I want to see you dance

To the music of your heart

I want to see you smile,

And know it comes from

Your deepest parts.

Yes, dear, I know

He hurt you, and

He had no right to

Take your love from you.

He took advantage

Of a trusting heart,

And a kind soul,

And for that he

Should be stoned.

Boys like him

Will get it back

In time,

They'll find out soon

Enough that their lies

Have ran out of


Don't let him take

More don't let win.

You're just so

Much more than him.

Wounds will heal

New loves will come,

A Man not a Boy

Some one who won't

Use you, toss you

Aside like a toy.

They say if looks

Could kill he'd be dead,

If my words were daggers

They'd be aimed at his head.

Going for his heart would be

Useless and a waist,

Because there's nothing

There, just a cold empty space.