Snow, just miles and miles of snow. Behind me, in front of me, all the way to the distant horizon where it met the steel gray sky, snow. One could barely see the small white flakes which drifted down like feathers, feeling my eyes focus on them as they fell. They landed on my cheeks, my lashes, I could feel my hair heavy with the melted frost, red fingertips reaching out towards them. Were they my own?

I finally brought my attention to myself, thin clothes rustling with the wind. Such a soft wind, brushing against me, trying to lift my hair, why wasn't it cold? I ran my fingers through my hair, feeling the wetness on top, the dryness on the bottom, but where was the cold of the water? What about the heat my neck gave off? I blew on my hands, I felt it hit, but no temperature. "Where is it?"

"Where is what?"

Turning I looked at a taller male with blond hair not quite hitting his shoulders and straight as sunlight. For all I knew it could have been sunlight, but his face, those contradicting features, that serious yet blank look, defined cheekbones, nose. It was hard to describe him, something that seemed so perfect, so beautiful seemed so grotesque and incredibly flawed.


A soft voice, like velvet or silk across the skin, pulling for answers yet at the same time letting me be as I was. It made me want to cry, to just curl up and hide away from it.

I reached out to touch him, but retracted my hand to move the wet hair from my face. "Where's the cold?"

Ice blue eyes looked around. Was he Asian? Some form of European? Scandinavian? There were so many different traits in his face.

"A small mishap." He murmured, continuing his walk. "We are almost there."

Almost where? I followed, whether willingly or lured I was unaware, but where was I? I couldn't even remember how I got here let alone what I was doing beforehand. "What was I doing beforehand?" I murmured, stopping and looking at my clothes once again. Thin, old, dirty, where was I before this? Working?

The ethereal man stopped again to look at me. "What you were doing before does not matter." A small smile curled his lips, innocent, harmless, it even affected his eyes, the very image of friendship, but it was so cold. Even without the temperature I couldn't hide the tremble that ran against my spine.

Holding out his hand he spoke again, "Come along, Bailey, home is close." And like a puppet I reached out, holding his hand and staring at it.

No warmth, no cold, just his hand carrying mind. I swallowed the knot in my throat, eyes tearing up. "I want to go home."

"Shame, you are home now."

I looked at the building, nearly blending in with both the sky before I felt the tears fall, my body imitating them as I sank into the snow. "No, no, I want to go home."

"You do not even remember what or where 'home' is, Bailey. You are safer here than anywhere." His voice was soft, making me cry more until I was lifted and cradled into his arms. "You will be fine, safe, no one will harm you." I tried to get away, get away from this demon with a grip like steel. It made no sense, nothing. My mind was filled with things I couldn't read or understand, memories so blurred they might as well have not been there. Why couldn't I understand?

I can't recall if I was muttering, speaking to this strange angelic man, blubbering about my thoughts, but next thing I remember was waking up. My entire body was exhausted, eyes just barely opening focusing on the blue fabric on my pants. Jeans, I knew that. They were old jeans.

"Where'd you get that one?" I didn't recognize the voice

I was too tired to look, my body almost painfully heavy, but I could tell we entered a house or building of some sort.

"The twenty-first century."

"Always with the humans." I still couldn't recognize the voice, but there was an accent. My mind couldn't place it. "Normally you go for fuller women. Full-grown as well."

"This is for the experiment. All the other ones had been older, so I thought it would be best to try a younger one."

"Eh, she's one of them then. Is she awake?"

"I think she's waking up. Bailey?" Came the soft voice, a hand stroking my face. "Bailey are you awake?"

I tried to speak, brow furrowing in pain as I moved.

"Perhaps your check-up will have to wait. Poor dear. Take her to the guest bedroom."

And I was handed off, arms as stiff as stone taking and holding me. A moan passed my lips, everything hurt, it was so hard to breathe.

"Is her body adjusting?" Deep with the accent. What accent though? I knew it, it was so familiar, but it wasn't falling off my tongue.

"Quite possibly. All the other ones had been dead when they arrived."

"You're such a bastard, John. Y'know that? Devil of a man." I felt myself being adjusted in the stranger's arms.

A chuckle from John. "What else would I be my alabaster friend?" I was pressed between two bodies, unable to look up, but John walked away. "Get her to her room."

"Got it." The stone hand lifted my face and I saw a male face, rounded slightly with unruly black hair. Did he just wake up? Purple, a dress shirt?

I squinted, trying to understand the dark brown eyes, nearly blending in with the black of the pupils. Something was off, they looked different. I saw red fingers reach to touch the man's cheek, but white fingers grabbed mine gently, setting it back down.

"You, girl, will learn all in due time." He grinned and looked forward, walking, humming under his breath. "Silly little human." No, he was singing to me. "Silly little human. Oh look at you, barely entering womanhood. Oh I'm giddy with excitement, it's been so long since we've had a human down here." He laughed, my eyes focusing on rather pointed incisors.


He continued to laugh like an excited child, gripping me tightly, only adding more pain. "Oh yes, you are awake, your mind is humming with thoughts. Humming and buzzing, and fangs." And he grinned.

My body quickly seemed to wake up, arms flailing as I tried to escape again. I managed to turn, arm reaching out to grab something before I was dropped. It would have been me just falling, but his arms literally fell and dropped me. I scurried away from him best I could, but lethargy was still in my bones, my muscles. The adrenaline wasn't kicking in fast enough.

The tall man just stood there, arms in his slack pockets, smiling or smirking down at me. "And god smell that, that, oh I can't tell if it's fear, surprise or both. But filled with blood, just how I love my humans." He paused, raising a black eyebrow and sighed. "Well not mine, Johnny Boy's human." He lifted me onto my feet by my arm. "But, Little Human, I need to take you to get some sleep."

I wanted to speak, to say no and go somewhere, anywhere. I didn't know where. His grip was strong, much like John's. "Okay."

"Oh, obedient. Not so much fun, but it'll do."