The Descent

Falling apart here

The cold floor

The closed door

And the dimming light

Your only companion

As you slip away

Your silent screams

The sobs the rack your body

If only they could see

If only you could speak

Maybe you wouldn't be here

But it's much too late now

You're all alone

You're almost gone

You wish for it to

Just end

Why must it drag out?

Why is it not just


Your furious clawing

Your last futile attempts

To pull yourself out

But it's no use

Everything is done in vain

Say goodbye

You're gone now

No chance of coming back

drip, drip

The drops of blood

They fall down

As do you

The blade falls with you

Lands next to you

You hit the ground

Glad it's all over

You smile

It's done

You're gone

No more pain

If only you

Could have seen

The pain

In everyone's eyes

As they lowered

Your body into the ground

The tears that were shed

The hugs that were given

You thought no one had cared

You thought you were all alone

You had us didn't you?

Why didn't you come?

Were you there?

Watching us cry?

Were you happier?

Was it worth it?

I should hate you

For what you did

The painyou caused us

But I can't

No one can

We blamke ourselves

For not listening

For pushing you away

If only we had stopped

And looked a tyou

Saw the bags under your eyes

The pain hidden inside

Maybe you would still be here

Maybe you would be better

Maybe this all wouldn't have happened

But it did didn't it?

That's why I grieve

We all grieve

You thought we wouldn't

Your screams were heard

My dear friend

They certainly were

But they were heard

Much too late