Kissing frogs (I'll find you)


She told me once,

To just hold on,

I'd find the one.

He would tell me I was beautiful,

He'd wrap his arms around me and never let go.

He'd love me more than anyone else could ever know.

Only the sweetest words could leave his mouth,

He'd have respect,

To me he'd be perfect.

She told me once,

He's out there somewhere,

I thought I found him,

But then he found her,

She told me once,

He was wrong from the start,

My true love wont break my heart.

She told me once,

I'd have to kiss a few frogs; before I'd find my prince.

I'd go thru some pain,

Put my head down as I wince,

I'll swallow my sorrow,

Look ahead to tomorrow,

Another day,

A brighter promise,

I know you're out there,

I'll find you I swear,

Ill endure a few scars,

Kiss a few more frogs.

Whatever brings me to you babe.

I'll find you.