You will, more thank likely, never read this.

You've never read anything much of what I've written. I like that; it's not because you're disinterested, it's simply because a) you wouldn't ever be able to find them online because I use several nom-de-plumes, and b) you realize it's the one area of my life that gets to be my thing. My private little words, pretty much mostly to you anyway. Half of them are fluffy, flowery, typical-girl-in-love nonsense.

Then the other half are written in my head, new verses constantly being typed up with every new enounter.

When we meet, you lift me up in your arms and spin me round.

I like that too, a lot; you're roughly two inches taller than me and (ashamedly) a little bit skinnier but you're still so much stronger than anyone would believe. You smell 've got that big, ridiculous smile on your face. I love the ridiculous girly noise that escapes my mouth when you do this; it makes me remember that I'm alive, that this is really happening. Two years ago, I had no interest in love, boys, any of that kinda stuff. I just occasionally noticed the pale, skinny guy standing at the bus stop, the guy with the pretty blue eyes and nice hair.

I like that you're a fanboy. Batman, Superman, Thor, Captain America, Daredevil. Anything. You're not super-obsessive, you just have a shelf or two of DVDs, a little bundle of graphic novels (thanks for introducing me to them, by the way) and a handful of cute little action figures. I love yourboundless enthusiasm when you explain little details about these things that anyone else would overlook, how much you light up and gesticulate and get all animated. Same goes for all your movies; I love that you love movies. You've introduced me to so, so much. Granted, I introduced you to new food, but you've let me into your little world of movies and superheroes and little tidbits I would never have known. Thank you.

You're such a geniunely nice, lovely person. You're polite, you are infallibly happy and positive, you always see the good in things. You're amazing with kids, and every girl knows that a guy who has that quality is instantly ten times more attractive than he should or has any right to be.
To this day, I'm still in awe over the fact that the first ever day I met you, you said you would make me a CD and about three days later, you handed it to me. I still take it out and play sometimes, it never fails to make me smile. Thank you.

I worry about you, too. Ridiculous things, like when I dream that you'll fall while you're out for a run, and you'll lose your head or something. Or that you just disappear and I can't ever find you and consequently have to spend the rest of my life always searching. That you're too thin and how I just want to take you home with me for a week and feed you nothing but cake and ice cream. I don't want to lose you. I don't want you to meet some new, shiny pretty girl and like her more than you like me. I don't want you to be hurt or worried or sad. I just wish we could stay curled up on your bed, you holding me from behind, head resting on my shoulder, keeping each other warm. I love those moments, we just don't get enough of them. I like when you trace nonsense pattern on my leg, I like when you put your hands on my neck when you kiss me. I like when you whisper into my hair.
You always make me laugh. You made me cry once or twice too, but that's okay. The good always outweighs the bad, doesn't it? :)

I like how much you put up with me. When I go all female and emotional, you always just put your arm around me and pretend nothing's happening. When I go a little bit mad at you, you stick with me and say it's okay, it's just how I was feeling. I don't get it, and I don't think I ever will, and I always worry that someday I'll overstep the mark and you'll get sick of it. But again, thanks, and I'm sorry.

So, tomorrow is your birthday. Happy Birthday, darling. I really hope you have a fantastic little day, you deserve only the best. I love you very very much, you've changed me, changed everything for me. I never had a best friend until I met you.

Thank you x