Author's Note: This is totally according to my own imagination since I don't understand either USA or Japan's school system.

7-10 years old: Primary School

11-14 years old: Secondary School

15-17 years old: High School

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:Haruka Rider POV:

'Why did I dream about that again..?' I asked myself as I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the stars that was glued to the ceiling of my room. The smile on my lips was almost unavoidable when I started thinking about the time that finally, the angel of my life acknowledge my existence and even went to the extent of wanting to become my friend.

Hold on a second.. I guess this should be the point where I explained what I meant by the angel of my life, not just suddenly talked about how she was always in my mind and how she always seems to have a hold on me even though she isn't anywhere near me. And.. there I go again. Sorry, my mind seems to be in a mess when I thought of her.

Well, simply put, she saves my life once. And ever since that, I always found myself thinking of her. At the age of 5, I already found my crush, a little boy's love that had been going even stronger after we met again later. And though she had totally forgotten about me, I would never forget about that black hair and that dark eyes.

When we were 10 years old, I meet her again after I transferred to the same primary school as she did. I had realized her existence since the very start, but she had never really remembered me. We only started to talk, well, actually she started our conversation by screaming at me and I doubt she even saw me as anything other than an enemy at that point of time, during the sport festival.

The seniors, all the graduating 10 years old, were to enter a pair race. When you finish early, you will contribute to your team's point. And if you didn't, you would still get some sweets as compensates. Yes, all children love sweets.

Azumi, that's the name of my angel, was paired with Lizzy, another girl from her class that seems to be her best friend. They always do stuff together, but most of the time, it was Lizzy that dominating their relationship.

Even to this point, Azumi was being pushed around. It was clear when Azumi practically completed all the missions, even quizzes where Lizzy actually doesn't have to do much, except for one that was pushed to Lizzy due to the fact she hadn't done anything at all. And after that, Azumi was even pushed to get Lizzy's portion of sweets and also to get her drinks, despite the teachers' order to do it by yourself.

Well, one thought lead to another, and I found myself suddenly arguing over the remaining sweets, that I don't even want, with Azumi. My plan was simple, just to get the teacher to know that Azumi was doing everything for Lizzy, but I surely didn't thought the part where 'I have to actually talk with Azumi' through.

I found myself reddening and nervousness already filled me up as I tried to look cool, and failed miserably. I even had to put my hand inside my pocket to hide the shivering. I don't know how I look like to Azumi's eyes, but it was clear that 'cool' isn't it. She even glared at me when I tried to smile. Yeah, it was an awkward smile, but I didn't expect her to actually glare.

Then, the teacher in-charge came after a few screams, that, actually, I don't really mind. I thought she looks cute when she trying hard to look intimidating. But, it must be disturbing and thus came the teacher to our rescue. Just like my plan. Though it was sure as the clear day that it wasn't in my plan for the teacher to see my shivering hand, so, this makes me nervous a bit. Otherwise, everything was going perfectly.

I already have some thought that Lizzy might deny that it and even will push the blame to Azumi, and all the better considering that I could even let out what a lie she really is. It does break my heart though when Azumi cried, pleading for the teacher to believe her. On the other hand, it makes me feel better when I was there to save her, though I was plainly telling the truth and I was actually the one who planned it. Nobody needs to know the latter fact though.

I was happy when the teacher leaved us alone, but this time, I was even more tongue-tied. She was no longer angry at me, and she even blushed slightly. God… why she has to be so cute.. I remember myself thinking something of that line, and truth-be-told, she still blushed sometimes that makes her looks like the most innocent doll in the whole wide world. And the same thought always filled me up every time.

She tried to talk and I could felt myself being more and more like an socially awkward penguin, so, to relieve my nervousness, I popped one of the sweet inside my mouth, but the sweetness slowly making me sick and I found myself trying to fight back the urge to just spat it out. I don't want to look like some idiot in front of Azumi, thus I didn't. So, even though it kept climbing up my throat, I still kept it in. Silent filled us again as I tried to just swallow the sickly sweet candy as a whole.

It was then that I realized that I need to come up with some kind of interaction if I didn't want her to just walk away. And the only thing that came to my mind was Lizzy. Thus, that was the topic that I choose.

Her reply was the sole reason why I keep smiling all the way back from school and until I felt asleep. It was simple but, it had such a huge effect one me nonetheless.

"Would you be my friend?" She had asked, before covering her mouth, her face reddening as though she hadn't thought of saying it out loud.

Before she could take back the offer, I quickly said, "Of course!" and ended sounding too enthusiastic that I preferred. I remember praying that she won't think of me as some nerd, but the smile on her face removed all worries from my head.

"Thank God. I thought I was too annoying just now." She replied and I frowned at this.

'You aren't annoying at all! You always have some way to make me feel better.' I thought to myself, but too afraid to tell her. So, I just said the first part.


And that was the start of our friendship and also the continuation of my crush that quickly deepened into love. Well, one-sided though. But, I will never let that get me down. As long as her heart isn't someone's, I will always have a chance. I have been telling that to myself for almost 5 years, since I was 13 years old when I realized that I want Azumi to be mine. My girlfriend, and maybe someday my wife.

'She can't even stop thinking of you as just friend, and you want her to be your wife? Keep dreaming boy..' A voice rang in my head that make me sighed. She always acted like she was only my bestfriend and even though we had been friend for almost 8 years, I had never succeeded in making her fall for me.

"What part of me that she doesn't found attractive?" I asked myself, standing in front the mirror with my boxer on after my bath. A towel was wrapped on my shoulder, trying to prevent the water from my wet hair to touch my dry body. Though I wasn't as muscular as a body-builder, I would say that I do have muscles, seeing that being on the football field required me to work out a lot. I have a tanned skin, a price I have to pay in order to be in the team, and my reddish brown hair always seems to catch peoples' attention in a good way.

I pushed my glasses slightly upward. I had tried contacts when I was 14 years old, an urge by another girl classmate, but then Azumi said that she likes me better with my glasses on. And since then, I stopped using contacts.

Maybe I'm being overly-confident of myself, but I really can't see why Azumi didn't find me attractive when almost all the female population of the school does. I'm not bragging, well actually, you have nothing to brag if you can't even make the love of your life return your love, but I'm really stuck to the point that I don't know what else to do to gain her attention.

'Maybe she already found someone else to be attractive?' The voice rang again and my temper quickly rose. There's no way that could be the truth.

'Surely she would tell me that would she?'

'Why would she? Who are you in her life?

'Well, I'm the one closest to her… And..' And.. I'm having a two-way conversation with myself.. 'I know love makes people crazy, but this is ridiculous.' I thought to myself as I sighed for the second time today. I was just going to grab my school uniform when the door suddenly opened.

"Oh, you have already waked up by yourself." The girl said before turning around. "Aunty! Haru is awake!" She screamed, probably informing the news to my mum.

She turned back to me and simply said, "Aunty said breakfast is ready. So, could you hurried up a bit? We would be late for school if you won't hurry." Her face was expressionless when she said this.

I could feel the blood draining from my veins when Azumi closed the door. She had walked in me wearing only my boxer and nothing else, and she didn't as much as bat an eyelid. Her face was unreadable and calm the whole time, in contrast with how chaotic my inside was.

'Maybe she didn't even think of you as a guy, but only as friend.' The devilish voice came again, and this time, I was too tired to think or deny it any more. I might just as well believe him. Nothing going to change either way. This line of thought kept on playing in my mind as I solemnly put my uniform on.