The next day Ben announced Skylark was ready for a little riding. After breakfast Ben and Lynda went out to the barn. It had been decided that means Lynda weighed the least she would be the one to ride Skylark. When they got to the barn Lynda began to groom Skylark while Ben went to get the tack. When Skylark was tacked up, Lynda led her out side to the pasture. She mounted and began a slow walk. Ben told Lynda to urge her into a regular walk, Lynda did and Skylark obeyed immediately. They did walks and trots for the next twenty minutes, and then Ben said that was enough for one day. After a week-and a-half of work in the pasture with Skylark, Ben said Lynda could ride her outside the pasture, if she was very careful. Lynda raced to the barn to tack up Skylark right after breakfast. When she got there she said, "We're going for a ride today girl." And she patted Skylark's nose. Then she got Skylark's tack. She had finished giving Skylark a quick grooming and had begun to tack her up when Ben came in. "You've been workin' hard." Ben said. "Yah." Lynda said as she buckled a buckle on Skylark's bridle. She finished tacking up and began to help Ben tack up Knight. After they were on the ride Lynda felt wonderful to be riding the horse that she had took care of for the last three weeks. It was wonderful-absolutely wonderful.