Troy, Missouri

"We're here." Said Mr. Noels as twelve-year-old Lynda looked out at the countryside. Lynda was going to stay with a family friend at their ranch for the summer. "It's all like a dream." Lynda said "And it's just ten minutes from our house." Lynda got out of the car and looked around "This is going to be one great summer." "Hi." Called a young woman who was walking toward them. Mr. Noels, Mrs. " I'm Hannah, Ben's little sister." Hannah had brown eyes, and her black-brown hair was in two braids that were held back by a red bandana. She wore a brown shirt and a jean skirt. "Nice to meet you Hannah." said Mr. Noels "I'm Stephen." At that moment Ben came out of the house and said "Hey Stephen." " Hi Ben." Mr. Noels said. Ben had brown hair a mustache, and brown eyes. He wore a blue T- shirt and jeans. Everyone talked for a while and then Mr. Noels announced that they had better get going home for lunch. After they had left Hannah said that it was time for them to eat their lunch. "What about-" Lynda began. "You can meet the horses after lunch." Ben said cutting her off. Lynda smiled. Ben knew how much she loved horses. It was their joke between them that if Ben said she was crazy because of it she could say he was absolutely hopeless, which was the truth. After lunch Ben and Lynda went out to the barn. They stood in the barn doorway a minute and looked at what surrounded them." Well this is it, Lucky Horseshoe Ranch." Ben said. "It's beautiful." Lynda said, as they went inside the barn. The first stall they came to housed a flea bitten, pony of America's, mare. "Her name's Skylark." Ben said "There's a bandage on her front left leg she got hurt." "What happened?" Lynda asked." "Jeff, our ranch hand was exercising her when it began drizzle. I guess he thought it wouldn't hurt her he was wrong. Jeff may be good at riding but that's about it."

" Stretched her tendon, huh." Lynda said. "Yep." Replied Ben. Just then a teenage boy entered the barn." Hey Ben." He said." Lynda, this is Jeff." Jeff had sandy brown hair and brown eyes.