The next week when Jay came back to the cottage from the farm he was carrying a wire mesh cage. As he came closer Tessa heard squawking, it was chickens! Tessa was surprised, where had he gotten them? Had he stolen them? Had someone given them to him? Who else know about them? All these questions went through Tessa's mind before Jay could reach her. Jay had a wide smile on his face as he said "Mrs. Browning gave them to us, she said we'd probably like a few good eggs for breakfast." "How many are there?" Tessa asked. "Four." Jay replied. "Where will we put them?" Tessa asked. "By the woods." Jay replied. Just then Lily and Jason came outside and began to examine the squawking birds. "Mrs. Browning said they probably won't lay for a while, considering the excitement they've had today." Jay said, " She gave us a dozen eggs though." "Goodness, she didn't have to give us anything!" Tessa replied surprised at getting so much. "Let's have eggs for supper!" Jason suggested. "Eggs are for breakfast." Tessa said. "And that's when we'll have them." "Okay." Jason agreed reluctantly. Then they all went inside for their supper of raw corn.

Life was looking up for Tessa, Jay, Lily, and Jason.

Author's note: Again, this is one of my worst works. I can definitely do better.