My disease( you lose)

Like a cancer you corrode my body,

Run thru the blood in my veins,

I knew you'd be trouble from the moment you came,

I knew things would never feel the same.

You thought this was a game.

But this was my life,

You drained my energy, and I can't deal with this strife!

My face now pale,

This connection so quickly went stale.

Who knew from the start that we would fail?

You talked to me like I was your piece of meat.

I thought I could tame you,

But that proved to be an impossible feat.

Thru I tiny syringe I pump in the anger,

The venom that soothes,

This war I will not lose.

To be used… I solemnly refuse.

I'll wash away this black and blue bruise

You lose.

I could have loved you,

I could have filled that empty void.

But you used me like an old toy,

Then you threw me out when you found something all shiny and new,

Tell me are you happy now?

Does she make everything better somehow?

Did you tell her about me?

How long will it last before she too is a part of your dark past?

How many others?

One, two?

Or more than a few?

Lights flashing, sirens blaring,

That's my cue,

To say good-bye to you…

I need a cure,

You're not it,

Of this I'm sure.

My disease won't overtake me,

You lose.