Hello! I'm the Narrator! I want to tell you how this will work! Everything I say is in italics. If a character speaks, it will be in normal print. If anything happens, it will be in bold. Got it? Let's begin!

Once, there was a small purple house, out in a meadow.

A small, purple house appears, surrounded by a plush meadow of pink and blue flowers.

How lovely! Let's go inside the house! But first, a door!

A white door opens, leading into the house. Inside is one empty, white room.

Hmm, let's see… We shall fill this house with… A dinosaur!

A forest-green Tyrannosaurus-Rex is now in the room. It is rapidly growing, its head shooting straight for the ceiling.

Oh, my! Much too big. Let's make it smaller.

The dinosaur has gotten smaller. It is now only 4 feet tall.

This is Trey! Say hello, Trey!

"Trey? Trey the T-Rex?" The dinosaur spoke, scoffing at his own name.

You don't like it? It's a cute name!

"Alliterations stopped being cute a long time ago," Trey huffed. "Everyone knows that."

What a rude dinosaur!

"How can I be rude in my own story?" he asked, swishing his tail around.

Hey! This is my story! Not yours!

Trey smirked, "But I'm the main character, right?"

Oh, hush up!

Trey the dinosaur laughed. He laughed so hard, his eyes closed and he tripped over his own tail.

"Hey!" Trey shouted, clutching his throbbing tail from where he fell on it. "That was on purpose!"

This is my story, after all.

Trey stopped laughing and stood still.

On with the story…

Trey grumbled something unintelligible.

What was that?

"Nothing, nothing!" Trey said, waving his hands to show to show he wasn't up to anything.

Okay, good. Ahem. So, Trey the T-Rex was in his bathroom one morning, brushing his sharp teeth and getting ready for the day.

Trey watched as a sink suddenly flashed next to him. He opens his mouth, about to ask where it came from, but a toothbrush was in the way! Trey looked down to see claws holding the toothbrush. He was involuntarily brushing his own teeth!

When Trey was finished…

Trey spat the toothbrush into the sink.

He noticed he had run out of moisturizer.

"Moisturizer?" Trey screeched. "I'm a dinosaur! I don't use moisturizer!"

How are you going to get a girlfriend with rough scales?

Trey stared incredulously. "Do you know anything about dinosaurs?"

Not much.

Trey groaned.

Anyway, he noticed he had run out of moisturizer…

After a few moments, Trey asked, "What's taking so long? Finish the story!"

You have to notice you ran out of moisturizer.

"Oh," Trey said, his voice oozing sarcasm, "I'm sorry!" He cleared his throat.

"Oh. No. I. Have. Run. Out. Of. Moisturizer," He muttered, in the most monotonous tone he could muster.

Can you at least try? For the story?

"Oh, ok." Trey sighed. He took a deep breath.

"Oh, no!" He screamed. "The moisturizer!" Trey clutched his heart and put one claw covered hand up to his forehead (Or as far as he could reach, seeing as he's a T-Rex and they have very short arms). "Whatever shall I do?" he wailed. "My moisturizer was everything to me!" He pretended to faint.

Your over-acting has been noted.

Trey bowed. "Thank you," he gushed.

So, he set off to get more moisturizer!

"Oh, goody," Trey sighed sarcastically.