The Teenage Guide to Schoolwork

Rule #1: If you have any sort of homework, make you sure you save it until the last possible minute because your personal life is far more important

Rule #2: If for some reason your personal life interferes, make up a logical excuse for not getting your homework done

Bad Example: "my dog ate my homework"

Good Example: "I couldn't have done my homework, because the page is gone!" (says this after tearing out the pages in your math book last night)

Another Good Example: "sorry, I was in the hospital"

Rule #3: Don't forget that you can always have a friend do your homework for you, or ask them for all the answers, especially a smart friend that knows all the answers

Rule #4: if you want the answers on a test, text one of your friends who already took the class

The drawback is that you're screwed if you're 1st period

Rule #5: when you just don't know, bullshit your way through

Rule #6: when you bullshit, do it well

Rule #7: while I'm not recommending it, cell phones are great tools that can share a wide variety of information at the most opportune times, so long as they remain hidden from an authorities' view

Rule #8: use sparknotes instead of reading the book, because it is better to sum everything up rather than wasting time and reading something useful

Rule #9: when you don't know the meaning of a word, use urban dictionary because it is teen-friendly

Rule #10: When you write a two-paged paper (or more), make sure you indent the essay 2 inches instead of 1, put a space between every paragraph, and use a large fancy text so you can fulfill the page limit

Rule #11: when making a works cited page, always refer to easybib, because it is much easier than learning how to do a works cited page the right way

Rule #12: When doing research online, make sure to listen to hardcore music while switching between Facebook, youtube, and a random screen of your choice

Rule #13: get together and have a homework party where you can split answers between friends; in this way you don't have to do ALL your homework

One friend can answer even numbers, one can answer odds

One friend can do numbers 1 through 10, another 10 through 20, another 20 through 30, etc.

or just don't do anything and instead have a party

Rule #14: If you found info on the internet, then it must be true, because the internet doesn't lie

Rule #15: When the teacher leaves the room during a test, this is fair game to discuss the answers