began galloping towards Delilah. "Let me get Delilah!" Joe called hoping that Derek could hear him.

He turned Jenny in the direction of Delilah and urged the filly to go as fast as possible. Joe caught up with Delilah and grabbed the swinging reins, jerking as hard as he could.

He hoped that the Quarter Horse's cutting sense would kick in and the half trained filly would know what to do. Jenny did perfectly, and Delilah was soon in the pasture with Violet, and now Monty. Soon every horse was in the barn, already taken care of. Joe made a point to take special care of Jenny. "You did us proud today, Jenny." Joe said as he fed the horse a peppermint.

It wasn't often that he gave a horse a treat, but he knew that the filly certainly deserved it. The filly had only had a rider on her back enough to learn the basics, and she had acted like a skilled cow horse today. She had been amazing! Truly amazing.

Author's note: This is the worst story I have ever written by far, I know and promise.