I write for the soul of a lost generation

for the lost and broken of a fallen munification

hunting for ourselves and a way to restoration

an age old search when I think without libation

on my own two legs I stand to raise a nation

on these two legs against degradation

but in my head i know a screw's loose

cuz I keep looking back at the shades of my youth

the sunshine and happy times: a wandering truth

it was darker I'm sure for life is uncouth

so I must have lost my mind (but lets not go too far)

cuz the grass is always greener on the other side


between the past and present there is a great divide

untenable, unreachable unless you look inside

yourself but most dont and so we must abide

by the rules of the future which now we must decide

and I no longer have the energy to hide

my soul from the world no more strength to lie

so I've lost my sense of self and my ego and my pride

now I'm in such agony I feel like Im gonna die

on this burning precipice so let me off this ride


but life is in the living so I take it day by day

but don't ask me what i'm doing cuz I won't know what to say

cuz I'm kinda lackadaisical and I let come what may

but I know the life I'm living is gonna have its price to pay

resulting... in a great separation

insulting... my constant inspiration

for I with the soul of a poet in my heart cannot start

the fire in the souls of those apart

unless I have medium to convey my pregnant art

bearing... the burden of my message which in part

is original and in part all traditional

but instead they cart it away making way

for the conditional

I need my medicinals someone call the hospital

flatlining now but soon I'll be unstoppable

Fighting even harder then i did before

I'll be crazy and what I'll have in store for you

will unconditionally, inconceivably be the truth

So for now I'm writing down the perspective of

one from a lost generation

inspired by a culture counter to the administration

and i stationed within my own time and vocation

must find a way to bridge our separation

for I have too much to say to be silent

though the pen that I write with is technically silent

it has the power to be louder than the violence

that rages in the world from the continents to the islands

For I write in the mindset of an empowered generation

with dreams of life and liberty for the duration

of mankind as we move towards the light of our future selves

but we forget who we are where we come from is on the shelf

so I call upon you rise up speak up loud

we are better than this and we cannot be cowed

we must break this shroud

of silence and darkness and inevitably the past

because the world is ours and we must make it last

and if we come together hold hands stand fast

the winds of turmoil will not break our mast

on this ship of life and so I ask

be loud be active live life

and I

I will always write