Another Day on the Job

Hey everyone just another story about my clones and Leaves Elf/Fairy/Nymph creatures

I always hated working as a drillmaster I watched as the five and six year old Zachary's struggled to hit the dummy in the vital areas and could barely hold the weight of the swords and spears "Pathetic and don't use the I'm only five and six you think a clown or a doll cares about your age" I said in a stern voice making some of them cry to be fair I was like them once but I'm eighteen now and knew about the threats that threatened the Zachary Empire. I moved over to the leaves I watched as they were doing even worse than the five and six year olds. I'm not sure what they are elves or fairies or maybe a mix they were inexperienced then again If I played tricks on people more than training I'd be pathetic as well. It was now noon and since six in the morning I trained them they still were useless when I said that's enough several of the five and six year old Zachary's fell to the ground " Thank the original Zachary" said one of the Leaves. Well that's my Job training maggots to be warriors no matter what race or age they are " I love this job" I said as I flipped my Loya (Currency) and retired to my tent It was a good day.