"This school day will never end!" Jill thought as Mr. Roberts blabbed something about the difference between nouns and verbs. Jill paid no attention whatsoever. It was a week after Jill had found out about the foal. The vet was coming and Jill was dying to know what the vet said about Lady. "At least it's the last period of the day." Jill thought again for about the twentieth time. Just then the bell rang, and Jill jumped out of her seat, and headed for the door.

Jill walked over to the bike rack and got her bike asking Jamie, who had come up behind her "Want to come over to the farm today?" "Can't." Jamie replied. "It's cleaning day, and I have to be home right after school." Jamie said, making a face. Jill flashed her friend a sympathetic smile and headed for the farm.

When Jill got back to the farm, Mrs. Meadows said that the vet had just left. After sulking a little Jill headed to the barn to see her Dad. "Hi, Dad." Jill greeted her father with a hug. "What did the vet say?" "Both Mama and baby are fine." He replied.

At dinner that night Jill's parents told her a wonderful surprise. This is what Mr. Meadows said. "Jill, me and your mom have been thinking about your dedication to the horses that you have had since Lady came here. You've really been a great help with them." Mrs. Meadows broke in and said. And we think that you're responsible enough to have and train a foal. What do you think?" "Yes!" Jill said happily realizing what her parents meant. The foal was to be hers. All hers.

Author's note: This is the first story I ever completed. Sorry about the grammatical errors.