Stereotyping is one of the three things that is contributing to the demise of the modern world. It is the third ranked problem in my book, below politics and the non-acceptance of religion. However, I also believe that this is the problem that is the easiest to fix.

Stereotyping leads to irrational fear of other races and religions. For example, in the early 1700s, white people were afraid of black people because of the differences in skin color. I am not insulting the white people of the past, but that is just not right. The KKK is a result of this hatred of difference that are still around today, and while I don't agree with their beliefs, I respect that they have the right to believe whatever they want to believe.

However, some people can't accept or respect that other people have different beliefs than them. Respect is one of the things that makes the world go around, but in our day and age, it seems like there isn't enough respect.

Going back to the main point, I am not a stereotypical person. At least I don't think I am. And because of that, I don't have irrational fear of people who are just trying to live their normal lives like me.

There are some people who have an irrational fear of Muslim people. Even though I respect your belief, I do not believe that is right. Your irrational fear comes from the stereotype that all Muslims are terrorists. This is totally not true. At all. There are many Muslim citizens of the United States, and I can pretty much assure you that none of them wanted to bomb us. It's really sad when I hear some people saying to be cautious around Muslim people, because that is a horrible stereotype. Imagine how they must feel, living around people who are thinking they are terrorists. It's awful, and I despise that stereotype. If there was no stereotype, there would be no irrational fear of Muslim people.

The next stereotype involves the people of Mexico and drugs. Also, the border. Despite the fact that there are indeed drug cartels in Mexico, it does not mean that all Mexicans have drugs. Next, yes, it is true that there is the issue of border-hopping and illegal aliens, but that doesn't mean that all Mexicans living in the United States are here illegally. I would be extremely offended if I were Mexican and I was thought to be here illegally.

As you can see, stereotyping leads to fear of people who have no ill-intentioned thoughts towards us. They are no different than us and I believe that fear of them is fear of life. Yes, the stereotypes stated are true for some, but not for the whole of the people. I know that fear isn't something one can overcome overnight, but once one stops believing those insulting stereotypes, the irrational fear will go away, and the world will start healing itself from its slightly damaged state faster.


Well, that is my opinion on the gist of things. Feel free to review and tell me your opinion! I'd love to know! Also, if you have a topic that I could possibly state my thoughts on, please tell me! If I offended anyone with this essay, I am truly sorry, and this was not meant to offend anyone. I might be writing essays on the two other topics I mentioned in the first paragraph, politics and religion, so stay posted. Please review!