What Was I To You?

What was I to you?
Someone you called a friend,
but abandoned in the end?

What was I to you?
A useless tool,
One whom you made a fool?

I gave you my all,
You led me to fall.

I became insane,
Oh boy, did I die in vein.

I thought I was someone important to you, I thought you were telling the truth.
But in the end, you revealed how I am dust, and that made me rust.

I'm now impassive without any emotions.
Thanks for doing this to me, drowning me in an ocean.

An ocean full of despair and where it is dark.
Every since you betrayed me, my senses became sharp.

I learned not to trust and love.
Now I hate...all the above.

The darkness surrounding me took me in, and made me anew.
A person that you can't ruse.

Thanks to you, I became a fighter.
Now I'm the only...soul survivor.

I still cry, as I suffer in pain.
My tears running down a never ending drain.

You told me to go to Hell.
My soul indeed I did sell.

To whom you ask.
The answers as easy as that.

Satan is who. He made me stronger.
I am powerful, thus weak no longer.

What was I to you?
A toy just to use?

What was I to you?
A person just to bruise?

You left me to die,
Salvation I still pry.

What was I to you?
Oh wait, now I have a clue.

I was a useless tool, a stupid fool.