Love is war

Bethbrooks and breakmyfall91

Look at me…

What do you see?

A girl made weak by her insecurities?

You come in like a knight,

Whispering damp promises in the night,

Like a fool I fell for your disguise,

But it turns out you were never my mister right!

You slithered by,

Told me lies,

Broke my heart,

But you will never see me cry.

I pleaded with you,

To look me in the eye,

Swear you'll never lie,

I thought I could trust you,

Never believed you'd leave me black and blue,

I thought you loved me,

But it seems there were a few,

Every day someone new…

Every word that you spoke,

Tasted like acid in my mouth,

They made me want to gag and choke,

What I'd give to wash you away.

But I fear this scar is here to stay.

It isn't fair what you put me thru,

Making me believe your lies were the only truth,

Now I'm battered and bleeding,

But my hearts still seething,

I may have lost this battle,

I can't fight you anymore,

But just you wait and see,

I'll be the one to win this war!