I cannot hear my breathing. Up and down, my chest goes, but I cannot feel the burning. I see the blue-grey sky looking back at me with sad eyes as it cries for my death. For a couple of moments, I am in this haze of floating, and then this heaviness pulls me back to the ground. My eyes are open, but I cannot focus on anything. I try to squint and grey images start to form, I see a head and then a body, a face. A hand comes to meet my cheek sweetly, but I cannot feel it.

A sudden reality hits. I cannot hear my heart beat… I cannot feel… I …I am gone. He closes my eyes and then …nothing. My murderer is still out there, laughing at my demise. I am alone, trapped in between this living and dead world.

And then I open my eyes, and the sun smiles at me. I flutter my lashes as I get up and rub the sleep from my eyes. I slowly get out of my bed and open the curtain. Every night I have this unsettling dream, one day fearing that it will happen to me. I hear footstep and I turn around.

Daree opens the door gentle and our eyes lock. He sighs, "You had the dream again… didn't you?" I fight tears, still very unsettled. "Daree, it was horrible," I gasp for air, but he is already there, embracing me and stroking my hair. I take a shallow breath and then return the embrace.

"We need to get ready for school." He says, gently, and ends the embrace. "You should get ready." And then leaves me in my cold room. Daree is my step-brother, who it two years older than I am. He is a senior at Suhi Academy, and I am a sophomore. I go into my closet and grab my usual academy uniform, and comb my blonde hair and put it in a messy bun. I glance at myself in the mirror, I see slate eyes with no more tears to cry, and I flatten out my shirt, go down stairs and grab breakfast.