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"Azumi, can you go and take me my portion of the sweet?"

The little black-haired girl frowned, her eyebrow almost touching at the act.

"Miss Ally said that you need to go and take it yourself, Lizzy." She replied, as a matter-of-fact.

"Yeah, but I'm too tired to move." Lizzy added pitifully, while her hand moved to her, slightly dirtied pants.

Azumi looked at her own pants, which was much, much, much more dirty than Lizzy's, seeing the fact that she was the one who did almost all of the work during their paired-race just now.

"But, I am.." 'tired too..' She thought in her mind when Lizzy interrupted her.

"Please Azumi.. Did you say you will always be there for me?" Lizzy said with puppy eyes showing, the one she always use, which could also be translated as 'I-won't-be-friend-with-you-anymore-if-you-didn't-do-this.'

Azumi sighed. They had been bestfriend for almost forever, considering that their mums was in high school together. That is why, how much Azumi hated Lizzy, deep down and maybe even unknown to herself, she always let herself being lead around by Lizzy.

"And can you be fast with it? Take mine first, and then you can go take yours." Lizzy added while Azumi was lost in her own thought.

"But.." This time, her words were again cut off, this time, by a simple hand gesture, telling her to get a move on.

At this point, Lizzy wasn't even looking at Azumi anymore, but she was smiling sweetly at another boy who was making his way to her right now.

Azumi stared disbelievingly, but after a few seconds of unrequited staring, she sighed again and started walking towards the table where the teacher had put the sweets, presents for them after they had completed the pair-race.

"Each one of you will get 10 sweets each. You can choose yourself, but don't take more than that." Miss Ally's voice rang in her head.

'10 sweets..' Azumi thought to herself as she counted the sweets she was taking one by one. Almost each one of the were strawberry-flavoured sweets since Azumi know that this was her favourite.

"Here you go." Azumi said as sweetly as she can as she handed the sweets into Lizzy's palm and turned to take them for herself this time.

"Wait, Azumi!"

"What..?" Azumi turned slowly, her temper raised when she heard Lizzy's voice again.

If Lizzy heard the anger in her words, it was clear that she purposely ignoring it, since she just added, "Can you go and refill my cup? It's empty.." She smiled her pretty smile again, dimples showing at both cheek.

But, in Azumi's mind, it was almost like she can see a pair of small horns on top of Lizzy's head as she tried to protest, but again was ignored as Lizzy continued her conversation with the boy. 'More like she bragging and the guy praising her beauty than a conversation.' Lizzy thought, grudgingly as she made her way to the drink table.

It took her a few minutes, but she finally finished her task and was rewardes by Lizzy's complains about how late she was.

"The line was full of people!" Again, her words didn't even seem to register in Lizzy's head as she made her 'So?' face.

Doesn't want to cause any scene, or cause any injury to Lizzy, Azumi just quietly make her way back to the sweets table. She was breathing in and out harshly, calming herself since she knows the limit to her patient, and she was slowly reaching there.

"Lucky~" Azumi thought as she reached for the last 10 sweets, a smile almost forming since all of the sweets were her favourite type. But, rather than touching the plastic cover of the sweets, her fingertip touched the bottom of the bowl. Her eyes stared at the boy at the other side of the table.

"Hey! That's mine!" She screamed, all hope lost for her trying to calm herself.

"What are you talking about? I took it first, so it's mine." The boy said calmly as he put the sweets inside his pocket.

"I was reaching for it first and then you took it from me!" Azumi said pointingly, her heart was actually, in a way, relief for this sudden event that gave her opportunity to relieve her tension. Even though it was towards some boy she doesn't know.

"Then, I could also say that I saw it first, so it's mine." Something about him made Azumi even angrier, maybe it's his calm tone or the way he smugly pushed his glasses upward.

"No, you didn't saw it first, I did!"

Before the boy could taunt her any further, and Azumi know that is exactly what he was going to do when she saw his face, a teacher come to break in the fight.

"Haruka, Azumi. What happen?" Miss Ally asked, her hands crossed in front of her chest.

"He stole my sweets!" Azumi said, pointing to the other boy.

"I did not!" This time, his tone wasn't as calm as before, maybe the presence of the teacher bring out the child in him, seeing how awkwardly mature he was just now.

"Yes, you did!" Her eyes were still staring deadly at the other boy, all her anger bursting out.

"I didn't! And why are you taking more than the given amount?"

"More than the given amount?" This time it was Miss Ally's voice as she looked at Azumi. The teachers had already counted and the exact amount of sweets was put into the bowl. So, there was actually no way that the sweets aren't enough, unless, some of the students took more.

"I didn't! I haven't taken any sweets for myself yet!" Azumi replied, feeling enraged at the accusation.

"Yes, you did. I saw you took some just now!" The boy added, and Azumi realized that the boy was talking about the time she was taking some for Lizzy.

"I was just taking Lizzy's portion!" She said, pointing to where Lizzy are. At this, Miss Ally's face changed since she had specifically said that they should take their own sweets. Pushing both of the children in front of her, she started to make her way to Lizzy.

"Lizzy, is it true that Azumi was taking your share of the sweets just now?" She asked sternly.

"Err..No, she didn't." Lizzy answered after a moment of silent. It was clear that Miss Ally was in foul mood so, 'I don't want to be punished for that' Lizzy thought in her head, ignoring Azumi's shocked face..

"Azumi." This time, Miss Ally turned towards Azumi. "Did you just lie?" She asked, her eyes almost glaring.

"No, I didn't. I really did take it for Lizzy. Lizzy, tell her." Azumi grabbed Lizzy's hand, her eyes almost tearing.

"Why are you involving me in this?" Lizzy said, pulling her hand away.

"But, I really did take it for you!"

"Azumi, it's not good to lie." Azumi's eyes broaden at this. She could almost see the smile on Lizzy's face when she said this.

"I really didn't! It was really for Lizzy!" At this point, her tears fell down. "Trust me!"

"But.." It was clear that Miss Ally was feeling divided. She was fully disbelieve to the fact that Azumi could steal, but all the fact were pointing to her.

"I trust her." The voice shocked everyone and make him the centre attention of everyone..

"I saw her give the sweets to the girl just now." The boy said, his small finger pointing to Lizzy.

"And I also saw Billy take a second dip in the bowl just now." He added, this time pointing to another boy sitting with his group of friends.

"Thanks Haruka." Miss Ally patted his head before turning to Azumi. "Sorry for doubting you. I will buy some sweets for you later okay?" She said, wiping Azumi's tears with her handkerchief.

"As for you, young girl.." This time, Miss Ally grabbed Lizzy's hand and started walking with her to the other boy, possibly to give them what they deserved.

"Urm…" Azumi said awkwardly, there's still stain of tears on her face.

"What?" The boy looked at Azumi while popping one of the sweets into his mouth.

"Thanks I guess.."

"No prob." He replied, his voice was cold and make Azumi feel like he wasn't interested in talking at all. Silent filled them again.

"No offence, but, I do think you should ditch the girl and find other friend." He added, pointing to Lizzy.

"Would you be my friend?" Without thinking, the words flew out of Azumi's mouth.