Fajra waited until she couldn't stand the incessant banging on her door any more before she hoisted up her old body out of her chair. She ambled over to the rear of the wagon, and paused before swinging the door open to smack into Amika.

The young woman wasted no time before climbing up into the old wagon, passed the croon, and hooked out the stool she had been sitting on her last visit. She dropped it in the middle of the floor, and plopped onto with arms crossed glaring at the croon.

The croon held back her smile, and looked at the woman with a bland blank face.

"You," the woman began pointing an accusatory finger at Fajra, "did that on purpose!"

The croon canted her head to one side slightly, "I did as asked, and made him forget you."

Rage splayed across Amika's face, "Forget me! Not my sister too!"

Finally the croon allowed her smile to grace her features in a slow cruel way. "Having never known you, he never met your sister. He is happy now isn't he?"

Amika leapt from the stool and began pacing around it like the croon had on her first visit. She failed to notice how similar their actions were now, but the croon saw it all too clearly. The croon also saw how Amika's eyes darted around the interior of the little wagon, never staying on any of the objects on the shelves too long. She avoided looking at the collection of animal and human bits needed for Fajra's work especially.

"This isn't how I wanted it to be!"

The croon ambled past the woman, and settled into her chair before once more looking over at the woman, "It is as you asked."

The woman huffed and plopped onto the stool once more. She avoided looking to see if the twisted plant was missing anything. Instead her eyes stayed on the croon wishing she didn't have to see the strange bottled items behind her. No good could come of those things that had been collected there. All dark magick used those, and Amika was sure the croon had used some to curse her.

"He was supposed to just forget me and what we had, not my sister," her tone was defeated.

"Without knowing you he never met your sister. In your selfless act to have him happy you destroyed they very thing you sought to preserve." The croon smiled softly as she explained. She knew she already had the woman, and it was perfect- better than planned.

A long sigh escaped Amika, "I see that now… Can you fix it?" the woman asked looking up to the croon.

Fajra cackled, "For a price."

The woman stiffened up, but didn't flee as many others had. "What price?" she questioned softly but without hesitation.

The croon ignored her, and started making tea for them both. The woman, after a moment, came forward and helped. Once the tea was brewing the croon flicked a hand toward the stool. "Sit," she commanded.

Amika did as told knowing that she was at the old woman's mercy now. Instead of cursing her foolish actions, she accepted them and resolved to fix them.

"Do you want to know how to make him happy in a way that will not destroy the present as only you and I know it?" The croon asked as she watched the emotions play across the woman's face.

"Yes," Amika replied finally. She was willing to not only fix what she had ruined, but do whatever she needed to make Nicjo and her sister happy. They both had had no small amount of success in finding a partner, and Amika wished them both the best even if it meant sacrificing her life.

The croon nodded. She knew how Amika would answer, "Once all is set right, leave."

There was a harsh breath from Amika, and then she repeated, "Leave?"

"It is seeing you and your beauty that pains him though he loves your sister. If you leave this place he will find the peace you want him to have. You leave him to live his life without you as a distraction or reminder to his petty deeds." The croon explained as she plucked her hot cup from the stove.

"Where will I go?" Amika asked softly more to herself then the croon.

"Come with me," Fajra replied with ease.

"You?" Amika's voice was filled with surprise.

"I am old. I have many more years in me, and may yet get another poor life to add to my own, but I grow weary of the solitude I have wrapped myself in.

"There are few left practicing my art, and if you come with me I will teach you."

Anger consumed Amika's face, "So I can trap others like you have done to me? So I can ruin their lives with black curses?"

The croon looked at Amika fully without a smile. Her eyes were cold and hard. Yes she could weave curses and trick people, but she would rather show them the truth of the world. She didn't mind stripping away their naivety or their ignorance. If she was forced to see how harsh the world was then she would make others see too.

"Is that what you think I have done to you?" she rasped out.

A curt nod was the only answer she got.

A smirk crawled onto the croons face. She reached inside her large robs, and her frail hand produced a lock of gray hair for Amika's golden eyes to see. There was a small scrap of paper wrapped around it with strange symbols scrawled on it.

"Take it," the croon commanded.

"What is it?" Amika asked distrustful of anything this woman would give her.

"A lock of my hair," the croon replied not surprised by the other woman's amazed face. You take it, and I will return your life as if I was never here. You will go back to that pathetic existence you have, but when you tire of it, and see that I am right, you will come to me. Prick a finger to draw blood, and press it to the spell. If you truly want to accept my offer of a new life then it will be so."

Amika reached out with a shaking hand, but paused before taking the trinket, "If I don't take this will you fix things?"

"Not without a price," purred back.

Amika snatched the hair, and fled leaving the door of the wagon open in her haste to get away from the croon.

The croon rose with an ease that betrayed her true age, and went to the door. She followed Amika's retreat as far as her old eyes would let her.

A smile touched her lips, "I'll see you soon child."

A flick of her wrist and the door shut and latched closed. The croon ambled back to her chair wondering where she should go next.

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